Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 184

For Alex Cohen, this was also a match they must fight to win.

Alex could only avoid the dangerous situation only if Small Beare won this round.

Although what Big Ken just said had some truth to it, Alex felt that as a leader, he had become a burden and still could not really accept it.

However, Alex also knew that combat strength was not something that could be improved with will. Whether it was Big Ken, the Beare brothers, or Zeke Martin, in addition to talent, they only transformed from ordinary people to masters after years and years of hard training…

To win the match, Kayson Tannin decisively arranged for his best fighter under him to fight.

Alex also had no choice but to let Small Beare represent them.

After Alex learned that Kayson had two special fighters under him and Zeke was even defeated by one of them, his confidence fell. Of all the people he knew, the only ones who could defeat Zeke were professional bodyguards like Big Ken. Based on this, he gathered that perhaps the combat power of those two special fighters was on par with Big Ken!

At this moment, Alex was not sure how Small Beare’s fighting ability compared to that of Big Ken.

Alex was too shy to ask directly, so he watched Small Beare get into the ring before he said to Big Ken, “What do you think are the chances of Small Beare winning?”

Big Ken shook his head and said, “At the moment, I don’t know how strong the opponent is, so there’s really no way to judge. If I must say it…then perhaps 50% or a tie. Young Master, don’t think that because Small Beare is normally quiet and reserved, once he fights, he makes quite an impression.”

“So you’re saying that Small Beare was a low-key master?”

“Anyway, as far as I know, in terms of combat power, Big Beare is just a little below Small Beare.”

“In that case…”

After Alex heard this, his confidence also restored a little.

Big Beare scratched his head and interjected, “Big Ken, that was before…”

“What about now?”

Alex’s heart tensed again and asked, “Now you’re better than him?”

“No…now I’m not just a little below Small Beare, but a whole lot worse than him.”

Big Ken shook his head and looked helpless.

Alex, however, was overjoyed. That was because the stronger Small Beare was, the greater the hope of winning. It was not that he was afraid to fight. On the contrary, he was ready to fight the deciding round, but that did not affect his expectation that he wanted Small Beare to win this round. The main thing was that Zeke was already injured and did not want another brother to have an accident.

It was harder for him to watch a brother get hurt than it was for him to get hurt himself.

On the ring, the fight had already begun.

Everyone in the audience was staring at the two people in the ring intently, secretly praying and cheering for the contestants in their camp. The audience was much more nervous than the contestants.

After a few trials and tribulations, the two fighters got into the game and started to show their strength.

As they fought, Small Beare encountered the same problem as Zeke. No matter how hard he fought, he could not do any substantial damage to his opponent. It was as if all his power was instantly absorbed by cotton. Small Beare had already mentally prepped for this, but he was still puzzled.

How ever he struck had no response! What kind of a f*cking opponent was this?

It would not matter if his opponent just had a strong resistance to strikes. The key was that this opponent’s offense was also very strong.

The balance of offense and defense had both reached a very high level.

This was the strongest opponent he had ever encountered.

However, having learned from the past, Small Beare did not adopt a desperate style of fighting like Zeke earlier, combining offense and defense. While circling his opponent, he thought of some countermeasures while making sure that he would not fall behind. The strategy he thought of was to strike heavily on the opponent’s vital parts.

No matter how strong the opponent’s ability to resist strikes was, even if he could not feel pain, if his heart or head was struck, the opponent would still kneel like an ordinary person.

However, this made it more difficult to fight.

After all, people who practice martial arts knew how to protect their vital parts.

Just like boxers, when they did not attack, they would have at least one hand to protect the front of the face.

Small Beare realized that this was a hard fight and it was impossible to achieve a complete victory. People who practice martial arts would inevitably bump into each other. Unless one had the strength to crush the opponent, one should not expect to completely win over the opponent. To achieve victory, in the case of equal strength, he could only take the shot and let it all out.

