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Alex was very excited now. Besides his impatience to provide an important clue to Captain Pannell, his excitement was also due to how exceptional he thought he was.

He had identified the identity of the person who detonated the bomb, who was someone he had seen before with Big Ken. Even though Big Ken was an amazing person, he did not remember at all, but Alex figured it out at a glance.

This was not a coincidence or dumb luck. It was a manifestation of his superb memory!

Captain Pannell was slightly confused, not sure if Alex was just playing tricks, and he froze for a moment.

However, Big Ken’s motivation was roused that he quickly ran out to borrow a laptop from Miles Zimmerman and pushed it to Alex.

He said excitedly, “Young Master, I knew that with your intelligence, you’d definitely remember it. To be able to match partial facial features to a character in your memory is definitely not something that just anyone can do.”

Alex smiled delightedly as he said to Captain Pannell, “If you don’t trust me, you can operate the laptop yourself.”


Captain Pannell finally decided to believe Alex this time. He then took the laptop, plugged in the USB flash drive, and opened the folder. “Tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

Alex stared at the screen carefully and told Captain Pannell to click on a video file. It was a surveillance video of when he took Isla Sullivan to the hotel to see Exo Quirke, and the gift he gave for Exo to lose his fans.

When the front of the fan’s face turned up on the screen, Alex quickly said, “Pause! Captain Pannell, you can get a professional to do a comparison. The person who detonated the bomb should be the same person in this frame — a retarded fan of Exo Quirke!”

Captain Pannell stared at the fan’s face carefully and when he covered the image below her nose bridge with his hand, he too felt that she looked slightly familiar.

It really did look like the face of the person, who detonated the bomb, that was captured on the hotel’s cameras. This left him stunned as he did not expect that Alex would be able to confirm the identity of the culprit in such a way.

Nevermind ordinary people, even a professional criminal investigator would not have memory and insight that was as good as Alex.

Secretly sighing at the end, Captain Pannell did not say anything. Instead, he immediately sent the image of the fan to a colleague in the technical department of the bureau.

Even if the technical department had a huge database, it was impossible to make an accurate comparison with just a partial face, so they could not confirm the identity of the culprit.

Though now that they had a complete photo, it was possible to use specific software applications to search all the portraits in the database, just like in the movies. As long as the person had a proper ID card and not a fake one, they would definitely be able to find her.

While waiting for the search results, Captain Pannell straightened out his thoughts and said to Alex, “You’ve given me a clue, but whether the culprit is the person you said has yet been verified. So even if your guess is confirmed, it will not clear your suspicion.

We have to wait until we arrest the person who detonated the bomb and find out the truth before we can determine whether you’re related to the bombing or not.”

Alex nodded. “From the beginning, I’ve been very happy to cooperate with the investigation. In order to find out the truth, I’m willing to accept an investigation.”

“I can refrain from detaining you now, but you can’t leave the city before the bombing case is closed, and you must make sure that your phone is always on and contactable!”

With that, Captain Pannell got up and left.

The longer he waited here, the more anxious he got. It was better to go back to the station to keep some peace of mind…

Big Ken then sat on the seat that Captain Pannell sat in earlier and stared at the face of the fan on the laptop screen for a long time before slowly saying, “I never expected for Exo Quirke’s fans to be so crazy.

I can understand idolizing a celebrity because many young people these days have a favorite idol after all, but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone idolize a person to this extent. It’s simply appalling!”

Puzzled, Jane could not hold down her inner curiosity. She looked at Big Ken before she stared at Alex Cohen and asked in confusion, “Why can’t I understand a word you’re saying? The more I listen, the more confused I get. What are you guys talking about?”

“Simply put… The culprit was a fan. She planned the bombing to take revenge for her idol!”

Alex shook his head helplessly while he gave Jane an explanation.

After learning the identity of the culprit, Alex came to a realization. He had long known that that fangirl of Exo Quirke was a retard. In that female fan’s opinion, the fact that Exo’s reputation was tarnished and he had to go to jail was the fault of two people — one was Alex Cohen, while the other was Chief Judge Whitman.

Alex was the one who reported Exo Quirke. If he had not reported him, Exo would not be arrested.

Therefore, it was understandable that the female fan saw Alex as the main culprit.

After Exo was arrested, Chief Judge Whitman chose a public hearing, so all of Exo’s scandals became public knowledge. Chief Judge Whitman also dealt with it strictly, which ruined Exo’s future to the greatest extent. Even when he is to be released in the future, it was absolutely impossible for him to return to the public eye.

An artiste with a bad record would meet a dead end.

Of course, besides retarded fans, no one would continue to blindly support a bad artiste…

After Jane listened to Alex’s explanation and analysis, she nodded her head in a daze, lamenting that the female fan was really slightly retarded. However, she still had a few questions. “Alex, according to what you said, that female fan should just be an ordinary person, right? Generally speaking, how can an ordinary person get their hands on a bomb?”

Alex shook his head. “That female fan isn’t an ordinary person. She’s the head of the fanclub.”

“So she has a team, that makes sense… but I still have a question. I shouldn’t be saying this, but that female fan’s hatred of you should exceed the hatred for Chief Judge Whitman. Why did she put the bomb under Chief Judge Whitman’s car instead of yours?”

“That’s something I haven’t figured out either.”

Alex shook his head after a pause. “Maybe it’s because she only had one bomb and planned to get back at Chief Judge Whitman first…”

Actually, Alex had considered this issue too simply.

The reason why the female fan placed the bomb under Chief Judge Whitman’s car instead of his was that she had no other choice. Alex’s Lamborghini was parked right in front of a camera and there were no free parking lots on either side.

If she parked her car elsewhere and ran over to plant the bomb, she would be seen on the surveillance screen from the guard post. If she was discovered by the security guard, it would end up a wasted trip. She might even die without achieving her goal.

On the other hand, Chief Judge Whitman’s car was parked in a relatively remote location with an empty parking lot beside it.

This could be seen from the security camera.

If one did not look carefully, they would not notice the female fan who got out of the car to place the bomb.

Alex’s car was parked by Big Ken. Not only this time but every time when Big Ken drove, he would park the car in a space as close to the cameras as possible. This was a subconscious move of a professional and rigorously trained bodyguard.

Therefore, it could be said that Alex was saved from a disaster not by luck, but by Big Ken’s superb professionalism. Big Ken did not have any intention of claiming credit nor did he point out this detail. However, he secretly made up his mind that he had to teach Alex some common-sense means of self-defense…

On the other side, Captain Pannell had just returned to the bureau when the technical department came over with good news. The search results were out.

Captain Pannell took the search results from a colleague and found that the female fan Alex mentioned was called Macy Falks, a local with a high school education.

There was nothing special about the information, but when Captain Pannell learned that Macy Falks was twenty-one years old this year, he frowned a little.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this kind of thing would never be done by an adult. In other words, anyone with sense would not be able to do such a deranged and crazy thing.

Filled with questions and information, Captain Pannell went to the interrogation room again. He waited until his subordinate brought the drive over before placing a photo of Macy Falks in front of him. Not wasting any time, he asked directly, “Is this the person who asked you to do the task?”

A look flashed in the driver’s eyes flashed as he shook his head. “No, no… Nope, I’ve never seen that person before.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I really don’t know that person.”

“In that case, why don’t I help you remember…”

Captain Pannell pulled out a chair and sat down at the table. He took out the driver’s phone and slowly said, “On the way back just now, I carefully studied your phone… You seemed to have joined a group called ‘Exo Quirke’s Fanclub’?”

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