Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 178

‘Repudiate the debt?’

‘I wanted to…but you’ve f*cking took legal action and the IOU was also confirmed by the court, so how can I repudiate?’

Hash Lucas sulked and cursed Alex in his heart. After his mood was slightly relieved, he shook his head and said, “I’m also half a businessman and do one-shot deals. Everything’s based on honesty, so I definitely won’t repudiate the debt.”

Alex listened and said sarcastically, “Aren’t you afraid your nose will grow when you say this? Forget it…let’s talk about business.”

“I called you over today to tell you a very realistic situation. Although my family has a bit of money, $190 million is still an astronomical figure for me. My uncle’s family was slightly better off than mine, but before he died, he basically spent all of his family’s money, so now he’s even poorer than my family.”

“Does it matter to me? Besides, can’t you just use his properties to repay the debt?”

“That’s exactly what I’m about to say. Those properties under Uncle’s name should be left to Aunty, so no one has the right to take them. You’re a big man. You’re not going to steal from a woman, right? What I want to say is that we’ll pay back the money Uncle owes you, but we won’t be able to pay it back for a while.”

“What exactly are you saying?”

“I have a suggestion. You can tear up that IOU that Uncle gave you, then I’ll give you a new IOU. The amount owed is still $190 million, it’s just that the repayment period will be changed to three years instead. You can rest assured that I’ll repay the money within three years. If I can’t pay it back, you can take my life.”

Alex shook his head and said, “Hash Lucas, are you taking me for a fool?”

Hash said in all seriousness, “Alex, if you think that you’re making a loss, I can compensate you. Take it as you’re lending the $190 million to me. I can give you interest according to the interest rate of bank loans…you can also raise it a little as you see fit. As long as it’s not too outrageous, I’ll accept it. This way, I temporarily won’t have the pressure to repay the loan and can devote myself to making money. You can think of it as an investment with a steady profit and no loss.”

“That’s what you’re hoping for?”

As soon as Alex heard this, he could already guess what Hash was thinking. It was just one word: delay!

Hash Lucas was only willing to suppress his hatred for Alex at the moment and try to communicate with Alex by all means because the deadline for repayment was one day later and he was in too much of a hurry. Hash could not think of any other way and had no choice but to do so. Once the repayment period was changed to three years, the court would not compulsorily use the properties under Chase’s name to offset Alex’s debt.

In that case, Hash’s urgent problems could be solved.

Then, he could focus on dealing with Alex Cohen. Three years was a lot of time to get a lot of things done, and there would be many changes in various aspects. Perhaps even before the final deadline for repayment, Alex would already be dead! This was exactly what Hash Lucas had in mind.

It was impossible to kill Alex at the moment, but who could predict the future?

Hash also knew that Alex would not easily agree, so he threw out his chips in time and said, “Alex, as long as you’re willing to ease the pressure for the repayment, I’ll immediately share the clues that can lead you to Symore free of charge. Let me just tell you that Symore’s currently in a very dangerous situation. If you can’t find and rescue him in time, he’ll certainly die. He seems to be the one you promoted, right? He’s your brute force and your henchman. If he dies, you’ll not only lose a helper, the morale of your camp will also be affected.”

Alex did not reject Hash’s proposal right away so he could get the clue and said patiently, “I have to think about your proposal…honestly, I have to weigh the value of the clue you can provide before I can give you an answer.”

“That won’t do. The only way to get this clue is if you’ve agreed to my offer.”

“That’s a tough one. If you don’t give in, then there’s no chance of a deal.”

“Why do I have to make concessions and not you?”

“How about this? As long as you’re willing to provide me with the clue first, if I eventually choose to adopt your proposal, I’ll waive the interest. A $190 million loan, according to the interest rate of a bank loan, the total interest for three years would be around tens of millions of dollars, right?”

Alex knew that Hash was treating him like a fool, so he was not to blame for treating Hash like a fool too.

Hash could not refute Alex and did not know how to answer.

At this time Jared Xavier finally spoke.

“Cohen, initially I thought you were a righteous gentleman that was affectionate and loyal. I didn’t expect that you’re a hypocrite. Symore is your henchman. Now that he’s been taken away and there are clues to find him, you’re still hesitant? I feel sorry for those people who work for you.”

“Are you trying to provoke me?”

Alex slowly said and continued, “Jared Xavier, if my assumption is right, you probably thought that I’d agree to any of your conditions without a second thought just to obtain a clue to find Symore right? That’s why you called me over, to use the clue as a bargaining chip, huh? In actuality, you don’t have any intel at all, do you?”

“How do we not have any intel? Someone watched Symore being taken away by a woman. Do you know who that woman is? Alex Cohen, that’s all I can say for now. If you don’t agree with our proposal in exchange for the clue, just wait to collect Symore’s corpse!”

“Are you so sure that without your clue, I won’t be able to find Symore?”

Jared was confident as he said, “Yes, I’m sure of it! Without our clue, there’s no way you can find Symore! Unless there’s a miracle…”

Just then, Alex’s phone vibrated.

He took it out to find that it was a message from Seth that read, “Mr. Cohen, we’ve found Sukie Lane!”

Alex stood up and said to Jared, “Now it’s time to witness a miracle!”

After he said that, Alex turned around and walked away with nobody stopping him.