After he analyzed this, Small Beare forgot about his psychological burden and became more relaxed. Thus, he became more comfortable fighting.

Immediately after, the two contestants on the stage began to kick and punch each other, mutually inflicting injuries.

Alex and the others watched from the side warily as they were all quietly sweating for Small Beare.

However, Small Beare was more relaxed because he had figured out the opponent’s weakness and vaguely saw hope for victory. He took advantage of his opponent’s unsuccessful blow and unsteady footing to take a step forward. He resisted the punch from his opponent’s non-primary
hand, swung his left fist, and knocked his opponent’s head.

The opponent also realized Small Beare’s strategy to attack his vital areas, so he instinctively tilted his head back.

At that moment, Small Beare suddenly withdrew his left fist for show and swung his right fist around with all his might, hitting his opponent’s throat with precision.

Compared to the head and chest, the throat was the more vital part and a weak point.

The opponent’s throat suffered a heavy blow. His respiratory tract and the upper spine felt immense pressure, so his breathing was not smooth, and was even on the verge of suffocation. Instantly, his face was red from lack of air. He staggered backward as his hands instinctively pressed against his throat, trying to regain normal breathing.

Small Beare used the time his opponent took to catch a breath to disrupt his opponent’s rhythm in one go. He also chased after his opponent, swinging his fists and punching his opponent’s head indiscriminately with the speed of lightning. The opponent was directly dumbfounded with no power to fight back and straightaway collapsed.

However, Small Beare still did not stop. He sat on his opponent’s waist and continued to bash his face.

In the blink of an eye, the opponent’s face was bloody and raw that one could barely see the human form.

If Small Beare continued, he would definitely kill his opponent.

Even so, no one from Alex’s side stopped Small Beare. Given their status, killing a few people who should be killed in this scenario was nothing at all. Moreover, Zeke Martin was accidentally injured, so they were all holding a grudge. Now that they were watching their opponent being beaten up viciously, it was a great feeling.

Kayson did not expect his number one fighter to lose and be beaten so badly, so he froze for ten seconds before finally coming back to his senses. He rushed onto the ring with a group of people, screaming and pouncing on Small Beare fiercely. Looking at their stance, they wanted to rip him apart.

Alex saw that Small Beare was too engrossed in his kill that he did not notice the approaching danger, so Alex hurriedly led his companions to the ring and dragged Small Beare out before their opponents did.

Kayson looked at his man lying motionless on the ground, not knowing whether he was dead or alive, and immediately contorted his eyebrows. Kayson suddenly raised his head and stared straight at Alex as he gritted his teeth and said, “Did you f*cking send someone to compete or kill?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders and casually responded, “Kayson Tannin, didn’t you just say that the winner can only be decided by the fighters themselves? Your man hadn’t begged for mercy and admitted defeat, so the winner has not yet been decided, so why should my guy stop fighting? Let’s not mention the fighters, even you didn’t shout to stop, right?”

“I…Cohen! Cut the fucking crap! You better pray he’s not dead. Otherwise, I’ll let your whole family accompany him in death!”

“Let’s talk about the matter at hand. We’ve already won three of the five matches, so it’s time for you to make good on your promise. My request is simple. Just let me take Symore and Sukie Lane away.”

“Nevermind other grudges, just today, you’ve seriously injured two of my men, so don’t even f*cking think about leaving here standing, let alone take Symore and Sukie away!”

Kayson was furious and waved his hand as he continued, “Guys, bring Symore here!”


Big Ken had already guessed that Kayson wanted to use Symore as a hostage. The situation was urgent, so without waiting for Alex to give the order, Big Ken once again took out his pistol and fired a shot at the ceiling as he sternly shouted, “Let me repeat! Don’t move if you don’t want to die!”

The people on Kayson’s side were once again subdued and no one dared to move.

However, Sukie suddenly rushed out from the crowd, held a short knife, and aimed to stab straight at Alex’s heart…

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