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Henry Doyle had heard the sound of sirens but he did not pay much attention to it. Only when he heard Alex say that the police were coming here to arrest him, he was immediately shocked. Seeing that Big Ken had blocked the way, he subconsciously tried to push him away but could not get Big Ken to budge even when he had pushed with all his strength.

He then called in the assistant and driver who were guarding the door and said viciously to Big Ken, “If you know what’s best for you, you better get out of the way. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rough!”

Big Ken spread his arms and said casually, “Henry Doyle, no matter what tricks you have, feel free to use them. Otherwise, when the police come up, you won’t have any opportunity to run anymore. But like I said, as long as I’m here, you won’t be able to escape.”

“You’re courting death! Take him down!”

Henry was in such a panic that he no longer wanted to talk nonsense with Big Ken and instead, he ordered his two subordinates to take action.

Since the driver was also a bodyguard, he took out a rubber baton that was used for security.

Although Henry was a businessman, he also had a violent side, considering that he was in a hurry to get out of here now.

As Macy Falks explained, the bombing was planned by him. Yet he thought that everything was arranged perfectly and it would be impossible for him to be exposed, so he never worried about the plot. That was why he did not care when he heard the sound of sirens earlier.

Even after listening to Alex’s accusations of his crimes, he still felt incredulous.

However, the sirens were indeed getting clearer, indicating that the police cars were coming this way. In order to be safe, he had to leave this place before the police arrived and escape the arrest before planning for his next step. Otherwise, he would not even have the chance to figure out how he messed up. At the very least, he had to figure out what means the person had used to find out about the bombing.

In his opinion, the investigation must be a very complicated process.

The truth was that it was as simple as one plus one.

To be fair, if Alex had not recognized the person who detonated the bomb, the case would be very hard to investigate. Nevermind catching Henry as the mastermind, they would not have been able to find the identities of the culprits. So even if the police caught the driver involved in the case, it would have been almost impossible to pick Macy Falks out.

After all, who would have thought that a retarded fan would do something so crazy and stupid for their idol?

Henry was deep in thought when the battle ended.

Big Ken remained standing in front of him like an overbearing tyrant, while his other subordinates lay on the ground.

The bodyguard let out a miserable wail, and the assistant was completely motionless, having fainted after Big Ken’s punch.

“How could this happen?”

Henry did not expect that the two of them would lose against Big Ken alone and it made him so furious that he almost puked out blood. Looking around with bulging eyes, he suddenly grabbed a glass ashtray that weighed a few hundred grams and threw it at Big Ken as he roared like a madman. “I’ll fight you!”

“Just you? You’re not qualified to fight me!”

Big Ken responded unhurriedly before he stepped to the side to dodge the attack. His right hand shot out and caught the ashtray accurately, easily snatching over the ‘weapon’ without much effort. Then pivoting on his heel with the ashtray still gripped tightly in his right hand, he turned around and flung the ashtray, which smashed onto Henry’s forehead.

A muffled ‘bang’ rang out before Henry sank to the ground…

A few minutes later, Captain Pannell came up with a team and told them to take Henry and his two subordinates away. Taking a seat at the table, he then sized up a carefree Alex and asked curiously. “Mr. Cohen, you really are a master at solving cases, so much so that I’m ashamed of myself. However, I wonder, how in the world do you do it? Last night, you found Macy Falks before me, and today, you also found Henry Doyle before me…”

“Ah… It was luck.” Alex smiled and said, “I’ve always had good luck. It’s like I’m getting special care from the heavens.”

Captain Pannell realized that Alex did not want to elaborate, so he did not ask any more questions. Instead, he took the initiative to change the topic. “Mr. Cohen, I received a call from Captain Simpson before I left for work. Although we didn’t say much, I understood his intention of calling me was to remind me that you’re not an ordinary person and so you cannot be treated as an ordinary person…”

“I’m honored to receive Captain Simpson’s recognition and compliment.”