Hash did not gather a large number of people, so Alex’s analysis was right.

He was at a disadvantage and no matter how much he hated Alex, he would not make a fuss before Chase Lucas’ debt was taken care of.

Alex and the others left the club without incident, rushed back, and met with Seth. He eagerly asked, “Where’s Sukie Lane?”

Seth said with a frown, “With Kayson Tannin.”

“Kayson Tannin?”

Alex twisted his head and looked at Zeke as he asked, “Didn’t you just mention this name to me?”

Zeke nodded and said, “Kayson Tannin is the boss of a gang that once fought with us for the territory. Through formal channels, we can only find out that he’s the owner of an amusement park. In fact, he’s the number one man in the city’s underground fighting community. Even though he didn’t hire many thugs, a group of fighters supports him and their strength shouldn’t be underestimated. In the beginning, if not for our advantage in numbers, we might’ve suffered a big loss at his hands.”

Alex’s interest immediately piqued as he asked, “Then how did Sukie Lane get involved with Kayson Tannin?”

Seth interjected again, “Mr. Cohen, I’ve already gotten someone to investigate just now. Sukie Lane is one of Kayson Tannin’s lovers. The two of them just got together not long ago and he favors her now, so they’re together almost every day.”

“In that case, it makes sense that they took Symore. Whether it’s Sukie trying to get revenge on me, or Kayson wanting to grab the territory, they have the motive to capture Symore. Seth, can you locate them now? Do you know what they’re planning to do with Symore?”

“Kayson Tannin usually doesn’t show up during the day, but will appear at the amusement park at night from time to time. What we know so far is limited and we still don’t know where they’ve taken Symore or what they intend to do with him. I’m afraid we can only figure out all of this when we find Kayson.”

“Then let’s go to the amusement park and wait!”

Alex immediately took his companions out to grab a bite, then rushed to a large amusement park located inside a park. On the way here, Alex looked up the number and WhatsApp that Sukie Lane used before and learned that the number was deactivated and she could not be contacted.

If his guess was right, Sukie Lane had probably given up all her previous contacts.

Alex walked around the amusement park and did not find any clues. He then took out his phone to look up his contact list and suddenly thought of a person who should be able to contact Sukie, which was Felix Moore’s girlfriend, Quinn Shetford! The two of them were originally friends and might still keep in touch.

Thinking of this, Alex immediately gave Quinn a call and learned something. Combined with the continuous pieces of information received by Seth, Alex could roughly guess Sukie’s situation.

Previously, Sukie was arrested by the SWAT team in the abandoned factory but did not go to jail. That was because she did not participate in the kidnapping of Alex but was only invited to see how Alex was disposed of after Chase Lucas sent someone to kidnap him. After a week of detention, she was released.

According to Quinn, because Sukie failed to get Shane Locke out of jail, Shane’s men were ordered to beat up Sukie’s parents until they were permanently disabled.

Essentially, she was to blame for ending up in such a situation because she should not have found a boyfriend like Shane Locke.

If Sukie had realized this, she should not be greedy and live her life in a down-to-earth way. However, she did not let go of her hatred and did not go back home to take care of her parents. Instead, she chose to stay in Quill City and used her body to seduce Kayson Tannin, who was quite powerful.

Relatively speaking, Kayson was a notch more powerful than Shane Locke.

Alex could imagine that Sukie should have put all the hatred on him. Through their previous encounter, Sukie probably realized that with her own strength, she could never win over Alex. Therefore, it was obvious that Sukie was not just trying to live a better life by sucking up to Kayson. More importantly, she wanted to use Kayson’s power to seek revenge on Alex.

If she wanted revenge, then she must first cut off his wings, such as Symore.

Kayson also had his sights on Chase Lucas’ territory.

Thus, the two of them hit it off and decided to go after Symore first…

Alex thought that he had analyzed the whole situation, so the next thing to do was to find Sukie and Kayson, then find a way to rescue Symore. He just did not know if Symore was still alive.

Just when Alex was secretly praying for Symore, Seth suddenly came over and said, “Mr. Cohen, Symore should still be alive, but…”

Alex’s heart tensed up and asked, “Why? What’s wrong?”

Seth clicked on a video on his phone and said, “Mr. Cohen, just take a look at this.”

Alex hurriedly took the phone and watched the video to find that it was a video of a fight in the ring.

The surroundings were dark and the only place illuminated was the fighting ring in a mysterious place. Two people were sparring. One of them was a tall, powerful man wearing a full set of protective gear and boxing gloves, while the other had no protection whatsoever. Even his clothes were stripped off of him, with nothing but his underwear. This almost naked man was none other than Symore!

In less than two minutes, Symore was beaten down. His face was bruised and swollen. He looked terrible.

After falling to the ground, Symore was fiercely beaten up again.

Then, the screen was fixed and a line of text appeared on the screen, which read, “This is your boss!”

Alex watched the video and subconsciously thought, ‘I’ll kill and torture whoever did this!’

Seth did not wait for Alex to ask questions and took the initiative to explain with a bitter face.

“Mr. Cohen, this unknown person somehow mixed into our group chat and sent this video. Kayson Tannin wants to make a fool of Symore in a way that makes us lose confidence in him. If our camp is dispersed, then his opportunity will come…”

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