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Under the influence of alcohol and primitive impulses, Alex could not help but hug Isla from behind.

Isla blushed instantly and her first reaction was to push Alex away. However, when Alex exhaled hot air into her ear, her body felt like it was being controlled again, making her a little disoriented. She clasped Alex’s wrist, but did not apply any force. The words that should have come out of her mouth also stayed in her throat for some reason.

A meal with wine, a lone man and woman, and even intimate contact had occurred.

Although Isla had not experienced this kind of thing, she knew very well in her heart. If it was not stopped in time, both Alex and her would lose control, and then something humiliating was bound to happen. She was not ready to have a more intimate encounter with Alex yet, but she had slight anticipation.

Just as Isla was torn on whether to destroy the atmosphere and forcefully stop Alex, she suddenly heard the sound of someone pounding on the door.

Alex also heard it and immediately snapped back to his senses as if touched by a flame. As he listened, he confirmed that someone was vigorously hitting the door of their villa. He even vaguely heard a cry.

Alex became furious upon being disrupted and could not help but curse, “F*ck! Who the hell is here to come looking for trouble at night? Do they have nothing better to do?”

Isla hurriedly moved to the side and straightened her clothes, replying awkwardly, “Maybe it’s an acquaintance who came to visit?”

“That’s impossible! If it was an acquaintance, they wouldn’t knock so loudly. If there was an emergency, they would definitely call me first instead of coming here directly… I’ll go check it out. Don’t come out yet.”

Alex patted Isla on the shoulder and reluctantly left the kitchen, passing through the dining room and living room, and quickly arriving at the door of the main building. He had not reached the main door yet, but he already saw the group of people smashing the iron courtyard gates through the window. Looking intently, he was surprised to see that the one smashing the gate was the male fan who sent flowers to Liana Ballantine at the entrance of the villa area in the afternoon!

However, the five young people gathered in front of the male fan were all new faces.

Alex realized that something was wrong and did not rush to the entrance of the courtyard. In any case, they would not be able to enter. He first took out his cell phone and dialed Liana’s number, and asked hurriedly, “Liana, did those fans of yours come back to cause you any trouble?”

“No…” Liana sounded a little confused. “Alex, what’s the matter?”

“The guy who gave you flowers hasn’t left yet! He probably doesn’t know which unit is yours and only found mine. You stay at home and don’t come out. By the way, do you know who he is? Why do I feel like he isn’t an ordinary fan?”

“He really isn’t an ordinary person! I asked the other fans in the group earlier. His name is Arthur Tannin. He’s the son of Delmont Tannin, the president of Sincere Co. The people who came this afternoon didn’t spontaneously team up to find me. He was the one who organized them!”

“So that’s how it is. I can probably guess what’s going on…”

Alex felt that it was strange in the afternoon.

Generally speaking, when a fan saw their idol, they would humble themselves. It was not deliberate action but an instinctive one. Stupid fans like Macy Falks were an exception. Normal people would not put themselves way below their idols, but at the very least, they would respect the idol.

Even if the idol rejected them, it was impossible to behave as arrogantly as Arthur Tannin.

After learning about Arthur Tannin’s identity, Alex realized that Arthur was most likely using the identity of a fan looking for an idol to pursue Liana Ballantine! After being repeatedly rejected by Liana, the young man was humiliated and became angry. He was not as forgiving as a real fan.

Alex had expected that with Liana’s attractiveness, once she showed her face in public, it was bound to lead to trouble.

However, he never thought that the first person to cause trouble for Liana would be the young master of Sincere Co.

He did not know if it was deliberately arranged by the heavens or just a coincidence.

After all, Sincere Co. was Golden Stone’s arch enemy. When Golden Stone almost collapsed, Grand Express’s refusal to renew the contract only added insult to injury. The main reason why Golden Stone almost collapsed was because they were maliciously targeted by Sincere Co. Sincere Co. clearly took obviously unfair competitive means to steal Golden Stone’s business and market.

