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When the driver saw Macy Falk’s photo, he became nervous.

Now, when he heard the words ‘Exo Quirke’s Fanclub’, his expression sank in fright.

As Captain Pannell said, he did join a fanclub. However, he did not use his main WhatsApp number but a rarely used number instead which he could use to switch accounts.

Before carrying out the task, he had encrypted and hid the WhatsApp profile of that number. An ordinary person would not be able to find that WhatsApp profile, let alone the group.

Only after entering the ‘privacy encryption’ interface and entering the password could one see the profile.

He thought that he had hidden it well enough for it not to be discovered, but it was still exposed…

Captain Pannell stayed patient. He clicked on the WhatsApp avatar on the driver’s mobile phone and entered the fanclub group page before he said to the driver, “You knew long ago that the person who told you to perform the task isn’t Tanya Sachs, but someone called Macy Falks, right? You were not forced to carry out the missions but acted according to Macy Falks’s orders, who is the head of the fanclub.”

The driver’s eyeballs almost bulged out upon hearing this. He was so shocked that he became completely speechless.

Captain Pannell did not need a verbal confirmation because judging from the driver’s expression, he knew that the clues that Alex provided and the analysis he made with a guess were correct. Now, there was no need to continue talking nonsense with the driver. He just had to search for Macy Falks directly.

In Trinity Hospital, Alex received a phone call from Director Denver from Military Hospital.

Director Denver had talked to the head of the craniocerebral surgery department. The hospital was not only willing to admit Harvey Simpson, but they had also urgently arranged for the surgery and scheduled it for 5:00 pm today.

The most skilled and experienced specialist in the department would operate on Harvey using the most advanced medical equipment to save his life.

After hanging up the phone, Alex immediately shared the good news with Jane before he went to Miles to transfer Harvey to Military Hospital as soon as possible.

Once Director Denver and the craniocerebral surgery experts settled Harvey down, they quickly organized a team to study his examination results, and eventually, the preliminary conclusion was drawn.

Due to the timely delivery of medical care and Trinity Hospital’s good efforts in saving him, Harvey had not reached the most critical moment yet and the operation success rate was very high.

When Alex heard this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He could go home to rest.

A little after 7:00 pm, Alex, who was at home catching up on his sleep, received a call from Jane and learned that Harvey’s surgery was completed quite successfully. The specialist said that Harvey’s injuries had stabilized and he was officially out of danger.

This was good news for all those who were concerned about Harvey.

Alex still had not rested enough, but his sleepiness but disappeared because of the excitement. He then called Big Ken, got up and washed up, greeted Isla before he went out to visit Harvey at the hospital. After that, he would go to the police office to look for Captain Pannell and ask about the progress of the investigation.

However, when Big Ken arrived and learned of Alex’s plan, he shook his head and said, “Young Master, how can there only be one piece of good news in such a moment of great joy? I also have good news of my own to tell you. I’ve used my contacts to find out information about that female fan and I found her.”

“Oh?” Alex was stunned. “Big Ken, didn’t you rest?”

“I did. I asked for help before I rested and got this good news after I woke up.”

“I see! Then tell me quickly!”

“That female fan is called Macy Falks, an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. Captain Pannell should have already gotten this information too, but as far as I know, he hasn’t found her yet because her job information can’t be found on the system.

On the other hand, I used my network to find out information through secondary contacts and found her workplace. She works as a supervisor in a mobile phone store that is owned by her relatives.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go and meet her!”

Alex was so overwhelmed by excitement that he quickly got into the car.

Big Ken did not delay either as he started up the car and sped all the way to Macy Falk’s cell phone store. Pulling over, he pointed to a building on the side of the road and said, “Young Master, Macy Falks is working in that cell phone store on the first floor.”

“Ah…” Alex paused and asked, “How did you find her? Captain Pannell hasn’t found her yet, right?”

“It’s all thanks to Sir G. All I did was send Macy Falks’s information to Sir G and asked him to help me keep an eye out, but in less than ten minutes, he replied that he found the target. It turns out that the KTV above the cell phone store is his property. As soon as he sent Macy Falks’s photo to his group, the KTV employees recognized her…”

“What a coincidence! I guess the heavens could no longer watch and decided to help us!”

Alex got out of the car and went straight into the mobile phone shop with Big Ken, but they did not find Macy Falks. After asking a shop assistant, they found out that she had left work a while ago and went to the KTV upstairs with a group of friends to sing.

Alex refused the shop assistant’s offer of calling Macy back and instead went upstairs into the KTV. He then went to the manager to explain his identity and purpose.

Very helpful, the manager answered quickly, “Mr. Cohen, the person you’re looking for is in room A810. Shall I take you there?”

“Wait,” Alex waved his hand and replied, “how many people are there in total?”

“Quite a lot. Hm… it seemed like there were five men and six women. They all look in their twenties.”

“Manager, I’ll say this straight. Macy Falks is a suspect. She just killed someone and framed it on me. Today, I’m here to settle a score with her, so we’re bound to make a scene later. However, I didn’t bring along any help today because I was in a rush, so I might need your help.”

“You’re too courteous, Mr. Cohen. Sir G has already given us a heads-up. No matter what kind of help you need, feel free to tell me.”

“In that case, thank you in advance. Please lead the way.”

No longer feeling worried, Alex did not delay any longer as he followed the manager to the door of the private room where Macy Falks was.

When he barged in upon pushing the door open, the room was filled with smoke and a strange, pungent smell. Coupled with the dim lights, if one ignored the noisy music, it really felt like they had gone into the underworld.

Big Ken stepped forward and turned off the main power to the audio equipment, and turned on the lights.

Immediately, the room became quiet and bright.

The eleven people in the room all stood up, glaring angrily at Alex and Big Ken. A man with a mohawk then stepped forward and walked up to Alex, asking with a dark expression, “Who the hell are you? Who allowed you to come in?”

Alex ignored Mohawk and looked around before he locked eyes with Macy Falks, who was in the middle of the crowd.

Macy, who had been flicking a cigarette stick, also saw Alex and froze for a few seconds. Then, her eyes suddenly widened, apparently recognizing him. The shocked expression on her face showed that she had never thought that she would meet him here. By right, he should have been arrested!

When Mohawk realized that he was being ignored, he glared at Alex and said, “Oi, I’m talking to you!”

He was just about to push Alex when he said that.


Big Ken fiercely buried his foot in Mohawk’s lower abdomen.

With a muffled sound, Mohawk was sent flying back and smashed into two of his companions. Under the help of his companions, he stabilized himself with an angry curse and pounced on Alex again.

He wanted to show off his masculinity in front of the girls but he was beaten up instead. How the hell would he stand for that?

However, in the face of absolute strength, all resistance was futile.

Big Ken sent Mohawk stumbling back once again. He said as he looked around, “All of you, freeze!”

Alex took over smoothly. “I’m here to settle a personal grudge with Macy Falks. It has nothing to do with anyone else. If you don’t want to get into trouble, just stay there quietly.”

When they heard this, they all turned to Macy Falks and asked all sorts of questions.

Macy explained softly with a sullen face, “He’s the son of a b*tch who reported Exo, Alex Cohen! I’ve always wanted to give him a piece of my mind but never had the chance to. Now that he took the initiative to show up at the door, don’t let him get away. Make sure he pays the price!”

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