“I also realized that I was a little too sensitive before and was too quick to trust the suspect’s side of the story. I had suspicions about you and that almost caused a conflict. Now that the bombing case has come to light and the murderer as well as the mastermind behind it have been caught, it’s confirmed that the bombing case has nothing to do with you at all. I have to apologize to you.”

“Captain Pannell, you’re too polite. You didn’t overlook any detail in order to find out the truth. As for me, I’m willing to cooperate fully in order to find out the murderer and mastermind. I don’t blame you. Rather, I deeply admire your professionalism. You don’t have to apologize to me.”

“It’s good that Mr. Cohen understands. Well then, we’ll end our talk here. I have to go back to work now. Goodbye!”

With that, Captain Pannell stood up and informed Alex and Big Ken before leaving in a hurry.

Alex took out his cell phone and dialed Jane’s number not only to ask her to convey his thanks to Harvey but also to share the good news that the mastermind behind the bombing case was caught.

Even in her excitement, Jane did not forget the important thing. “Mr. Cohen, although Uncle has just finished his operation, he still has been concerned about the case. Earlier, other than Captain Pannell’s call, he had also called the court and took advantage of his contacts to hand over the matter of your debt collection to a judge surnamed Houston. If you have time, you can go to court and contact Chief Judge Houston.”

“Alright. Jane, please pass on my thanks to your uncle once again.”

After Alex hung up the call, he took Big Ken back to the car and rushed straight to the courthouse to meet Chief Judge Houston.

It turned out that Chief Judge Houston was brought up by Chief Judge Whitman and knew very well about Alex’s debt collection. In view of the fact that the IOU Alex provided had passed the examination and verification from the audit, he immediately gave a call to Chase Lucas’s wife, ordering her to come to court immediately to deal with the matter.

Soon, Hash Lucas, accompanied by Jared Xavier and a lawyer, rushed to Chief Judge Houston’s office.

When Jared saw that Alex was also there, his expression immediately sank. After looking around and confirming that there was no one else in the room, he stared at Alex and asked indifferently, “Do you ask Chief Judge Houston to call us?”

Alex shrugged. “What if I did?”

“Do you think the court is run by your family? You don’t think that Chief Judge Houston will help you collect the debt, do you?”

“You’ll find out in a moment…”

In Alex’s eyes, Jared’s self-righteous appearance was just like a clown; it was truly ridiculous.

Originally, there was no need for Chief Judge Houston to step in to mediate an economic dispute because both parties should first find an arbitration institution. If arbitration failed, a lawsuit would need to be filled, and only then would the court take over. It was a rather long process. However, what Jared did not know was that Chief Judge Houston took this matter into his own hands because of Chief Judge Whitman and Captain Simpson. As long as it was within the scope of the relevant laws and regulations allowed…

When Chief Judge Houston heard that Hash Lucas could represent Chase Lucas with full authority, he went straight to the point. “Now, there are only two choices in front of you. The first is to pay off the debts to Alex Cohen before the deadline in accordance with the time agreed on the IOU. The second is to take the temporarily frozen properties under Chase Lucas’s name to offset the debt at the current market price.”

Then according to Jared’s tactic, Hash said with a straight face, “No one even knew that uncle owes Alex Cohen that much money. There’s more than an eighty percent chance that the IOUs were forged by him. Chief Judge Houston, 1.9 billion isn’t a small amount after all, so we have to make things clear. Those who enforce the law cannot make rash decisions.”

“I don’t need you to teach me how to enforce the law! We’ve already verified that the IOU is genuine and valid. In other words, you must pay back this money! If you renege on the debt, not only will the court have the right to seize the properties under Chase Lucas’s name to offset the debt, but I will also apply to have you listed as a debt dodger. Once that happens, he’ll face many restrictions. For example, he will not be able to travel on the high-speed rail and airplanes, his bank cards will be frozen, and so on…”

Jared’s expression turned incredulous when he heard this.

He did not think that Chief Judge Houston would really help Alex to collect the debt.

It all happened so fast that he was unable to react for a while but the look in his eyes changed when he looked at Alex.

Staring blankly at Chief Judge Houston, Hash was even more dumbfounded. “Are… Are you threatening me?”

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