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Alex was initially quite apprehensive, not knowing whether Victor Sullivan and Xena Sanders would accept him as their son-in-law.

Xena and him had fallen out to the point of drawing knives against each other, and the conflicts that had been piling up for months could not be completely resolved in a short period of time. He had long been completely disappointed in Xena and no longer cared about what she thought of him. Instead, he was more concerned about Victor’s reaction.

Although the saying that parents decided on their childrens’ wedding had become obsolete, he still could not completely ignore the feelings of her parents.

After hearing Victor’s response, it seemed that he did not object to his coming together with Isla. He asked curiously, “Victor, did you already put down all your prejudice against me?”

“I let them go a long time ago.” Victor waved his hand and replied. “If I hadn’t, the moment I learned that you and Lala were married under false pretenses, I wouldn’t have let you two interact with each other anymore, let alone live together. If outsiders knew that Lala was living with a man she had nothing to do with, as a father, I would have gotten my back broken by someone already. Especially those relatives, you know that none of them has a good heart…”

“But there was a marriage certificate as a cover. Outsiders wouldn’t know that Lala and I had a fake marriage.”

“That’s why I rushed to get you over to talk. Before going through the divorce process, no one would talk about the two of you living together, but now that you’re divorced, if you still want to live together, you need to establish your relationship and confirm Lala’s status. Otherwise, I would feel uncomfortable even if the outsiders don’t say anything.”

“Mr. Sullivan, you mean…”

“Quickly find a time to bring over all your relatives, make clear your relationship with Lala, and then… then you guys can get engaged.”


Alex did not expect that Victor was so relieved with him to the extent that he actually took the initiative to urge him and Isla to get engaged.

Xena Sanders, who had yet to speak, suddenly glared at Alex and asked with a gloomy face, “Alex Cohen, what are you doing? The engagement should be mentioned by the groom’s side first. Seeing that you are young and don’t know the rules, we didn’t bother and took the initiative to bring it up, but you still don’t seem to be happy about it? Are you just messing around with Lala? I’m warning you, Lala isn’t an unbecoming girl. We won’t allow her to be with uncouth men!”

“You’ve misunderstood.” Alex waved his hands as he replied. “Lala and I are genuinely in love with each other. We’re serious about each other and aren’t people who would take our feelings for granted. The engagement will definitely be done, and we’ll go through all the processes, but isn’t it too hasty to get engaged now?”

“I don’t care about that! Anyway, you either get engaged as soon as possible or live separately right away.”

“But… aren’t you forcing us like this?”

Xena got irritated and glared at Alex, “Who’s the one forcing the other here? As a man, you have it easy. Even if outsiders knew the relationship between Lala and you, no one would be pointing fingers at you. But have you ever thought about Lala? Have you thought about it from our point of view? Do you know how important chastity and reputation are to a girl?”

“Is it really as serious as you say so? Nowadays, there are many unmarried people living together. Besides, me and Lala are only living in the same house, not really cohabitating. It’s just like… like housemates. Yes, it’s similar to being housemates.”

“Housemates? If word gets out, do you think anyone will believe it?”


Alex did not expect Xena to make this issue so complicated. After a long sigh, he slowly responded, “The engagement is not something I can decide on alone. We can continue this after I discuss with Lala, but I cannot guarantee that the engagement will be held in the near future. I’m fine with it, but we still need to respect Lala’s wishes, right?”

When Xena felt that Alex finally admitted defeat, her heart was slightly relieved. After managing her thoughts, she continued, “You guys should hurry up and discuss. Alex, since we’re talking about this, let me mention the subsequent requirements. According to the old rules, you have to find a matchmaker for the engagement, and also arrange for us to meet with your parents in advance.”


Alex was instantly shocked.

If he could have Francis Cohen as a parent on his side, it would be fine. He could invite Francis anytime, but if he were asked to bring his biological parents, it would be difficult. Forget about Wayne Larson for now and talk about his biological mother instead. Even now, he still had not met his biological mother. How could he invite her to discuss his marriage?

