Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 185

Sukie Lane followed them down to the basement and had been hiding in the back, secretly observing the battle. She wanted to wait for the battle to be over so that she could immediately get revenge on Alex Cohen, not allowing Kayson Tannin to go back on his words.

As a result, the development of events far exceeded her expectations. She thought that Kayson would surely win, but he lost.

Seeing that Alex was about to leave the place, Sukie became irritated and lost her mind as she was overwhelmed by hatred. Sukie did not even consider the reality of the situation and her own safety. At the spur of a moment and driven by her emotions, she took out a short knife and wanted to kill Alex with her own hands…

“Stop! Stop now!”

Kayson realized that the situation was dire and quickly reminded Sukie loudly. He rushed over and tried to stop Sukie.

However, Sukie, who was in a state of madness, could not listen to any advice and she was incredibly fast.

In the blink of an eye, she pounced in front of Alex.


The gunshot sounded suddenly, but also very timely.

A bullet was fired from Big Ken’s pistol and pierced through Sukie’s forehead and into the depths of her head.

Sukie collapsed at Alex’s feet and died on the spot. The death was so quick that she did not even have a chance to say her last words.

For Alex, although Sukie deserved to die, when he saw Sukie’s tragic death in such close proximity, he was still shaken and was so shocked that his mind went blank. He raised his right hand in a daze and wiped off the blood that splattered on his face. He did not dare to look down at Sukie’s corpse and just took rigid steps around the body, walking towards Symore.

Like Alex, the people on Kayson’s side were stunned.

No one found trouble with Big Ken, who killed so openly, and no one stopped Alex.

Nonetheless, the Beare brothers still maintained a high level of vigilance. They drew their guns and together with Big Ken and the rest, followed behind Alex, escorting him all the way to the door of the small room where Symore was held. Knowing that Alex’s mental state was affected, Seth took the lead and carried Symore on his back. He then tentatively asked, “Let’s go?”

Alex gently nodded his head.

They did not take the elevator, so they took the stairway and came to the first floor through a hidden door.

Kayson had specially arranged guards at the entrances and exits to prevent Alex’s group from escaping.

However, those guards did not dare to go forward to stop them as they saw the guns in the hands of Big Beare and others. Instead, the guards rushed to the stairway to run downstairs. According to Kayson’s plan, Alex was not supposed to leave here alive. Now that Alex was leaving intact, it must mean that Kayson’s side went awry, so the guards hurried down to see the situation…

Alex returned to the car, got a cigarette from Seth for a quick smoke to recover his mental state. He forced himself not to recall the picture of Sukie’s tragic death, took out his phone to call Director Denver, then asked Big Ken to drive straight to the military hospital.

This time, Symore and Zeke were seriously injured, so Alex would only feel relieved if they went to the military hospital for medical treatment.

Director Denver, who was already off duty, understood the situation on the phone and rushed back to the hospital. He also contacted the best surgeon at the military hospital in advance, pushed back all the steps such as registration, and directly arranged for the two wounded to be treated. After less than an hour, their examination results came out.

Alex learned that Zeke and Symore did not have any life-threatening injuries, so his tensed heart finally settled down.

He was traumatized by Sukie’s tragic death earlier and deeply felt the fragility of life.

This was also the reason why he rushed to find the best doctors for medical treatment for his two injured brothers.

At 8:00 pm, Zeke and Symore’s examination and treatment were over, so they were transferred to the inpatient block.

The doctor explained that they should rest well, but neither of them could sleep peacefully, and neither wanted to lie down. They just wanted to be propped up with pillows.

Zeke was a little embarrassed, looked at Alex, then at Big Ken, and hesitated for a while before finally saying, “Sorry, I was overpowered by my competitive spirit, so I didn’t listen to your advice and underestimated the opponent. This injury is nothing, but this experience is a reminder and I think it’s worth it. It’s just that I almost foiled the plan, so I must apologize to you guys.”

Alex waved his hand and responded, “We’re all brothers, so you don’t have to say this. Speaking of which, I also feel guilty. It was my poor decision making that caused you to be injured. Besides…if I also had you guys’ fighting ability, you wouldn’t have felt so pressured at that time.”

“Alright…let’s all stop blaming ourselves. Things in the past are destined to be irreversible. What’s most important is to summarize the lessons learned and move forward. I’ve recognized my own shortcomings and am willing to correct them, but old habits die hard, so you’ll have to remind me more often in the future. Otherwise, I don’t even know when I’ll be able to change my stinky habits.”

“No problem! Bro, then you should rest well. I’ll go check on Symore.”

Alex and Zeke finished chatting, so Alex got up and went to Symore’s private ward next door.

Symore was also very apologetic and a little embarrassed as he said, “Mr. Cohen, I’m sorry. I’ve let you down. You’ve helped me so much and even helped me to achieve my dream, so I know you have high expectations of me. But my self-control was too weak that I actually fell into the hands of a woman, I…”

Alex shook his head and slowly said, “Don’t say that. Symore, you may not believe me, but a few months ago, I was also tricked by that woman. Because of that, I was almost saddled with a huge debt of $50 million.”

“There’s such a thing? Mr. Cohen, is it true? Or are you just comforting me?”

“Is it really that comforting? Of course it’s true. Symore, what I want to say is that making a mistake is not all that bad. As Zeke said just now, we can recognize our shortcomings to better improve ourselves through the mistakes we made. So it’s also a good thing. Another example is Sir G. Someone as strong as him also made some mistakes when he was young and almost lost his life.”

“I understand. Thanks for enlightening me, Mr. Cohen. After listening to what you said, I feel more at ease. Rescuing me got you guys into trouble, especially Big Ken…I still feel very sorry. If I could, I’ll bear all the consequences.”

“What consequences can there be? The one who should worry about the consequences now is Kayson Tannin.”

“Oh? Big Ken killed someone…will he be alright?”

“Big Ken’s a smart person and usually won’t do anything he’s not sure of. Symore, you don’t have to worry about these things. We’ll take care of it. You just need to know that it didn’t cause us any trouble that couldn’t be solved.”

“That’s good, that’s good…”

Alex finished talking to Symore, so he went outside to look for Big Ken and Seth. The three of them shared their thoughts and decided to arrange for Small Beare and some men to protect Zeke and Symore at the hospital. Big Beare assisted Seth, and both of them temporarily took over the position of Symore and Zeke. Unity was exceptionally important for street forces.

Symore needed to recuperate, so they could not let his gang be scattered.

Everything was arranged before Alex went back to the villa.

The house was still the same as before, but the person who lived here had already moved away.

Alex’s heart was already empty. When he took a walk around the house and saw some things that Isla did not take away, it reminded him of her, so his heart ached even more. He habitually took out his phone to click on the contact list and without thinking, he dialed Isla’s number.

However, without waiting for the call to be connected, he quickly hung up.

Cynthia Walker had reminded Alex to give Isla some space and not to disturb her too much for the time being.

Alex then called Cynthia to ask about Isla’s situation, then asked Cynthia to connect the video call so that he could see Isla through the phone for a while as he comforted his feelings of longing. After his heart settled a little, he reluctantly ended the video call before Isla found out.

When people were bored, they tend to overthink things and thus create a lot of worries.

In order to feel numb, Alex decided to devote himself to his work first.

The next day was the deadline for Hash Lucas to repay the debt for Chase Lucas and it was also time to take over the property under Chase’s name. Alex rushed to the court early and found Chief Judge Houston. He also used Chief Judge Houston’s name to call Hash Lucas and Jared Xavier for a final meeting.

Whether he could successfully take those assets under the name of Chase Lucas lied in one notion…

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