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Captain Pannell also saw the little detail, frowned and said, “No wonder that person looks so petite, so it’s a woman?”

Alex Cohen did not respond to Captain Pannell and was racking his brain to recall who that woman was according to that somewhat familiar pair of eyes.

His memory was too fuzzy and the information available for comparison was too little, so he could not recall it for the time being.

The surveillance video continued to play and Big Ken put the recording from two cameras on two adjacent screens so that they could see a synchronized playback. They saw that when Chief Judge Whitman pulled open the car door, the bomber fished out a small remote control from her pocket, then when Chief Judge Whitman got into the car, she immediately pressed on the remote control and the whole car exploded.

The camera that could clearly capture Chief Judge Whitman was damaged in the explosion and the recording was interrupted.

This was no longer important as it was enough to confirm who detonated the bomb.

Captain Pannell wrote down the license plate number of the Santana involved and began to copy the relevant surveillance video.

Alex still had yet to recall who the person who detonated the bomb was, so he called Big Ken to the side and asked in a soft voice, “Bro, don’t you think the woman who detonated the bomb looks familiar?”


Big Ken frowned, pondered for a few seconds, then shook his head and said, “Nope.”

“No sense of familiarity at all? Could it be that I’m wrong?”

“Generally speaking, this kind of feeling won’t be wrong. You have an impression and I don’t, so there are two possibilities. The first is that you’ve seen that person before you knew me, since if I don’t know her then I certainly won’t feel that she looks familiar. The second is that I completely forgot that I’ve seen that person before, which is also very understandable because everyone’s memory isn’t the same. Memory is a part of intelligence…Young Master, later you’ll find out that you and ordinary people have a certain difference. One of them is that you have higher intelligence than the average person.”

“Huh? Aren’t I just an ordinary person?”

“That’s because you don’t feel it yourself yet, or you haven’t developed your uniqueness…Anyway, back to the topic. Young Master, just continue to recall the identity of that person. I believe you’ll be able to think of it. Even if you really can’t recall, it doesn’t matter because the police will definitely be able to find out eventually.”

“I know.”

Alex originally just felt a little strange, mainly because he did not expect the person who detonated the bomb to give him a sense of familiarity. Thinking that if he could confirm the identity of that person before the police found out the truth, it would be helpful to Captain Pannell’s investigation and perhaps the murderer could be caught faster to avenge Chief Judge Whitman and Harvey Simpson. Nonetheless, this was only a way to assist and Alex did not hold much hope. After all, he only had a feeling and it was not tangible evidence.

That was why Alex had not told Captain Pannell about this possibly illusory feeling.

After Alex heard Big Ken say that he was different from ordinary people, it made him more focused on that feeling and felt increased credibility that the chances of that feeling eventually becoming an important clue were high. Then again, he was also anxious to verify if he was really different from ordinary people through this matter…

Captain Pannell was investigating intensely by gathering evidence.

Alex waited for Chief Judge Whitman’s body to be pulled away and went to the lounge on the first floor to find Fallon Ballantine.

“Sorry, Manager Ballantine. I wanted to call the group together to have a happy meal today and didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen…since the police have taken our statement, we don’t need to cooperate with the investigation for the time being, so you can go back and rest.”

Fallon waved her hand and answered, “Mr. Cohen, what about you?”

“I have to go to the hospital to see Captain Simpson.”

“Then I’ll go too! Although I don’t know him well, he had an accident while he was having dinner with us.”

“It’s alright, Manager Ballantine. We don’t know what Captain Simpson’s condition is yet, he may still be in resuscitation. If you have the intention to visit him, wait until he’s out of danger and can accept visitors before you go see him. I’m just going because I’m taking over from Sir G. This has nothing to do with you and him today.”

“Alright then…Mr. Cohen, don’t blame yourself too much. I think that perhaps the incident today has nothing to do with you at all and the murderer just came for Chief Judge Whitman. Otherwise, why was the bomb installed under his car, yet our four other cars had nothing beneath it? I’ll just leave it as that. Goodbye!”

