Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 189

Alex did not know Julien and in fact, he had just met Hansel as well, so he did not know what the relationship between the two of them was.

However, their conversation at the moment sounded very familiar to Alex. He had experienced many situations where he was looked down upon by others and because of that, he could see a shadow of himself inside Hansel. Though in the past, there was always someone who would stand up for him when he encountered such a situation.

Now, his identity had changed, from the person who was helped to someone who could help others…

Alex shot a look at Hansel, signaling for him not to be cowed as he had Alex behind him.

Hansel understood and gave Alex a grateful look before he said to Julien, “I know that you’re doing very well now and your monthly salary exceeds five thousand even though you’re still so young. You can look down on me, but you can’t insult the profession of security or bodyguards, and you can’t disrespect my friends. Just because I rarely lose my temper doesn’t mean I don’t have one!”

“Friends?” Julien stared at Alex and Big Ken in disdain, then he said with a disgusted face, “Do you think I’m dumb? Since when did you have friends? Those two are your old comrades-in-arms, aren’t they? As the saying goes, three men make a tiger. I guess there really is truth in that. Now that you have your old friends to support you, you’re much more haughty than before.”

“Julien Zuckerman, we have the same educational background, which is till junior high. So don’t pull out idioms and make a fool out of yourself. As far as I know, ‘three men make a tiger’ means that the further a rumor is spread, the more it’ll be taken as a fact. It doesn’t mean what you think it does…”

Then, Hansel gestured for Alex and Big Ken to enter the store, obviously not wanting to bicker with Julien.

Alex was a little hesitant at first but he eventually caught up to Hansel and asked softly, “You’re just going to leave it like this?”

“Forget about it.” Hansel shook his head. “President Cohen, thank you for your kindness, but he’s just a clown. There’s no need to deal with him.”

“Alright… Just ask if you need help. You don’t have to hold back.”

Respecting Hansel’s choice, Alex did not say anything else. Instead, he looked around and was suddenly attracted by a very bold looking sport utility vehicle. He quickly walked over to take a closer look at the exterior and the more he looked, the more satisfied he was. Then, he pulled open the door to inspect the interior.

From the beginning to the end, he never once looked at the price.

In the past, when Alex was poor, no matter what he bought, he would always look at the price tag first before looking at the goods.

However, ever since he adapted to his new identity, the order was reversed. Regardless of buying a car or a house that was worth millions, he no longer cared about the price. As long as he liked something, he could afford them no matter how expensive they were and this was one of the pleasures that rich people could enjoy.

Alex had just pulled open the car door when the frozen Julien quickly ran over. “Don’t touch that!”

Alex was not angry and instead, he asked with interest, “Why not? The car is here but you people are not allowed to touch it?”

“Other people can touch it, but you can’t. Do you know what kind of car this is? This is a Mercedes-Benz GLE-AMG, a net imported model, and it costs $1,680,000! I know you get a sum of money when you leave the army, but even if the three of you pooled your money, it wouldn’t be enough for a fraction of this car. How are we supposed to sell it if you get it dirty? And if you damage it, you won’t be able to afford to pay for it!”

“$1,680,000?” Alex smiled coldly as he took out his bank card and handed it over. “I’ll take it. Go swipe the card.”

“What?” Julien was instantly shocked. “Are you joking?”

Hansel was also dumbfounded too, hence he said to Alex, “President Cohen, don’t be angry. Let’s look around first. Even if you decide to buy this car, you can still negotiate the price.”

Alex waved his hand to stop Hansel as he continued to say to Julien, “Who would want to joke with you? Are you selling this car or not?”

“Of… Of course we’re selling.” Taking the bank card, Julien casually closed the car door. “Please come with me…”

“Wait! Who told you to touch it? You dirtied the car. I’m not buying it anymore.”

Then, Alex snatched back the bank card in Julien’s hand.

Only then did Hansel understand Alex’s intentions, and he secretly sang praises for Alex.

