Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 182

Kayson Tannin returned to his lair, his so-called comfort zone, and had no more worries, so he unreservedly displayed all of his strength. In his opinion, he was sure he would win over Alex Cohen and smugly said, “Cohen, I know you have a lot of helpers, but I’ve turned on the phone signal blocker. From the moment you stepped into the elevator, you’ve already lost contact with the outside world.”


Alex curiously took out his phone and confirmed that there was no signal, so he put it back in his pocket and said with a nod, “You’re right. Kayson Tannin, you arranged all this on the way as you lured me here, right? But…who said I had to call for help?”

“So what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? To tell you the truth, if we faced each other outside, perhaps you would’ve had a chance to escape. But here, without my permission, you can’t even f*cking fly out with wings. Also, I’ve suppressed my anger to patiently lure you here, so I have no intention of letting you go alive. You’d better accept the reality. What’s the use of pretending to be tough? It’s useless!”

“Then you may have to change your plans…”

Alex knew what Kayson had planned. Kayson just wanted to trap him in this place where no one would hear nor respond to any cries for help. An ordinary person in Alex’s current position might have panicked because their life was seriously threatened.

However, Alex did not panic at all. After he finished his casual remark, he winked at Big Ken.

Kayson was sure that Alex was acting tough, so he did not bother to say much and impatiently shouted, “Do it!”

His groupies got the order and moved at the same time, pouncing on Alex’s group with a vicious gaze.


Suddenly, Big Ken stepped forward to stand in front of Alex and casually pulled out a pistol. In the process of pulling out the gun, he had already loaded the bullet and fired. The seemingly casual shot was very accurate, hitting the right leg of the opponent who rushed in front of him.

The man suddenly stumbled and fell heavily. He was already in pain, but when he fell, he had also knocked out a few incisors, so he was on the ground wailing.

This time, Big Ken did not put on the silencer on purpose. In the enclosed basement, the sound of gunfire was deafening.

This change came too suddenly, so all the opponents were subdued in an instant.

They were used to fist fights or even fighting gangsters with non-lethal weapons. How could they have seen this kind of battle?

Big Ken raised his gun and he swept between his opponents as he said in an unquestionable tone, “If you don’t want to die, don’t move!”

All the opponents who Big Ken aimed at were frightened until they turned pale and quickly retreated.

They had no other choice as that weapon was lethal and no one wanted to follow in the footsteps of that poor guy lying on the ground.

Alex also took a small step forward and stood side by side with Big Ken as he said to Kayson, “I’ve shown my hand. How is it? Are you satisfied?”

Kayson had not completely come back to his senses, but he was already deep with regret.

Normally, they had detection equipment at the entrance of this underground fighting arena similar to the metal detector used by airport security. When a fighting competition was held, all spectators had to be checked before they could enter to make sure that no one brought in anything lethal.

Since there was no fighting competition, they did not conduct security checks.

Moreover, Kayson considered that there were only six people in Alex’s group, so even if everyone brought a knife, they still would not be able to go against five times the number of opponents. In addition, he had also turned on the signal blocker, so he did not need to worry about Alex contacting the outside world. That was why he did not ask Alex and the others to hand over their belongings before they came in as he felt it would be superfluous.

As a result, this little oversight caught him off guard.

This was still secondary, the main point was Kayson did not expect that Alex’s men actually carried guns!

However, it was too late to regret or say anything.

Kayson secretly took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and feigned calmness as he narrowed his eyes and looked at Alex.

“It’s great to have a gun, huh? You don’t think that with a gun, you can control the situation, right? If you think so, then you’re too naive…”

Without waiting for Alex’s response, Kayson looked around and said aloud to his groupies, “Brothers, don’t be afraid! They only have one gun. A magazine has at most ten bullets, right? Even if they shoot all the bullets in one go, they can only hurt ten people at most. The rest of you can still easily take them all down.”

When the groupies heard this, they looked at each other and they were all a bit hesitant.

They all knew that what Kayson said was reasonable and that Big Ken could not possibly put down all of them with just one gun.

The problem was, no one wanted to be treated as cannon fodder.

Kayson realized that his groupies were intimidated by the gun and his team paled in comparison. Just as he was about to propose rewards and punishments, he was surprised to find that two more people behind Alex had taken out their pistols. They were none other than the Beare brothers, who like Big Ken, was enlisted with the National Security Bureau and had gun permits.

That way, Alex’s group now had three guns.

Kayson was instantly rendered speechless and his groupies did not dare to mess around.

Alex looked around and said slowly, “From the looks of it, you have thirty people. We have three guns on our side, just thirty bullets, so maybe this is fate…exactly one for each person and no extras. But if anyone wants to share a bullet, you should apply in advance.”


How could he even say that?

Kayson’s face was red with anger and he secretly cursed Alex repeatedly. Due to the pressure from the gun, his confidence was gone because one careless move would result in a total loss. Not to mention fighting Alex head-on, he could not even pretend to be calm.

Thus, both sides fell into a stalemate.

After a while, a groupie came up to Kayson and whispered a proposal to break the deadlock.

Kayson listened to his idea and thought it made sense. He then organized his thoughts and said to Alex, “It’s not a good idea to stay in such a stalemate. Although you’re at a disadvantage in numbers, I’ve always been open and honest, so I won’t bully the weaker party. How about…changing your mind?”

“You really know how to weasel your way out of a situation…”

Alex helplessly shook his head and continued, “Tell me, what crazy ideas have you come up with?”

“If we get into a large-scale gunfight, it’ll inevitably cause a lot of casualties, which won’t be good for any of us. If you have the guts, choose five people to face off with the five people I choose in a one-on-one match, three wins out of five rounds. The winner gets the power. As for specific wagers, let’s discuss it.”

“Alright…how about this? If you win, all of us, including Symore, are at your disposal. But if we win, you’ll release Symore, but also hand over Sukie Lane and you mustn’t look for trouble with Symore in the future.”

Kayson pondered for a moment, then suddenly clenched his teeth and nodded as he said, “Fine. But, you must fight.”

“Okay…then, it’s settled. Let’s start selecting our candidates.”

Alex had confidence in the strength of his companions and readily agreed.

When Kayson made this suggestion, he had already thought of who would fight for him, namely the professional fighters. He was equally confident in the combat power of those fighters who had made a lot of money for him. In addition, he also thought of a strategy to line up the fighters.

In a matter of minutes, both sides had each determined who would fight.

On Alex’s side, apart from Alex, who was explicitly requested by Kayson, they chose Zeke Martin, Big Ken, Big Beare, and Small Beare. Seth could be considered a master of sorts, but compared to the other four, his fighting ability was still slightly inferior, so he was only a spectator this time.

Kayson had also easily selected his people according to the usual fighting rankings and chose his top five fighters.

After the match officially started, the first contestant on Alex’s side, Big Ken, only used three moves to utterly defeat his opponent and won the match.

Alex gave Big Ken a thumbs up and said to Kayson, “Your men are too weak.”

Kayson shrugged his shoulders and said to Alex with a smirk, “Don’t be cocky, the show has just begun.”

“Is that so?”

Alex suddenly got nervous.

Kayson had lost a match, yet he looked like it did not matter, which did not make any sense…

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