Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 187

Quill City Media’s current situation was as Alex expected.

However, the major change that was happening in the Sullivan family was far beyond his expectation.

Alex had a huge business plan in his heart, where taking the industries under Chase Lucas’s name was the first step, and taking Quill City Media was the second step.

The time had finally come to set the plan into action after a long time of planning, but out of all times, it just had to be the time when he was having a fall out with Isla, so he had to make some adjustments to the plan.

At first, Alex did not need to worry about Golden Stone since Isla was in charge and he could focus on other things.

However, Isla now had to do some self-regulation on top of taking care of Xena, so she had no desire to go to work.

Since Alex wanted to let Isla rest too, he had to find someone to fill the vacant position…

On the way to Military Hospital after leaving the city bureau, Alex said to Big Ken, “I want Felix Moore to work at Golden Stone, but I’m afraid he’ll be implicated because of me. In order to ensure his safety, I want to get him a professional bodyguard. Big Ken, do you have any contacts in this area? The pay is negotiable, but what’s important is that their professionalism and strength must be outstanding.”

Big Ken thought about it before he said, “It’s possible to recruit a bodyguard if that’s what you want as there are companies that specialize in providing security services. Professionalism is not a concern, but their strength may not meet your requirements. Why don’t we wait? The Master said that when there’s an opportunity, he will continue to send people to help you.”

“That’s not a good idea. Time is very tight and I have to arrange for Felix to take over as soon as possible, but a bodyguard who isn’t strong enough won’t be able to defend against potential enemies. No matter if they’re sent by Keon Wells or Kayson Tannin, they’re definitely not people that ordinary bodyguards can deal with.”

“Young Master, you don’t have to worry that much. Those sent by Keon Wells have guns and shouldn’t be underestimated, but people like them who hide in the shadows do not dare to show themselves easily, let alone blatantly shooting at people. As long as we take precautions and don’t give them the opportunity to infiltrate our ranks, they’ll only dare to lurk around. Sooner or later, they’ll either leave the city or be caught by the police.”

“What about those two experts under Kayson Tannin? Big Ken, who are they?”

“Young Master, what do you think about those two specialized experts?”

“Me? I’m just an ordinary person. I haven’t learned any martial arts, I’m just a layman. As the saying goes, the insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride. I belong to the latter and can only see that they’re both experts, but I can’t give a specific and objective evaluation. However… from what I’ve seen from the fight between them and Zeke and the Beare brothers, I have a feeling that they’re not ordinary at all. It’s almost as if they can’t feel pain…”

“You’re absolutely right!” Big Ken nodded and explained, “Those two experts must have taken special drugs to become like that, which is why I call them specialized experts. To be specific, they most probably took drugs that can assist potential development.”

“What do you mean?”

“Young Master, you’re a great student from a prestigious university, so you should know that people are very limited in developing their potential. People generally only develop below ten percent of their potential, and the average is about five percent. Even a once-in-a-century legendary scientist only develops about thirteen percent of their brain at most.

Although human research and exploration of intellectual potential development has never stopped, no breakthroughs have been made so far. To put it bluntly, there are no proven ways of artificially improving intelligence, but…”

With Alex’s curiosity piqued, he then asked, “But what?”

Big Ken paused before saying slowly, “But not all of the studies done have yielded nothing. Some researchers believe that the body is the root and the limit of intellectual development is determined by the physique. The smarter the person, the more active the brain is because the pressure in the brain will inevitably increase and in turn, it’ll affect the blood supply to other organs, such as the brain.

If the blood supply is insufficient, it will hurt the body at best and fatal at worst. That’s just one of the many problems. The human body is more complex and rational than a computer. So to ensure that no problems happen to the person, the system will automatically adapt to the limits of the brain’s development…”

“So, those researchers believe that to develop intelligence, one has to start by strengthening their physique?”

“Exactly! Although the research hasn’t been successful so far, the first step has been successful and they’ve been able to develop a drug that can strengthen the physique. If not for the uncontrollable side effects of those drugs and that they’re strictly controlled by all countries, they would have taken the world by storm. However, there’s no such thing as an airtight secret. Hence, this research was eventually spread to the people, albeit only a handful knows. In fact, some of the people have long been researching in this area and they’ve also achieved some results.”

“Big Ken, you mean that the two specialized experts under Kayson Tannin are taking physique enhancing drugs and with the aid of those drugs, their combat power improved?”

“That should be the case! Fortunately, the people can only make low-grade drugs so the effects are not exaggerated, and that was how Ivan was able to win.

Zeke must have been negligent at that time because if he had taken it seriously from the beginning, even if he didn’t win against that specialized expert with his superb combat power, he would’ve at least had a fighting chance so as to not suffer such a big loss.”

“I understand… Big Ken, if my guess is correct, all of you have taken the special drugs too, right?”

“Yes, but the ones we took are the higher grade ones and not the low-end ones you can find on the black market. For this type of drug, a higher grade not only means that it’s more effective, but it’ll also have lesser side effects.”

When Alex heard this, he suddenly felt that he was just one step away from the door to a new world. He could not help but clench his fist and look eagerly at Big Ken. “Big Ken, can I have some? I… I desperately want to boost my combat power!”


Big Ken hesitated for a moment and shook his head still. “Young Master, as I said, you’re special. When your uniqueness manifests, you’ll learn that improving your combat power is so easy, you simply don’t need the help of the drugs we take. What you need to do now, in addition to keeping your body in good shape, is to wait patiently. Don’t forget you’re not waiting alone, the Master and Madam are waiting as well.”

“No… Big Ken, from what you said, do you mean that father and mother will only publicly acknowledge me when my uniqueness fully manifests?”

“Not exactly, but generally speaking, you can say that.”


As Alex nodded thoughtfully, his eyes suddenly lit up. “Big Ken, if I get a batch of those drugs, won’t I be able to train a group of specialized experts? That way, no one will dare to mess with me and I can do whatever I want, right?”

Then, Big Ken’s expression turned grave. “Young Master, that’s a very dangerous idea!”

“Huh? Why do you say that?”

“First of all, this kind of drug is only suitable for people whose physical qualities meet specific requirements. If those who can’t bear the power of the drug take it, they’ll end up going crazy like what happens on TV.

The consequences are very serious. Secondly, honest and decent people think that these drugs can only be given to those with good character to minimize the chances of training an expert who would commit evil. Thirdly, those drugs are extremely scarce and those who can provide the drug are very cautious, so it’s not something that can be bought just because you want to buy them.”


With a resentful smile, Alex shut his mouth awkwardly.

When he arrived at the hospital, Alex paid Zeke and Symore’s medical expenses in advance before he went to Symore’s ward first.

Symore knew that Alex was in urgent need of manpower now, so he specifically approached a doctor about his injuries and was eager to be discharged from the hospital after learning that his injuries were not very serious. This was because although Seth had temporarily filled his position, Seth was still young that Symore felt somewhat uneasy.

Alex understood Symore’s feelings very well but he did not agree.

Following that, Alex went to Zeke’s ward and found two spirited young men in the room. He learned later that the two men were Zeke’s old comrade-in-arms who were locals that had retired together with Zeke. They had specially come to visit Zeke.

Upon learning about this, he suddenly had an epiphany. “Zeke, what kind of work are your two comrade-in-arms doing now?”

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