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When the boss heard this, his eyes widened in shock and said incredulously, “Mr. Cohen, you know this woman? She…is she your enemy?”

Seth also panicked, thinking that if the one who seduced Symore was Alex’s enemy, then Symore would be in danger.

Alex frowned, nodded, and said to Big Ken, “Bro, you still remember her, right?”

Big Ken responded, “I remember. She’s that old classmate of yours called Sukie Lane, right?”

“That’s right, it’s her. I haven’t seen her for a few months and thought she left Quill City a long time ago. I didn’t expect that she’s still here and even seems to have more guts than before…”

Seth was puzzled and interjected, “Mr. Cohen, why would your old classmate harm Symore?”

Alex shook his head and said, “In addition to being my old classmate, Sukie Lane has another identity! In the past, Chase Lucas had a henchman named Shane Locke, who was sent to prison by me. Sukie Lane was Shane’s girlfriend and she later had a fling with Chase. She’s trouble and I almost lost my life because of her.”

“Does that mean she might’ve taken Symore to get back at you?”

“We can’t rule out this possibility, but there’s another problem with that logic. If she wants to deal with me, why hasn’t she contacted me after capturing Symore for so long? Forget it…now’s not the time to dwell on this issue. First, let’s use all personnel and contacts to do an all-out search for Symore and Sukie Lane!”

“Alright! I’ve already arranged for people to look for Symore, so I’ll just have the brothers keep an eye on Sukie Lane at the same time.”

After Seth finished speaking, he took out his phone and took a few pictures of Sukie Lane on the computer screen, then sent them to his men.

Big Ken also took a picture and sent it over to Gunner Young because last time, it was also Gunner’s men that found Macy Falks.

A few minutes later, Seth received a call from his men. Thinking that someone had found Symore or Sukie Lane, he quickly picked up, but only after he listened to the report did he know that something had happened. After he hung up the phone, he immediately reported, “Mr. Cohen, someone leaked information about Symore’s disappearance and that his gang would soon diminish. It’s not just casual gossip, but people are widely spreading this rumor. I think it’s deliberately planned by people with ulterior motives!”

“The person who spread the rumor is definitely the one who knows what’s going on, or might even be the one who started it…”

Alex quietly pondered then said to Zeke, “How’s the situation on the streets at this stage? If my guess is right, this could be the work of your rivals.”

Zeke Martin thought for a moment and said, “When we first took over Chase Lucas’ territory, we encountered at least five small gangs that obstructed us, but they were all quickly defeated. Later, with the financial support of Jared Xavier, Hash Lucas emerged with great fanfare. Although he came with great force, they were all bark and no bite, so they were also forced into retreat. Currently, no one is considered a threat to us. Those people are probably afraid of being beaten up and haven’t come to trouble us for a long time. If the situation hadn’t stabilized, Symore wouldn’t have had time to go to the birthday party.”

“In that case, brief me one by one on all the rivals that you know are still active on the streets.”

Sukie did not seem like the mastermind, but acted on orders and was probably used as bait by the people hiding in the shadows who wanted to deal with Symore. If that was the case, then Symore was not taken as a hostage to threaten Alex. This was purely a gang fight. The first suspects to be considered were the small gangs that once tried to thwart Symore but in turn, suffered a loss at his hands.

Zeke guessed what Alex was thinking, then carefully recalled and retold the events.

According to Zeke’s introduction, the bosses of the small gangs who had been leading attacks against Symore were all involved with some sort of business. These businesses include illegal bettings, organized underground fighting, loan sharks, and others who specialized in collecting debts. They were in all kinds of industries, but one thing they had in common was that they were all illegal businesses. Generally, those bosses engaged in these industries would hire a group of thugs, or they simply could not continue their line of work.

Take loan sharks, if there were not enough people to help collect debts, they would go bust!

Alex wanted to analyze the potential suspects by comparing them so that he could pick one or two suspects to have a greater focus on the investigation. However, after listening to Zeke’s introduction, he found that none of them were good people and all of them had the possibility of having a grudge against Symore, so he could not exclude any of them. He only said to Seth, “Immediately arrange people to keep an eye on the gangs that Zeke just mentioned. Symore might be captured by one of those rivals! It’s better to have a target than to blindly look for someone on the street.”

“Okay, I’ll arrange it right away.”

Seth was Symore’s loyal sidekick that was single-handedly trained and promoted by Symore.

Now that Symore’s whereabouts were unknown, Seth was undoubtedly the most anxious and functional.

Alex just finished making arrangements before his phone rang again. When he saw the number, he frowned. Alex hesitated for a while before he impatiently answered the call, “What’s the matter again?”

Hash’s voice sounded from the phone, “I just mentioned earlier that I wanted to talk to you.”

“Then I’ll tell you again and for the last time. You and I have nothing to talk about! Do you think we’re friends? Don’t ever call me again! Get lost!”

“Wait a minute! Alex, I know you’re in a hurry to find Symore. As long as you’re willing to come over, I can provide you with an important clue that I just paid a lot of money for. If you follow this clue, you can definitely find Symore. I’ll send you the address right now, but whether you believe it and come over is up to you…”

Hash did not wait for Alex’s response and simply hung up after he was done talking.

In less than two minutes, Alex received a text message from Hash, asking him to meet at a high-end business club downtown.

Big Ken understood the situation and looked a bit hesitant.

“Young Master, could this be a trap that Hash Lucas set up for you?”

“I don’t think so…”

Alex responded, but after consideration, he added, “Hash Lucas doesn’t want the court to offset the debt using Chase Lucas’ properties, so he just wants to fight a little more before the deadline comes. Now that I have the upper hand, it’s reasonable to say that he won’t dare to mess around. He’s not a fool, so he must know that further offending me at this juncture wouldn’t be beneficial to him.”

“That’s true, but I’m still a little worried. After all, he’s your enemy.”

Alex waved his hand, looked around, and said, “It’s okay. Even if Hash Lucas arranged an ambush, with all you experts around, what do I have to be afraid of? Besides, what if he can really provide valuable clues? I must meet up with him anyhow.”

“Well…okay then.”

Big Ken knew he could not argue with Alex, so he agreed.

Alex did not delay for another second and asked Seth to return to the main camp immediately to preside over the situation. He then set off with Big Ken, Zeke and the Beare brothers. All four of them, except for himself, were all first-rate experts. It was not an exaggeration to say that the five of them would still have a fighting chance even against ten times the number of ordinary thugs.

Moreover, in broad daylight, Hash would not dare to start such a large-scale fight on the streets.

A few minutes short of noon, Alex arrived at the place where Hash had agreed to meet him, and the person in charge of meeting them at the door took them straight to a private room located on the second floor. As Alex expected, in addition to Hash Lucas, Jared Xavier was also there. There were also two of their men standing on the side.

Alex ignored the menu that Hash threw to him and even asked the waiter who was ready to pour the tea to clear the room. He then swept back and forth with a straight gaze at Hash and Jared. He bluntly said, “Tell me, what intel do you have?”

Hash looked at Jared to confirm that he did not have the intention to speak before he said, “Surely we must talk about business first. After we’re done…no, I’ll only tell you after we’ve reached an agreement.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Of course, it’s Uncle’s debt…”

“What’s there to talk about?”

Alex leaned back in his chair and slowly said, “Hash Lucas, you’re not trying to repudiate the debt, are you?”

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