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Arthur Tannin paused again and suddenly seemed to hesitate. He did not know how Alex had found out about his identity. Now, the reality was that Alex knew everything about him and still looked fearless, but he did not know anything about Alex. It was already too late to find out now.

They were face-to-face and had already thrown out malicious words.

It was impossible for Alex to pretend that he did not say anything and wait for him to investigate Alex’s identity clearly, right?

He was now on the defensive and could not blame anyone. He could only blame his personality for only knowing how to indulge in pleasure and ignoring the company’s affairs. There was no need to be very involved with Sincere Co. If Arthur cared the slightest bit about the company, he would not find Alex Cohen’s name unfamiliar.

However, one thing was certain. Someone who could live in a villa and even afford a Lamborghini must definitely be swimming in money.

Arthur knew that things were looking bad, but he could not just show his fear here. After a pause, he pretended to be calm and said to Alex, “Are you threatening me? Do you think I’ll be afraid of you? It sounds like not only are you looking down on me, you aren’t taking Sincere Co. seriously either? Tell me, where exactly did you get the courage to say such crazy words?”

“Sigh…” Alex shook his head helplessly. “I don’t even remember how many of you idiots have asked me where my confidence comes from. If this was in the past, I would’ve been willing to respond, but I’m not in the mood now. Besides, I’ve already made my stance clear and it’s up to you to either believe me or not. However, I’ll give you a reminder. If you end up suffering a loss because you don’t believe me, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”

“Hmph, if you don’t dare to explain yourself, then just say that. What’s the point of using useless talk to try to cover up your panic inside? Cohen, I’ll give you a warning. Don’t meddle in my business with Liana Ballantine in the future. If you don’t remember, I’ll make you f*cking regret being born into this world!”

Arthur did not understand Alex’s mood at this moment and thought that Alex was just putting on a brave front. His heart suddenly became confident.

He thought that Alex was just a little-known trust-fund kid. There was no need to fear him.

Alex did not take Arthur’s threat to heart and said casually, “That’s all I have to say. If you don’t need anything else, you can get lost. By the way, if you like it here, you can take advantage of today to look around until you’re satisfied. After today, it won’t be as easy for you if you want to come in.”

“Cut the crap and get back to business! Cohen, you better apologize for interrupting me this afternoon.”

“Firstly, I don’t think I did anything wrong. Second, you don’t deserve an apology from me.”

“Hiss… so you wanna do it the hard way? Boys, get him!”

Arthur’s temper flared and he gave a loud order to take action.

The five helpers pounced at Alex at the same time.

Alex stood motionless and did not respond. He only stared at Arthur like he was looking at a fool.

Big Ken and Hunter Yates stepped forward fiercely and knocked down all five of Arthur Tannin’s helpers in seconds.

The two of them struck extremely fast, and Arthur was so dazzled that he could not even see what happened.

A group of security guards arrived, but the fight had ended before they had the time to stop it.

Arthur looked at the helpers lying on the ground and was shocked and stunned by the combat power of Alex’s two men. Fortunately, the security guards arrived. He immediately turned and coldly said to the lead security guard, “What are you standing there for? Can’t you see them committing a violent act? Hurry up and arrest them!”

“Grab them! They must be arrested!”

The security guard captain’s eyes were grave and he gave the order to his subordinates with a wave of his hand.

The security guards immediately pounced on Arthur Tannin and his five helpers and tied them together.

Arthur was stunned. After struggling several times and failing to break free, he gave up. He glared at the security guard captain and said, “Are you f*cking blind? I told you to get the ones who were assaulting us, why did you grab me instead? Let me remind you that I’m not someone you can mess with, so I advise you to let me go before I get angry!”

The security guard captain ignored Arthur and walked straight to Alex. He nodded and said respectfully, “Mr. Cohen, I’m really sorry. We didn’t do our job well and allowed strangers in, which caused you trouble. Please forgive us. Don’t worry, they’ve already been blacklisted by our security team. We’ll never let them into the villa area again!”