If Alex had not intervened, Golden Stone might have been crushed or annexed by Sincere Co. by now…

Arthur Tannin also saw Alex. After confirming that Alex was the one who took Liana away in the afternoon, he immediately increased his strength in smashing the gate. He made up his mind that he definitely had to regain the reputation he lost today. First, it was to resolve the stifling in his heart, and it would also clear the obstacles in his path to pursue Liana Ballantine.

Ever since Arthur inadvertently saw Liana when he was scrolling through Instagram Stories, he could not get his mind off her.

Although Liana was only one of the hundreds of beauties that Arthur followed on his alternate account, she was one of the top beauties that interested him the most. He always obtained anything he wanted. When he learned that Liana was a local, he made her his number one prey.

When Arthur did not get a chance to ask Liana out alone, he found a group of people in Liana’s local fan group and asked the group to come with him as fans while he paid for all the expenses. In his opinion, Liana’s fame was given to her by her fans, and she should be willing to mingle with them. That was the opportunity he desperately needed to get with Liana.

However, he was not an ordinary fan, and Liana was not an ordinary Internet sensation. Liana did not worry about losing fans and refused his gifts and invitations one after another. She did not place any importance on a ‘fan’ like him at all. Being rejected by Liana was a secondary concern. What was more important was that he was a trust-fund kid, but his careful plans were destroyed by Alex Cohen. This was something he could not swallow.

Thus, when the fans he found were unwilling to go give a piece of their minds to Alex Cohen, he disbanded the temporarily organized group and immediately borrowed help from a friend who mingled around in the streets. After wandering around the villa area for several hours, he finally found out where Alex lived.

He still did not know Alex’s identity. He just thought of Alex as an obstacle between Liana Ballantine and him.

For obstacles, the best way to deal with them was to kick them away…

When Arthur Tannin saw that Alex showed up but did not come out after a long time, he yelled at the top of his lungs. “Cohen, you dare to meddle in my f*cking business but you don’t dare to face the consequences. Are you a coward? I’m warning you, you’d better hurry up and open the gate. Otherwise, I’ll f*cking break it down.”

If Alex was alone at home, he would have rushed over and opened the gate.

In order to prevent Arthur Tannin from leading people into the villa and hurting Isla, Alex called the villa’s security team after talking with Liana.

However, even before the security guards arrived, Big Ken already showed up with Hunter Yates.

Two bodyguards, one to protect Alex and the other to protect Isla. They both worked in shifts to stand on guard nearby. The one on duty tonight was Hunter Yates. When he saw Arthur Tannin and the others, he did not try to show off. In order to ensure the greatest safety for Alex and Isla, he called Big Ken to come before showing up.

Alex saw them coming and became confident. He went over to open the courtyard gates.

The two of them immediately stood left and right behind Alex, blocking Arthur and the others from entering the house.

As long as they did not try to enter the villa and cause trouble, everything would be under the two bodyguards’ control…

Alex stood at the door with his hands behind his back. He stared at Arthur and said expressionlessly, “Arthur Tannin, are you f*cking sick? How am I supposed to sleep with you screaming at my gates in the middle of the night? If you have something to say then just spit it out!”

“Hiss… You know me?”

Arthur froze for a moment but did not ask more questions. He said indignantly, “Cohen, I came all the way here for an explanation on what happened in the afternoon. I was here for Liana Ballantine, what does it have to do with you? Who the f*ck told you to stick your nose into someone else’s business? Since you know my name, you should know my identity. If you don’t want to get into trouble, you better f*cking be obedient!”

“I left in a hurry in the afternoon and forgot to say something, but now I can tell you.” Alex twisted his neck and said slowly, “Arthur Tannin, Liana Ballantine is under my protection. You better not harass her again. Otherwise, not only will you bear the consequences, you’ll also cause trouble for Sincere Co.!

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