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The development of this matter was not at all what Yannick Solomon had expected and this was not the kind of result he wanted.

As for Alex Cohen, it was an unexpected bonus.

To prevent the top executives and shareholders who were not yet familiar with the project from backing out, Alex took the opportunity to conclude and said, “Thank you all for your understanding and support. So, the land acquisition project is officially set.

For this investment, I dare not guarantee that you’ll make big money, but one thing is certain, you’ll all receive the gratitude of all the simple folks in the dozens of villages involved in the land acquisition project!”

“It’s settled! I told you, that project will definitely pass the vote.”

Kevin Lindstrom quickly added and gestured an “okay” to Alex under the table.

Alex smiled brightly and continued, “Then I’ll talk about the matter between myself and Zachary Ewing. I did go to him to settle the score, but I went to him in the name of personal revenge, not official business. Moreover, it wasn’t my initiative to find fault with him. He was the one who provoked me first each time. Of course, I admit that it’s a bit ill-considered on my part as I shouldn’t have taken revenge on Zachary during this period of conflict between our company and Zentrum Pharmaceuticals. Due to this, my actions indirectly affected Helse Pharmaceuticals. Likewise, I’ll bear all the consequences arising from this matter and I won’t let Helse Pharmaceuticals pay for my faults.”

Lenox Lindstrom laughed and responded, “Alex, this is just a small misunderstanding. As long as it’s explained clearly, no one will blame you. On the contrary, I also approve of your approach. You’re the second-largest shareholder of Helse Pharmaceuticals, so how can you allow yourself to be bullied by the people of Zentrum Pharmaceuticals? Won’t that be a joke?”

“Uncle, thanks for understanding.”

“You’re welcome. Alex, moving on to business, what are you going to do about Yannick’s matter?”

Lenox was more concerned about this issue than Alex’s misunderstanding.

If it was anyone else who conspired with their competitors to go against them, there was nothing more to say and it would be dealt with seriously, without any mercy. However, Yannick was his wife’s nephew, so Lenox could not be too ruthless.

If the other party was a stranger, it would not be a problem because Lenox could come forward to put in a good word for Yannick so that the other party could be more lenient.

The problem was that the other party was Alex, who was his nephew as well, so Lenox was in a difficult position as both parties were his relatives.

After much hesitation, Lenox decided to listen to Alex’s thoughts first. If Alex insisted on dealing with Yannick seriously, then he had no choice but to accept it. After all, Alex’s status and position were much higher than Yannick’s. If he had to choose between the two, then he would choose to stand on Alex’s side.

Yannick also realized that his lifeline was being held by Alex. He quickly pleaded, “Sorry, I know I’m wrong. Alex, please forgive me! Just this once…I promise I’ll never do anything like this again!”

Alex did not even look at Yannick and said to Lenox, “Uncle, everything’s up to your discretion.”


Lenox knew that Alex only did this out of respect for him. He nodded gratefully, stroked his chin, and pondered. After discussing it with the other shareholders, everyone agreed that they should make this matter known to Yannick’s father and listen to what he had to say first.

When Yannick heard this, he was so anxious that he cried out and begged for mercy again.

However, this was not something he could intervene.

Lenox followed everyone’s wishes and went outside to call Yannick’s father. He came back within a few minutes and his eyes were very grave as he said to Yannick sternly, “Your father said that we should immediately revoke your qualification of holding shares on behalf of him and to cancel all your positions in Helse Pharmaceuticals!”


Yannick stood frozen on the spot. Blood drained from his face and he felt dejected. He originally wanted to kick Alex out of the company, but as a result, Alex’s position in Helse Pharmaceuticals became more stable after this incident. Instead, he had gotten himself kicked out. Was this not a typical case of shooting himself in the foot?

He had gone for wool but came home shorn. There was nothing more tragic than this.