It felt really good to see Julien beaten.

Julien’s face was now flushed red with anger. He exhaled a stale breath and glared at Alex, cursing, “F*ck you. Are you messing with me?”

Big Ken immediately took a step forward and said to Julien coldly, “Watch your mouth! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what? Do you dare to do anything?”


With no more nonsense to give, Big Ken slapped him immediately.

Julien stumbled two or three steps diagonally backward after the slap and he ended up falling on the floor. In an instant, his left cheek swelled up. Since the commotion here was a little rowdy, it attracted many onlookers in seconds and the store staff came running too. However, for some strange reason, the store staff just watched from the side without trying to stop the fight or help Julien up.

Some people even pointed at Julien and said, “Finally, someone is teaching that *sshole a lesson.’

From this, it could be seen that Julien did not have a good relationship with his colleagues.

Julien shook his head vigorously and raised his hand to slap his head. After his confused head had cleared up a little, he quickly got up and rolled up his sleeves while screaming and pouncing on Big Ken. From his looks, it seemed as if he could not wait to beat Big Ken up.

In the end, with a muffled bang, Julien was sent flying two meters away by a kick from Big Ken.

After being repeatedly beaten and still unable to win the fight, Julien finally remembered and bellowed for the security guards to come in. He pointed at Alex and the others while saying furiously to the security guards, “They came to the store looking for trouble and they even hit me. Arrest them all. Don’t let them go until we’ve got justice!”

Seeing the security guards hesitate, Big Ken added, “This isn’t something you can handle. It’s better to go get your manager. He wants to get justice, but as customers, we also want an explanation from your manager. If you don’t give us a satisfactory explanation, we won’t leave!”

That was when the head security guard realized that Big Ken was not someone to be trifled with and since he still did not know what had happened, he called the manager over as per Big Ken’s request.

Once Julien complained to the manager about Alex and Big Ken’s ‘evil deeds’, he continued, “Manager, you have to stand up for me!”

Frowning, the manager did not rush to reply to Julien. Instead, he asked Alex, “Is he telling the truth?”

Alex shook his help in exasperation; he did not bother to say much.

It was Hansel who came forward and gave a full account of what happened.

Having listened to Hansel, the manager glared at Julien and yelled in a low voice, “The company pays your salary and this is how you do things? The customer is always right, understand? Hurry up and apologize to them!”

“What?” Julien was stunned. “They beat me up but you want me to apologize to them? Manager, you don’t know this, but I know who they are. They’re all poor and they can’t afford to buy a Mercedes-Benz. It’s obvious that they deliberately came to pick a fight. That’s right, I saw a lot of clips on DouYin being shot in 4S shops, so they might just be following the trend.”


The manager was now angry, but because he could not lose his temper in public, he was planning to call Julien to his office to deal with him.

At that moment, Alex took over the conversation and said to Julien, “Are you so sure that I can’t afford a Mercedes?”

“You’re all talk and no action. If you can, then why don’t you buy one for me to see?” Julien pointed to the car beside them and said to Alex, “How about this, if you can afford this car, I’ll apologize to you immediately and call you grandfather!”

“You said this yourself.” Alex then took out his bank card again and casually threw it to the boss. “I’m buying this car. Two of them.”

The manager was overjoyed but immediately, he realized a problem. “Sir, may I ask if you’re buying this personally or for a company? If you’re buying it for personal use, it’s not a good idea to buy two at once. It won’t be easy to handle the installments…”

“I never buy anything in installments. I’ll be paying in full, but I want a car now, preferably one that can be driven away today.”

“Ah? Yes, yes, our store has one now. I’ll transfer another from a different branch immediately and it’ll arrive here in an hour at most.”

“Then you should transfer two cars over.” With a cold smile, Alex pointed to the car and said to the manager, “This car was soiled by my grandson Julien Zuckerman, so I don’t want it…”

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