Speaking of which, Alex also suddenly realized a problem.

Should he discuss his marriage with his biological parents in advance?

Victor noticed Alex frown and thought that he was feeling awkward,, and hurriedly compromised. “Alex and Lala have gone through so many hardships. It wasn’t easy to stay together, so let’s not pay too much attention and just keep it simple. Besides, aren’t matchmakers no longer widespread in cities? I think that the same applies to the countryside too.”

“How is that fine?” Xena choked. “If there is no matchmaker, how do we discuss the betrothal gift?”

“What? You want a betrothal gift too?”

“I mean… Victor Sullivan, what do you mean by that? We’ve worked hard to raise Lala, and now we’re letting her marry into the Cohen family for nothing? Don’t you think it’s a loss?”

“A loss? I can’t believe you could say such a thing! Are you selling your daughter or marrying her off?”

“I… Victor Sullivan, which side are you on? Huh?”

Alex saw that Victor and Xena were about to quarrel and quickly took over the conversation. “Mr. Sullivan, the betrothal gift must be given. It’s not a matter of marrying off or selling, but rather the groom’s attitude. It’s also a sign of sincerity from my side. However, we do not need a matchmaker anymore. If you have any thoughts or requests, just tell me directly. No need for others to be the middleman. Let’s discuss face to face. It’s more direct this way.”

Xena glanced at Victor and said, “See, even the young man knows a principle you don’t understand. In my opinion, you are living more and more in the past! Victor, from now on, you don’t need to worry about Lala’s marriage anymore, I’ll be calling the shots instead!”

Victor could not be bothered to quarrel with Xena and pursed his lips, “You can choose not to consult my opinion, but it is best to discuss with Lala. The relationship between you two mother and daughter hasn’t been straightened out yet. If conflicts arise again, who knows how serious it would turn out. Don’t forget, Lala once ran away from home!”

“If she doesn’t listen to me, then she’s unfilial!” Xena also could not bother to argue with Victor and continued talking to Alex. “I’m fine with not having a matchmaker. We’ll just talk face to face. Our Sullivan family is a large family, so the betrothal gift must match our family’s status.”

Alex nodded his head. “Then tell me first. What kind of betrothal gift do you want?”

Xena said without hesitation, “There’s no need for any gold, silver, or jewelry. Convert it all to cash. $18.88 million…”

Victor’s eyes almost bulged out, “What? Xena Sanders, were you driven mad by money?”

“Shut your mouth!” Xena yelled at Victor and curled her lips, “I’ve already asked around. For ordinary families in the countryside to get married, the price was already in the hundreds of thousands. Based on the Sullivan family’s background, what’s wrong with asking for 18.88 million? His family is also a wealthy family. It’s not like they can’t afford it.”

Alex raised his hand to stop Victor who was about to speak, and said to Xena, “As you wish.”

“Don’t be in a hurry, I haven’t finished yet…” Xena continued, “No matter how much cash is given, it’ll all be spent eventually. Now our family has no more properties, but you have several companies under your name. How about giving one of them to us? Besides, we were the ones who established Golden Stone, so we’re very familiar with it. You can think of it as returning Golden Stone to our family.”


This time, not only was Victor stunned, Alex’s mouth also fell open in shock.

After all, the investment into Golden Stone was as high as three hundred million. After Alex took over, it expanded even further. Now, it was no exaggeration to say that Golden Stone’s value had doubled, which was six hundred million! Putting aside how Xena was demanding an exorbitant sum, the main issue was her telling Alex to ‘return’ Golden Stone to the Sullivan family.

It was as if Alex owed them!

Alex was willing to give her face for Isla’s sake, but there was a limit.

Unfortunately, Xena did not appreciate it and said to Alex with squinted eyes: “If you don’t want to give it, then from now on, you will stay away from our Lala…”

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