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Zachary Ewing was so surprised to see Alex Cohen that he stood up at once and said, “Alex Cohen? Why are you here?”

Yannick Solomon, who had never seen Alex before, was shocked into disbelief and his eyes were bulging out.

He did not expect that Alex was with him among the people who were waiting for the elevator.

Alex had also seen him meeting up with Zachary Ewing.

Was he screwed?

No, wait…

Yannick realized that Alex would not have known what he had talked about with Zachary, so he was not completely exposed. As he considered this, he felt slightly relieved, but that did not mean he was out in the clear, so he did not stay for dinner. He did not even bid Zachary goodbye, then quickly lowered his head and left. On his way out, he bumped into Big Ken again.

In the short span of their collision, Big Ken quickly retrieved the transmitter from Yannick’s pocket and did not apologize.

Yannick held back from complaining and quickly fled the scene.

Zachary stared confusedly at Alex and asked, “How did you know I was here?”

“Cut the crap!”

Alex moved a bit closer to Zachary and asked frigidly, “You were the one who sent the tampered photos to Josie Liedl, right?”

“You’ve asked this question to me before and my answer won’t change. You’re going f*cking crazy!”

“Zachary Ewing, I’m giving you one chance to come clean. If you don’t seize this opportunity, I’ll have to take special measures!”

Before coming here, Alex was hesitant to force a confession because he was not entirely sure that the tampered photos were Zachary’s doing. After finding out about the collusion between Zachary and Yannick, he no longer felt uncertain. Even if those tampered photos were not Zachary’s doing, there was still a score to settle.

At the moment, Zachary felt calm as he had two bodyguards to protect him.

The first time he dealt with Alex at the bank, Zachary had witnessed Big Ken’s phenomenal strength and from then on, he knew he had to fire his old bodyguards and hired two new stronger ones. The two men he hired were once professional fighters. They had also achieved notable results and were significantly more powerful than his old bodyguards.

Zachary was confident that against his new bodyguards, Big Ken would be defeated in seconds!

As for Alex and Zeke Martin, Zachary did not even give it a second thought.

Instead of retreating, Zachary advanced and confronted Alex.

“Cohen, if you know what’s good for you, you should get lost! This is also the only chance I’ll give you. If you don’t take this opportunity and affect my appetite, then I would also take special measures!”

“Then just give it a try!”

Alex’s violent temper rose as he raised his hand and shoved Zachary.

“How dare you touch me? Beat him up!”

Zachary took a few steps backward and did not give a care if it was an appropriate place to fight. He resolutely gave orders to his two bodyguards.

The two strong men unwaveringly pounced at their target with aggression.

“Young Master, get some rest on the side!”

Big Ken was also a master with no fears. He patted Alex’s shoulder and confronted the two bodyguards in a few strides.

Zeke could see that Zachary’s two bodyguards were professionals and it was uncommon to encounter such a challenging opponent. Faced with the opportunity to fight, he dare not miss it. He rushed over without hesitation, then laughed and shouted, “Big Ken, it’s not interesting to play alone! Give one to me!”

“No problem!”

Big Ken did not want to take sole credit for the fight and eagerly allowed Zeke to join in the fight.

The two parties started to duel one-on-one.

Diners at nearby tables heard the commotion and quickly got up to retreat. As their fight was intense and fierce like a scene from an action movie coming alive, the waiters and people around them were too stunned and scared to stop the fight. It was not until a large group of security guards rushed up that someone finally went closer.

Zachary was watching the fight intently and did not want it to be disturbed, so he stopped the security chief and slapped a stack of dollar bills on the table. He yelled, “Don’t intervene and let them fight! I will hold all responsibility! Take this money as compensation and if it’s not enough, I’ll multiply it later! Compensation’s a minor issue, but if anyone dares to disturb my entertainment, I’ll make him regret it!”

Thinking that he could finally gain back the respect, Zachary was in a good mood to be generous.