When Zachary Ewing listened to Yannick reporting the results over the phone, he was stunned. Zachary really could not figure out how Alex could manage to survive no matter the situation. Zachary was spiteful and helpless as he let out a long sigh and thought, ‘Sigh, it’s time to go back…I shouldn’t have f*cking come over in the first place!”

On the other hand, Alex got what he wanted and was in a good mood. He fulfilled his promise to Isla Sullivan and stayed at home to recuperate for three days over the long weekend. With Isla’s attentive care and the special medicine provided by Big Ken, his back injury was almost healed.

During these few days, Zeke Martin and Symore were not idle.

With Zeke’s help, Symore arranged for his men, who were originally dispersed throughout the suburbs and the countryside, to stay guard at the territories that used to belong to Chase Lucas. In this process, they were obstructed many times by small gangs, who were the helpers that Jared Xavier and Hash Lucas hired with more than $10 million. However, these trivial forces were beaten back by Symore and Zeke.

Even so, this problem was only temporarily under control and not completely eliminated.

It was easy to grab territory, but tough to defend it. Symore did not spend much effort to occupy those territories, so the next thing he had to do was to attack their rivals. Keeping these territories was hard and the pressure was high. After everything had been stabilized, then he could truly be counted as one of the street bosses.

To stabilize the situation, in addition to repelling all incoming enemies, it was best to have their own exclusive territory.

The best solution was to take over the confiscated properties that originally belonged to Chase Lucas.

The reason why Alex did not ask Chase to prepare cash but asked for an IOU was that he had his sights on those properties.

Alex had several lifetimes of inexhaustible savings in the bank, but this money was given by his family and not earned by himself. He did not feel good spending it, but also could not realize his own value and ambitions. The only thing he could do was to utilize his good conditions to make more money with the money given by his family.

Therefore, what he lacked was not cash, but an industry that would allow him to make a big splash…

A new week came and Alex, who had rested for a few days, woke up feeling refreshed.

After washing up, he went to the dining room and took his seat as usual. Isla immediately served the freshly prepared breakfast.

Alex reached out and slapped Isla on the butt as he said, “I’m going back to work today.”

Isla turned around and glared at Alex.

“Your injuries aren’t fully healed yet. Don’t you want to rest for a few more days?”

“It’s almost healed. I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary anymore, so it’s time to go out and move around.”

“You talked as if I locked you up at home.”

“No! Not locked, but imprisoned! You’ve confined me to the house with your love.”


Isla rolled her eyes as if she was disgusted, but her heart was delighted and a little surprised at the same time.

She did not expect that a straight man like Alex would also know how to flirt…even though it sounded a bit awkward.

After they had breakfast together, Alex went out and called Harvey Simpson. He learned that Harvey was at the bureau, so he rushed over with Big Ken.

When Harvey learned that Alex was coming to look for him, he temporarily handed over the planned fieldwork to his men, then looked at the case information in his office. Shortly after, Alex and Big Ken arrived, so Harvey immediately put down his work and quickly greeted them at the door.

“Mr. Cohen, Big Ken, you’re all busy people, so why are you so free to come here today? Is there anything urgent?”

Alex nodded and followed Harvey to take a seat at the lounge, then went straight to the point.

“Captain Simpson, sorry for interrupting your work. I came here today because I want to consult you about something. Regarding the Chase Lucas case, what stage is it in? Have you finished catching all his underlings?”

“There are too many people involved in the case, especially those who helped Chase Lucas distribute various kinds of prohibited drugs. There are at least forty of them and they’re all in hiding now, so we certainly can’t catch them all in a short time. But this doesn’t affect the court’s conviction for Chase Lucas.”

“Oh…I heard that the properties under his name were all confiscated. How will the follow-up be handled?”

“Normally it’ll be auctioned by the court and the proceeds will be confiscated. Mr. Cohen, why are you asking about this all of a sudden?”

“Chase Lucas owed me a sum of money, do you think…it’s possible to use the properties under his name to repay the debt?”

Alex said this as he took out the IOU signed by Chase Lucas…

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