Alex waved his hand. “It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s just a bunch of idiots. They wouldn’t be able to cause that much trouble even if they came in.”

“Thank you, thank you for your understanding… Mr. Cohen, how shall we deal with them?”

“Just do it according to the rules.”


The security guard captain was relieved and waved his hand, and said, “Take them away!”

“Wait!” Arthur was anxious and increasingly confused, but there was not much time to think. He said to the security guard captain, “I suggest that you figure out who I am first before you make a decision. I’m Young Master Carlton’s friend! It’s not too late for you to regret this. If you dare to make another mistake again, all it takes is a call from me and you’re all f*cking fired!”

“Fine, make the call.”

The security chief hesitated for a few seconds but told the subordinate who was holding Arthur Tannin to let him go.

When Arthur regained his freedom, he immediately took out his cell phone and walked to the side to dial Carlton Favelle’s number. He said with a smile on his face, “Young Master Carlton, hello. I didn’t disturb your rest, did I? I’m Arthur Tannin. My father is Delmont Tannin. Your Wyatt Corporation has cooperated with us before… Here’s the thing, I’m in a bit of trouble in a villa area developed by your group. Could you come over and help me straighten things out? Ah… It’s quite urgent. We’re all waiting at the scene.”

While Arthur called Carlton Favelle, the security guard captain also sent a message to Carlton briefly explaining the situation, in case Arthur mixed up the story.

Before Wyatt Corp handed over all their promotional business to Golden Stone Corporation, they did have a small cooperation with Sincere Corp.

At that time, Delmont Tannin wanted Arthur to strike up a relationship with Carlton Favelle, so he specifically introduced them to each other.

Arthur made a lot of efforts to befriend the first-rate trust-fund kid Carlton Favelle.

Originally, Carlton did not mind making more connections, but then Alex Cohen took over Golden Stone and became rivals with Sincere Co., and Carlton cut off contact with Arthur Tannin in order to avoid suspicion. For him, there was no need for consideration in choosing between Alex Cohen and Arthur Tannin.

It did not take long for Carlton Favelle to arrive at the scene like lightning with his supercar.

Arthur quickly went to the car and pointed at Alex, and complained, “Young Master Carlton, it’s that guy, Alex Cohen. He injured my men so badly that they’re seriously injured. What’s even more irritating is that the security guards came and indiscriminately arrested my people. Isn’t that just nonsense?”

Carlton glanced at Arthur and called over the security guard captain, and said in a deep voice, “Take all the people who trespassed into the villa area to cause trouble back and punish them severely. If necessary, hand them over to the police for the police to handle them.”

“Yes!” The security guard captain nodded firmly.

Arthur froze on the spot and said to Carlton in a daze, “Young Master Carlton, what’s going on? Did you make a mistake?”

“Isn’t it obvious what’s going on here? Do you think I could be mistaken? Take them away!”

Carlton could not be bothered to talk nonsense with small-fry like Arthur and told the security guards to take all six people, including Arthur Tannin, away. Then, he sincerely apologized to Alex.

Alex was not an unreasonable person. He naturally could not blame Carlton Favelle or the security guards.

On the other hand, Arthur was tossed into a cell by the security guards and was still unable to figure out what happened today.

The next morning, Alex and Isla did not go to the office but went to the City Hall to handle the divorce procedures.

At this point, Alex Cohen and Isla Sullivan’s agreed identity of a couple was officially dissolved.

Alex took Isla back to the car and shot a look at Isla, and said mischievously, “There’s a saying that good things happen up to three times. In the future when we get another certificate, it’ll finally be the third ‘good thing’, and all will be well.

Isla rolled her eyes and said, “Was that saying supposed to be understood in this way? Was your language subject taught by your PE teacher?”

“Who cares about that? Isla, from now on, we’re both properly unmarried people. Your opportunity has come.”

“What opportunity?”

“The opportunity to court me, of course! I’m telling you, I’m in high demand. If you’re interested in me, you better act quick, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?”

Alex shrugged and said with a smile, “Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for me to court you…”

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