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For Alex Cohen, this was not a good sign.

Big Ken heard the underlying meaning from Isla Sullivan’s words and subconsciously glanced at Hunter Yates, taking a few steps forward. He faced Isla and gave her a deep bow, then said sincerely, “Ms. Sullivan, I’m sorry! Last night, I was the one who gave Hunter the order to use whatever means necessary to stop Young Master from going over to replace the hostages. Unfortunately, I was a step too late by the time I arrived…”

“Stop it, I don’t want to hear this.”

Isla stopped Big Ken, looked at Alex, and said, “Cynthia will accompany me. You can go your own way.”


Alex was anxious, and he did not know what to say.

Alex knew that he could not push the blame for Victor Sullivan’s murder and he would never run away from reality or shirk his responsibility. That did not lessen the blow to his heart when Isla treated him indifferently. He did not blame Isla for her actions. Instead, he blamed himself.

Cynthia wanted to persuade Isla but knew it was not the right time. She waited until Isla walked out before she said softly to Alex, “Lala’s mind isn’t clear enough to make the right judgment, so don’t overthink it. After she has time to stabilize, I’ll try my best to advise her.”

Alex nodded gratefully and said, “Thanks. Go with her, I…I’ll follow from behind.”


Cynthia nodded and quickly caught up with Isla. She drove the Maserati and set off with Isla.

Alex, accompanied by Big Ken and Hunter, also rushed to the hospital where Xena was admitted in.

Isla was waiting for the elevator when she saw Alex following her and said without any expression, “Didn’t I tell you not to come?”

Alex shook his head and responded, “Isla, the root cause of what happened to your family lies with me. I must apologize to you and your mother regardless of whether you both can forgive me. When I came last night, your mother was busy with her appointment with a specialist and I could not meet her…”

“Have you ever thought of how my mother would feel when she sees you? She’s at the most vulnerable time of her life! Whatever you have to say, wait until she recovers. If you see her now, you would make it worse!”

“You’re right… It seems like I’m not the considerate one.”

Isla made a good point, so Alex called Hunter to the side and explained, “Continue to follow Isla secretly like before and make sure to protect her. The people Keon Wells sent haven’t all been captured yet. All those who are related to me are in potential danger.”


Hunter nodded and took the keys of the Lavida from Big Ken’s hand.

Alex patted Hunter’s shoulder and walked away with Big Ken.

Suddenly, Isla received a phone call from Xena. After a few short words, she hung up the phone and quickly caught up to Alex, “Wait a minute! My mom wants to talk to you!”


Alex felt surprised and asked in a daze, “So should I go?”

“Of course you should. Just keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything you shouldn’t. No matter what she says, just bear with it. If you dare agitate her, I won’t forgive you!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

“You better!”

Isla warned Alex before they went upstairs and entered Xena’s ward.

Both Alex and Cynthia followed Isla in while Big Ken and Hunter stood guard at the door.

The few counseling sessions helped Xena mentally, but her face was still glum. She ruthlessly glared at Alex and said to Isla, “Do you know what to do now?”

Isla nodded and said, “You can recuperate at ease. I’ll make sure to take care of Dad’s funeral.”

“I’m not talking about that. I’m asking how you plan to handle your relationship with Alex!”

“I…Mom, what do you think?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Your father is dead because of Alex! He caused this situation and he’s a murderer! Don’t tell me that you still want to be with the person who killed your father? Even if I agree with it, will your father be able to rest in peace? Can you feel at ease?”

“I know.”

“Listen to me. Break off your relationship with him immediately so you can reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility. Lala, this is a top priority for our family, so you must get it done for me. If you don’t completely cut off all ties with him, I…I’ll join your father!”

Xena knew threatening her own life was the ultimate move that would make Isla understand how serious she was.

Isla fell for it and quickly asked, “Mom! I didn’t disagree with you yet. I thought about it last night. Even if you didn’t mention it, I’ll break it off with him. I have to take some responsibility. If I didn’t make an impulsive decision in the beginning, I wouldn’t have met Alex and it wouldn’t have led to where we are now. Sigh…the butterfly effect is too scary…”

“Since you know it, hurry up and change!”

Xena understood Isla’s attitude. She turned to stare at Alex again and said coldly, “You heard it with yourself! Lala will not be involved with you anymore! If you’re sensible, don’t pester her. Otherwise, I would risk my life and never let you live peacefully!”

Alex quietly let out a deep breath and nodded, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

“What’s the use of admitting your mistake? Actions speak louder than words! You may not be Victor’s child, but he died because of you. During the funeral, you must fulfill the duties of a child and repent in front of his grave! On top of that, you need to compensate for our mental health, just as I told you to do last night.”


“What? You’re not willing?”

Alex was a little stunned. He did not realize that Xena was more stable than he expected.

He expected a woman who just lost her husband to be grief-stricken and distraught, but Xena Sanders looked fine. There was not a trace of sadness on her face, and her thought process was clear. It annoyed him that she also actually took Victor’s death to guilt-trip Isla.

Alex could not contain his shock. Big Ken and Hunter who overheard the conversation at the doorway also felt anxious.

In Big Ken’s perspective, Alex had no direct relationship with the Sullivan family. It would not be a problem for Alex to attend Victor’s funeral to offer his condolences and pay respects. However, to let Alex repent in front of Victor’s grave was asking too much. The police did not pursue Alex’s legal responsibility, so why should Xena demand compensation?

Hunter felt suffocated from the atmosphere and empathized with Alex. He clenched his teeth as he rushed in and interrupted, “Sorry to disturb, but please allow me to say a few words!”

Everyone in the room was startled at the interruption, not knowing what Hunter would say.

Xena knew Hunter was Alex’s henchman and could assume that Hunter would not say anything good. She raised her eyebrows, ready to kick him out.

However, Hunter spoke first and said to Xena with a straight face, “Before Mr. Sullivan left, he left his last words and his wishes. We should respect the dead. No matter what his relationship was with you, shouldn’t you try your best to comply with Mr. Sullivan’s wishes? Otherwise, how can Mr. Sullivan rest in peace?”


Xena’s heart sank. She glared at Hunter and said, “Who permitted you to speak here? Numbskull, get the hell out!”

“Wait a minute!”

Isla was anxious, looked at Xena, then curiously stared at Hunter and asked, “What were my father’s last words? How did I not know?”

Hunter scratched his head and answered, “I’m sorry, Ms. Sullivan. At the time of the incident, I snatched away the phone to prevent you from seeing it. It was at that time that Mr. Sullivan said his last words. He said his last words to your mother, so you…you should ask her directly.”

Isla quickly pulled Xena’s hand and asked eagerly, “What did Dad really say?”

Xena was so nervous, her forehead started sweating. She did not expect Hunter to hear Victor’s speech in his last moments. However, it suddenly occurred to her that Hunter did not have any proof, so she said to Isla, “What I just said to you were your father’s last words…Your father said that he wouldn’t let go of Alex even after he died!”

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