Alex thought Fallon’s words made some sense, but so what?

Whether the accident had anything to do with him, he still had to do what needed to be done as a friend of Chief Judge Whitman, or just as a stranger who took pity on him.

Alex and Harvey were old acquaintances and were considered friends, so all the more reason to help out…

After watching Fallon leave the hotel, Alex asked Big Ken to drive him to Trinity Hospital and met with Gunner to understand the situation.

Just as Alex guessed, even though Harvey did not have any external wounds on his body this time, he still had a critical injury. His head had suffered serious trauma, so his brain was bruised. After several hours of resuscitation, Harvey’s vital signs finally stabilized a little, but he was still not conscious and was not out of danger yet.

Alex learned that the hospital had yet to notify Harvey’s family, so after he sent Sir G off, he immediately gave Jane Simpson a call to inform her family of the situation. Then with Big Ken, he found Harvey’s attending doctor to find out the details of his injuries.

Since there were still several test results that had not come out yet, the doctor just said that it was not very optimistic and told them to wait patiently.

This was a problematic logic. How could they possibly wait patiently when the doctor said it was not too optimistic?

Alex left the attending doctor’s office and eagerly said to Big Ken, “Why don’t we transfer Captain Simpson to the military hospital? I always feel that the military hospital is more reliable.”

Big Ken nodded, then shook his head right after and said, “Young Master, you’re right. The comprehensive treatment level of the military hospital is indeed above Trinity Hospital. But…it’s better to wait for all the test results to come out. Otherwise, when we transfer Captain Simpson to the military hospital, we’ll have to start the tests from the beginning again. It’ll end up wasting critical time.”

On the other hand, Captain Pannell has carried out a multifaceted investigation. The first result they got was from the license plate number.

Getting the car owner’s information from the Division of Motor Vehicles based on the license plate number was very simple for law enforcement officers.

Captain Pannell used the information to find the owner of the car overnight, but learned that the car had been parked at their old home and had not been driven for a long time.

The car owner took Captain Pannell to his old home only to find that the car was stolen!

Just when Captain Pannell thought that the license plate number was no longer of use to the case, his subordinate that was responsible for tracking the target vehicle through street cameras said they found the Santana in an urban village. They also captured a photograph of the driver’s face that night. After putting the photos and fingerprints collected from the steering wheel into the system, the information on the person’s identity was retrieved. They then searched for the suspect non-stop.

When it was almost dawn, Captain Pannell finally caught the driver and immediately brought him back to the station for interrogation.

The driver’s mouth was quite tough but ultimately, he could not stand Captain Pannell’s excellent interrogation skills and gave in.

Captain Pannell did not sleep all night and had been running around all day, so he was very exhausted. However, once he heard the driver was willing to confess, he instantly became spirited and hurriedly asked, “First question. What do you have against Chief Judge Whitman? Why do you want to kill him?”

The driver replied with a bitter face, “I..I didn’t kill him. I just took money for the job.”

“Who did you take money from?”

“Tanya Sachs.”

“Who is Tanya Sachs? How do you know each other? Why did she come to you?”

“I met her in a random chat group and I rarely contact her personally, but she contacted me last night and asked me to do a job for her. She said she’ll give me $20,000 after the job is done. When I found out she was going to kill someone, I initially refused, but she said since I knew what she was going to do, then there were only two choices. I can either help her complete the task, or be killed by her. To save my life, I had no choice but to agree.”

“Then why did Tanya Sachs want to kill Chief Judge Whitman?”

“She…had also received a mission from someone else. She was paid to eliminate the problem.”

“Who? Whose mission did she take?”

“I dare not say…if I do, can I fight for leniency?”


Captain Pannell slapped the table and stood up as he shouted, “Quit the nonsense! Hurry up and tell the truth!”

The driver was scared and shivered. He nodded repeatedly and said, “She said the person who gave her the task is called Alex Cohen…”

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