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Although Victor Sullivan’s actions and words at that critical moment were very touching, unfortunately, not everyone was soft-hearted. The tattooed man was the kind of thug who treated human life like trash. To say he had a heart of stone was an understatement. It was more accurate to say that he was evil-hearted.

While Xena Sanders was speechless through Victor’s touching words, the tattooed man was keeping tabs on the time.

Soon, a minute passed.

The tattooed man’s thin patience worn off. He raised his gun to Victor’s head and without hesitation, pulled the trigger.


With a muffled sound, Victor collapsed. Like the nanny, he died on the spot.

Xena sat paralyzed on the ground and petrified. At this stage, there was no fear, but numbness. Her mind was blank and she had temporarily forgotten the fact that she would be in Victor’s footsteps in a few minutes.

The tattooed man took out his phone and looked at the time, then called his man who was standing guard at the entrance of the neighborhood, and asked, “Nothing unusual, right?”

The man whispered through the phone, “Everything’s normal.”

“Then bring the car over. We’ll wait for two more minutes and if Alex Cohen still doesn’t show up, we’ll retreat.”

The tattooed man hung up the phone and said to his companion in front of him, “Clean up the mess and get ready to retreat.”

The companion nodded gently, hesitated for a few seconds, and finally asked, “We’re not waiting anymore? What if Alex Cohen is on his way here? After all, 40 minutes is barely enough time to reach us. Including red lights and traffic, it’ll definitely affect his arrival time.”

“Let’s not wait! If my assumption is right, Alex knows about who we are so he knew even if he showed up, these people would still die. As a result, he probably chose to call the police or arrange for his people to come over. We must get out of here before his people arrive. Even if he is on his way, we will have to show him our capabilities. We killed a few people today, so it’s not a wasted trip.”

“Well…you’ve got a point. Killing a few people related to Alex Cohen was not the main thing. It was all about destroying his relationship with the people around him, especially his wife. After this, people will be wary of helping him! As long as he is left isolated, he’ll be an easy target .”

“That is why I have repeatedly emphasized to Isla Sullivan that the killings were all caused by Alex Cohen!”

The corners of the tattooed man’s mouth curled up, revealing a sinister smile with a treacherous plan…

Every time Alex encountered an emergency, he was able to turn the tide to his favor.

This time though, Lady Luck did not appear in time, and neither did his people.

After Big Ken delegated the task to Hunter, he rushed over in the Lavida, but he was a step too late. There was a slim success rate for rushing directly into the neighborhood to rescue the hostages was slim as the deadline was long overdue and the hostages could have already been killed before he arrived. Big Ken did not go into the neighborhood and parked his car a few hundred meters away before climbing to the roof of a building with a sniper rifle on his back.

Big Ken was familiar with the area so he chose a building facing Victor’s house with a clear view. He skillfully set up the sniper rifle and lied on the edge of the roof. Using the high-power scope that came with the sniper rifle, he looked through the window and quickly observed the situation in Victor’s house.

As he expected, two people were already dead in the house and Xena was left as the only hostage.

With his marksmanship, Big Ken could kill any enemy from a distance of several hundred meters. The problem was that there were two kidnappers in Victor’s house. After shooting one of them, the other would go into hiding or use Xena as a human shield, which would force him into a passive position.

Big Ken focused his attention on the situation and carefully thought of countermeasures. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

He noticed that one of them was unmoving and guarding Xena, while the other was cleaning up the scene by running around the house with a towel, wiping down any fingerprints they might have left behind in preparation to retreat.

This situation gave Big Ken a ray of hope…

Big Ken adjusted his breathing and paid close attention to the position of the two enemies.

When one of them completely blocked the other one, Big Ken pulled the trigger.

The bullet bore through the tattooed man’s head from the side and pierced his companion’s head.

Two kills with one shot! Perfect!

The two enemies were killed and Big Ken immediately called Captain Pannell with his phone. When he was on the way to the neighborhood earlier, he had informed Captain Pannell of the situation beforehand.

At this time, Captain Pannell settled a few dozen meters away from Big Ken’s car. Due to the special circumstances, he did not sound the siren or rush over. Only after receiving a call from Big Ken and learning that the threat in the house was solved and the remaining hostages were safe, he sounded the siren and drove there as fast as possible.

The man assigned to guard the entrance of the neighborhood noticed something was awry when he heard the sound of gunfire and was about to check on the situation in the apartment. All of a sudden, he heard the police siren, and with fear, he rushed back to the car. Using one hand to start the car, his other hand picked up the phone to dial the tattooed man’s number. The phone rang for more than 20 seconds and no one answered the phone.

“It’s over!”

The man knew something went wrong, hung up, and drove away speedily.

Big Ken did not know that the tattooed man’s underling had left and remained on the roof of the building, maintaining a sniper’s posture to keep a close eye on the Sullivan family’s situation through the scope. He put away his gun after he witnessed Captain Pannell rushing into the house with his men to rescue Xena. He then gave Hunter a call after.

Hunter received news from Big Ken and gave Alex the antidote, then he relayed the situation that Big Ken briefed him earlier to Alex.

When Alex was drugged, even though he could not move his body, his brain was still conscious. Only after taking the antidote, his strength started recovering rapidly. The news that Victor Sullivan had been killed caused his heart to sink immediately. All of his breath was taken from his body, leaving him limp. It was not from the relapse of toxin, but it was because he just could not accept the fact of Victor’s death.

Hunter was frightened and hurriedly apologized to Alex.

“Young master, I’m sorry. Big Ken said he did his best…”


Alex let out a long sigh and looked at Isla, who was sitting in a daze far from him. He added, “Does she know yet?”

“Not yet. Young Master, do you think we should tell Ms. Sullivan now?”

“She’ll know sooner or later…I’ll go and tell her.”

With Hunter’s support, Alex slowly walked to Isla and told her about the situation.

After Isla heard the news, she was disconcerted and did not truly want to accept it.

Alex knew Isla would not be able to absorb anything so all he could do was accompany and comfort her. He asked Hunter to drive and send them to the neighborhood. After they met up with Big Ken, they found out that Captain Pannell had taken away the deceased and sent Xena to the hospital. The Sullivan home was already sealed as the scene of the murder.

Xena was not physically injured but the mental trauma she had suffered needed to be treated.

Alex felt Isla needed support, so he called Cynthia Walker over…

It was a long and torturous sleepless night.

Under Cynthia’s and Alex’s persuasion, Isla finally accepted her cruel reality.

Acceptance was the first step of many. Trying to get Isla back to her old self would be a long process.

A new day began and Isla was prepared to go out after washing up. She had seen her father’s body last night and had visited her mother in the hospital. At this traumatizing time, she needed to care for and comfort her mother. As a daughter, she had to control and suppress her own emotions and focus her efforts on getting through this traumatic event with her mother.

Alex realized that Isla also needed to be tended to, so he said to Isla, “Your mother is being treated by experts in the hospital, so you should rest for now. You didn’t even sleep all night and you’re not in the best state mentally and physically. You really need some rest!”

Isla suddenly raised her head, stared straight at Alex, and said indifferently, “If I didn’t meet you in the beginning, my father wouldn’t have died, right?”

When Alex heard this, he felt dejected…

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