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Xena’s attitude had broken through Alex’s tolerance threshold.

Alex’s patience had been exhausted. He directly got up and said to Xena with a blank expression, “I won’t give an answer to the request you made for now. I think what Mr. Sullivan said was very reasonable. This is about Lala’s marriage after all, so it’s best that you communicate with her first. By the way, I don’t owe you anything, and I don’t owe your family anything.”


Xena got angry and also stood up, glaring at Alex. “You think you can ignore us just because Lala is in love with you? Then I can tell you clearly, you’re thinking too much. It’s not like Lala can’t get married. There are plenty of people who are willing to pay a large bride price. It doesn’t have to be you!”

“Seriously, the more I listen to you, the more I think you’re trying to sell your daughter instead of marrying her.”

“You scoundrel! Is this how you talk to your elders? Didn’t your mother teach you… Oh right, from what I heard from Lala, you were discarded from birth and were raised by a countryman. I really don’t know what Lala was thinking. It’s not like all the men in the world are dead. How did she fall for you, this scoundrel who was born but not taught by a mother?”

“What did you say? Do you want to try saying that again?”

Alex could not hold back and clenched his fist.

Xena was shocked by Alex’s sudden fierce appearance, but she quickly came back to her senses and gritted her teeth. “What, do you want to fight? Come on, I dare you to hit me. What I said was the truth. Why are you so mad about it? If you’re not happy, you should ask your mother why she abandoned you instead. Why are you getting angry at me?”


Just when Alex was about to explode, Isla suddenly banged the door and entered.

Isla knew what her father was going to talk with Alex before she came, but since she could not hold back her curiosity, after helping the housekeeper tidy up the kitchen, she fumbled towards the door to eavesdrop. She just so happened to listen to the part where Alex and Xena were arguing. Just like Alex, she could no longer hold back her patience and rushed in to grab Alex’s arm while glaring at Xena. “This is my wedding. You’re not allowed to interfere!”

Xena furrowed her brows and hesitated for two seconds before suddenly glaring, and said, “Lala, why are you like your father, always helping outsiders speak against me? Do you guys want to die of anger? By the way… you came just in time. I was about to ask you, besides Alex’s family’s wealth, what else is good? What exactly do you see in him?”

“This is my business. It has nothing to do with you!”

“I’m your mother, you… How dare you say such things?”

“Then, from now on, you no longer are!”

“What? What did you say?”

Isla was so mad that she lost reason, and spat at Xena word by word, “I want to cut ties with you! From now on, there’s no relationship between you and I. You’re not allowed to interfere with not only my marriage, but all my affairs! You… You can just pretend that you never had me as your daughter!”

After saying that, Isla dragged Alex and left in a hurry.

Victor’s recently cured heart disease almost acted up again. He quickly ran towards the door, but failed to hold back Isla. He turned back and returned to the study room, and said to Xena, who was sitting on the ground, “This is all your fault! Just now, I warned you not to confront Lala, but you didn’t listen to me. What did you get? The bride price is gone, and you even lost your f*cking daughter!”

Xena cried and wailed, “What did I do wrong for the heavens to treat me this way? Do you all want me to die of anger?”

“Don’t worry, if people can actually die of anger, then Lala and I will definitely die in front of you!”

After Victor spoke, he quickly went back to his room, and grabbed a suitcase. He haphazardly packed a few sets of clothes, took his phone and wallet, and prepared to leave.

Xena saw that things were looking bad and hurriedly rushed out, grabbing hold of Victor together with the housekeeper.

However, Victor already made his decision and pushed away Xena and the housemaid. He said furiously, “I can’t bear to stay in this house anymore. I’m leaving now! Xena Sanders, you should reflect on yourself at home. Once you have reflected well, only then will I come back!”

“Go, just go! This family is already in shambles, I don’t even care anymore!”

Xena displayed a defeated posture. It seemed like she had already given up.

Victor did not say anything and angrily slammed the door as he left.

He was still unsure of where to go, but that was not important. It was fine as long as he was no longer in that house.

However, the moment he reached downstairs, he was stopped by two young men with masks. Victor noticed that one of the men had an indistinct tattoo on his arm and realized that something was wrong. He immediately suppressed more than half of his pent up anger and said tentatively, “Please move aside.”

The tattooed man did not move and stared at Victor as he asked, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Do we know each other? Do you have the wrong person?”

“Your name is Victor Sullivan, Isla Sullivan’s father, CEO of Gold Stone Co.. You originally had a congenital heart disease and was just cured shortly after with the help of Alex Cohen, right?”

“Hiss… Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t have to ask that. All you need to know is that you won’t be able to go anywhere today. Come on, let’s go to your house and sit down.”

“Why should I?”

“You should, because…:”

As the tattooed man spoke, he pulled out a black shiny pistol from his lower back…

On the other side, Big Ken was driving Alex and Isla back.

Alex and Isla both sat bored in the back row, not saying a word, and had been silent for more than ten minutes.

Finally, Big Ken was the one who broke the silence. “Young Master, ever since we set out from the villa today, I had a strange feeling as if there were a pair of eyes hiding in the shadows watching. I paid attention all the way and did not find anything unusual, but the feeling of unease in my heart has not dissipated up until now…”

Alex immediately got anxious. “What if Keon Wells’s men have already reached this city and have their eyes on me?”

“That might be possible! Young Master, to be on the safe side, let’s take a few extra turns outside for a while longer.”

“Yes, we’ll do that!”

Alex nodded his head, turned to look at Isla, hesitated for a few seconds before asking softly, “I’m sorry. Because of me, you’ve fallen out with your family again.”

Isla sighed and shook her head. “It had nothing to do with you. With my mother’s attitude, no matter who I fall in love with, as long as we get to the point of marriage, there will be a situation like today. I have the same feeling as you. She doesn’t want to marry me off, but sell me like some merchandise.”

“So, you admit to being in a relationship with me?”

“No… Alex, was that the point I was trying to make?”

“Ahem, I understand. Isla, when you said you’re cutting off ties with your mother, were you being serious?”

“Of course I was! I already had that in mind the last time we had a huge argument. I held back that time, but I could no longer tolerate it now. But… my main purpose of doing this is to show my mother my attitude and hope that she’ll realize her own mistakes. If I had chosen to continue tolerating, she wouldn’t reflect and instead become more aggressive. In that case, the situation of our family would only get worse.”

“So what you mean is, as long as she reflects well, you will still acknowledge her as your mother?”

“Yeah… Alex, do you blame me for that?”

“Why would I?”

Alex shook his head, firmly held one of Isla’s hands, consoling her. “Although I’ve never felt motherly love, I still know that motherly love is as great as fatherly love. Even though what your mother did is a little overboard, your life was given by her after all. If she hadn’t given birth to you and raised you, I wouldn’t have met you. In that sense, the first person I have to thank for being able to come together with you is her. I’m an outsider so it’s fine if I fight with her, but you’re different. You’re her own flesh and blood. No one can replace the relationship between you two… I believe that sooner or later, she will mend her ways.”

“Thank you for understanding! Actually, I have the same thought as you… Alex, you know my mother’s attitude well. She shoots her mouth off and is quite harsh. You need to be more understanding of her and don’t let her provoke you. No matter what she says, it’s just her own opinion. It doesn’t represent me.”

“I won’t lower myself to argue with her.”

Alex could feel that if Isla had to choose between Xena Sanders and him, she would pick him.

To him, that was more than enough…

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