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Zachary Ewing once again suffered a huge loss at the hands of Alex Cohen. Despite his reluctance, he could only cooperate with Alex to make a video in order to get past the immediate hurdle. He detailed the motive, purpose, and process of using the tampered photos to frame Alex and Josie Liedl, then admitted his mistake and apologized to the two victims.

Given the consequences this matter had on Josie, which affected her emotions and reputation severely, Alex pondered a little and demanded $100,000 from Zachary as compensation.

Once Alex saved the video and confirmed that the money was transferred, his purpose of making the trip was fulfilled. He slowly said to Zachary, “Let’s put an end to the grudge between you and me. If you’re sensible, you should sort out your petty thoughts of crossing me, because they will surely fail! Otherwise, today’s situation is bound to repeat itself.”

With a sullen face, Zachary did not answer and was anxious to go to the hospital to treat his injuries.

Alex had nothing else to say to Zachary and left the hotel with Zeke and Big Ken.

Zeke learned that Alex had to go to the bank to deal with some personal business, so he did not need to help. He bid Alex goodbye and went alone to find Symore, eager to complete the task Alex had assigned to him.

Alex rushed to the Bank of America Yewvale Road Branchwhere he went straight up to the third floor, and walked to the door of Josie’s office. He saw a large group of people gathered in her office gossiping about Josie’s affairs. He could only discern it was mostly criticism and they were directing it all to Josie.

When the group was finishing their gossiping session, a tall and thin middle-aged man stood out, raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and said to Josie, “The boss has transferred all the financial products you were responsible for to me, so you should also hand over all the clients to me too. But you put the products purchased by our biggest client on the pending list. What exactly is your meaning for this?”

Josie eagerly explained, “The clients who bought the financial products according to my recommendation have placed their trust in me, so I won’t betray their trust. Now that those financial products are no longer under my control, I won’t be able to take responsibility for the client’s money. Out of respect for my clients, I must tell them the truth. For those that have been finally confirmed and cannot be redeemed, I’ve handed them over to you. But for those that aren’t confirmed yet, the client must be given the freedom to choose again. I have laid the foundation, so as long as you make a little effort to win the client’s trust as I did, then you’d still be able to get the deal. That is one of the tasks that this job entails.”

“In polite words, it’s called being pretentious, but really, it’s plain bullsh*t! Josie Liedl, if everyone were like you, how can the sales department still operate? It would’ve been in ruins! You’re on the bank’s payroll, so you have to fight for as many benefits as possible for the bank. Your behavior is not in line with the relevant regulations of the bank, so I will have to report the situation to the higher-ups…”

“Even if the bosses don’t approve of what I’m doing, I stand by my actions!”

“Then just wait to be fired! The bank isn’t your home, you can’t do anything you want here. Even if you have a sugar daddy, you would still have to abide by the bank’s rules and regulations and the management has the right to reprimand you according to the relevant regulations! Josie Liedl, don’t think I don’t know why you did that. It’s because the business you got by selling your body was suddenly gone and you didn’t want the commission you were about to get to fall into my hands. That is just vengeful. Your act of revenge is not only against me, but against the bank too!”

“No, it’s not like that! First of all, I would like to say that I am not a sugar baby. Those pictures you saw were all tampered with. I’m just trying to do the right thing and have no intention of getting back at anyone. Since I’ve joined the bank, I have been working hard to earn my salary. No matter what the final outcome of this matter is, I have a clear conscience!”

The more Josie said that, the more agitated she became with her face all red and ready to burst into tears.

The skinny man was unrelenting. He was forcing Josie to give a statement, so he kept pressing on to give more ammunition to the colleagues who came to see the fun.

Alex listened at the door for a few minutes and saw through the reason for the conflict between Josie and the skinny man.

That man said that Josie was spiteful, but in fact, he was the hateful one!

Josie had mentioned she pulled in a lot of clients and sold a large number of financial products, so the foundation had already been laid. The skinny man took over those financial products and in turn, he got such a long list of clients in the account without working for it. The commission was also quite high. This was a typical example of profiting off others without putting in any effort.

The skinny man was not satisfied though and fell into his greed. He saw the million-dollar commission that Josie’s business with Alex could give him, but it was listed as pending and that left him spiteful enough to confront Josie. He then went to look for Josie first rather than directly contacting Alex because he assumed Josie only managed to pull this business through selling her body. Since he had no relationship with Alex, he assumed that Alex would not give him the time of day.

In other words, the skinny man had no confidence to convince Alex, so he went for the shortcut, which was to force Josie to change her mind.

He could not handle a big shot like Alex Cohen, but that did not mean he could not bully a timid little girl that just started out in the workplace.

The skinny man was only looking for a pushover!

Alex called the bank president first before rushing into Josie’s office and walked straight to the center of the conflict, standing protectively in front of Josie. He said to the skinny man, ” I was initially willing to buy the financial products even if it is no longer under the management of Manager Liedl. It’s merely $100 million, so even if I lost it all, I won’t give a damn. But now I’ve changed my mind, if that financial product is under your control, I will withdraw my investment immediately!”

The skinny man was shocked to see Alex appear and speak directly towards him without an ounce of respect and it stifled him. He did not dare to confront Alex and held it in until his face turned red. After a moment, his eyes suddenly lit up with mischief. He peeked his head to look at Josie who was standing behind Alex and said, “You dare say you have no relationship with him at all? If he was just an ordinary client, would he come to the bank twice in three days to help you out?”

Alex gestured for Josie to calm down and continued to say to the skinny man, “Manager Liedl and I are more than just a client-vendor relationship…”

“Hear that? Even he is admitting it!”

“Manager Liedl and I are friends! Since we are friends, we help one another. The tampered photos had affected both of us and we were working together to find out the truth, so that’s why I’ve been coming here frequently lately.”

“Is there any point in arguing? Is there any meaning in it? Mr. Cohen, to be frank, I really don’t understand how you can fancy Josie Liedl. Haven’t you thought about the fact that if she can seduce you for business, then she can also seduce others? This b*tch is just a whore…”


Alex was enraged when he heard the word “whore”. He could no longer hold back and raised his hand to slap the skinny man. He said furiously, “Watch your words! You better keep your mouth shut and don’t insult Manager Liedl. Otherwise, I’ll rip out your tongue!”

The skinny man stumbled from the hit and after he stabilized himself, he covered his cheek and stared at Alex in shock.

He never expected that Alex would hit someone in public!

Since Alex was a big shot who was willing to spend $100 million on financial products, the skinny man knew he could not afford to mess with him. However, he could not contain his anger, then said to his colleagues behind him and yelled, “Are you all only watching the fun? Why don’t you hurry up and call the bank president?”

The skinny man only saw Alex as a client with only $100 million of deposits. Employees like him could not mess with him, but as long as the bank president came, the tables would turn and Alex would have to be courteous.

Just as he finished his words, he noticed that the bank president appeared at the door, and hurriedly greeted him.

“President, you have to fight for me! That’s Alex Cohen, Josie Liedl’s sugar daddy. He has not only ruined the bank’s image, but he also slapped me after I exposed their scandal! Look at the handprint on my face!”

The bank president frowned tightly and glanced at the skinny man. He quickly stepped into the office and acquaint himself with the situation.

Seeing that the bank manager was sullen and silent, the skinny man quickly added, “I suggest for Josie Liedl to be fired immediately and for Alex Cohen to apologize to me! This kind of people should not be condoned, or else…”

“Shut up!”

The bank president suddenly yelled and slapped the skinny man.

The slap left the skinny man confused and he thought, ‘What’s happening?’

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