When the security chief heard this, he realized that Zachary was not an ordinary man. In a difficult position, he called the general manager of the hotel and ordered the rest of the security guards to evacuate the crowd.

Alex, like Zachary, was in no hurry to leave as he was also enjoying the fight in front of them.

He had seen Big Ken’s fighting skills on display multiple times, so his focus was more on Zeke.

Alex knew that serving in the army generally required learning martial arts, but Zeke’s combat ability was far beyond his imagination! Among the people he knew, Zeke can be ranked second to Big Ken and Hunter Yates. Zeke was clearly an expert in his field!

When Alex thought that he was only a year younger than Zeke and compared his fighting ability, he felt a bit ashamed that he was no match for him.

‘No, I need to find a way to improve my fighting ability…’

Alex, inspired by Big Ken and Zeke, secretly made up his mind.

Just as he contemplated his plans, the situation of the fight took a sharp turn.

Big Ken was also curious about Zeke’s fighting ability, so instead of quickly settling his opponent, he was focused more on defense. It created the illusion that the fight was inextricable and a winner was harder to distinguish between them. This made Zeke’s confidence skyrocket and he was even more satisfied with the fight between the bodyguards.

After Big Ken caught on to Zeke’s fighting ability, his defensive stance turned into offense and beat his opponent into retreat with a few moves.

Although Zeke did not have the time to observe Big Ken’s fight, he was also reserving his full force at the beginning. After sparring for a while and forcing his opponent to use all their strength, Zeke could feel that his opponent had used all his moves and was losing his patience, so he finally used his full strength.

At that point, Big Ken and Zeke went into their zones.

Zachary’s fantasy shattered.

The two bodyguards, who were confident earlier, were no match for Big Ken and Zeke after they got serious. In less than two minutes, the bodyguard who was fighting Big Ken could no longer stand up to him and fainted from the pain of his broken arm. Immediately after that, the bodyguard who was facing Zeke was blown away by a kick and landed on the dining table, falling heavily to the ground and unable to get up.

The fight was declared over.

“Well done!”

Alex applauded Big Ken and Zeke’s victory, then smiled and looked at Zachary. He slowly said, “So are these the special measures you mentioned? It doesn’t seem special at all. You still hired ordinary men. I really can’t see the difference between them. If your performance is over, it’s my turn next…”

“Impossible! It can’t be!”

Zachary looked back and forth between the two bodyguards who were lying on the ground with a shocked look on his face.

These elite bodyguards, who he had hired at a high price of tens of thousands of dollars a month, were defeated just like this?

Then if Big Ken and Zeke were to participate in a fighting competition, they would actually win the championship!

It seemed so strange, why would such powerful people be willing to work for Alex?

The more Zachary thought about it, the more confused he became. He was going to be crazy!

Alex did not give Zachary a second to think and asked Big Ken to pin Zachary down on the table. He walked over with a plate in his hands and slowly said, “Zachary Ewing, this is your last chance to confess. Those tampered photos, is it your doing?”

Zachary was frightened and finally came to his senses. He glared at Alex with bulging eyes and shouted, “What are you doing?”

“Sorry, that’s not what I want to hear.”


Alex finished speaking and smashed the plate on Zachary’s head.


Zachary was hit in the head and grimaced in pain. He let out a gut-wrenching scream.

Alex took up another plate. His expression was relaxed as he said, “Zachary, let me tell you something. In this hotel, there are many more plates than you can even imagine. I also have plenty of time to spare, so I have no trouble continuing this. However, as to how many plates your head can withstand, it has yet to be tested…you’re free to keep count though. Just now, it was the first, so this would be the second.”

His speech was slow and calm, without a trace of malice.

To Zachary, this voice was scarier than ghosts from horror movies. Zachary caught a glimpse at Alex raising the plate again and trembled with fright. He finally broke under the pressure and said, “Don’t! Don’t smash it! I’ll confess…”

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