Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 199

After Alex and Kevin went their separate ways, Alex took Big Ken and rushed straight to Military Hospital. When he saw Zeke in the hallway of the inpatient department, he hurriedly went forward to support Zeke. He asked with a concerned expression, “Zeke, why did you come out alone?”

Zeke shook his head. “The doctor said that I’ve recovered quickly, so I can move freely now.”

“Shouldn’t you at least have someone to accompany you? What if you trip and fall?”

“Haha, don’t worry, I’m not that delicate. In my personal opinion, I can leave the hospital at any time. Don’t even mention going out for a stroll, I would have no problem picking fights on the streets too. Alex, how about you let us out of the hospital. This was not my idea alone, Symore is even more anxious than I am.”

“We can talk about that later. Come with me first. I have good news for you.” Alex brought Zeke into Symore’s ward before he showed them the agreement he had just signed at the court and said excitedly, “I have officially taken over the properties under Chase Lucas’s name.”


Symore was so excited that he almost jumped out of his bed. He quickly picked up the agreement and read it. However, he had a low education background, so he could not understand the contents of the agreement.

Yet when he turned to the last page and saw Alex’s signature and the official seal, he knew that Alex was not joking. He said with his face flushed, “Mr. Cohen, you’re amazing! Now we have a foothold, those territories will be more secured.”

Alex waved his hand. “What I want to offer you isn’t just a foothold.”

“Huh? Mr. Cohen, what do you mean?”

“Symore, Zeke, I want to give you two full authority to take care of these properties.”

“What? Mr. Cohen, you must have spent a lot of money to get these properties, right? Why not run them yourself?”

“I’d like to, but I don’t have the time. Besides, if you have these properties, you’ll have an identity that you can show off and it’ll be easier to do other things in the future. Otherwise, you’ll always be street gangsters in the eyes of others.”

“Mr. Cohen, you are so thoughtful, I… I don’t even know how to thank you.”

“You were willing to help me, so you and I are brothers. There’s no need to be so polite. Zeke, I know that you’re a person with big ideas but lack the opportunity to show your ambition. There is no opportunity for you to show your ambition at the moment, but with these industries, you can practice with them first.”

Symore was so thrilled that he was speechless.

Zeke did not expect that he would have to change his identity to become a businessman only after a short time of mingling in the streets. Furthermore, these industries were worth hundreds of millions of dollars, yet they were only meant for practice in Alex’s eyes. How rich and generous did someone have to be to be able to say something like this?

As Zeke pondered, he was so touched that he nodded heavily. “Alex, if you, the boss, are not afraid, then I, the doer, will be even less afraid. I promise that together with Symore, I will do my best to take care of these properties.”

“Well, I believe that you guys have the capability.” Alex nodded and said, “However, there is one thing that has to be determined first. Between the two of you, one will be the general manager and the other will be the deputy general manager. I won’t specify how the positions are allocated, so you guys can discuss it yourselves.”

Shaking his head, Zeke replied, “No need to discuss. It hasn’t been long since I left the military and I have no experience in anything, whereas Symore has been on the streets for many years and has much more experience than me.

The position of the general manager must be given to him naturally. Symore, from now on, I will follow you and assist you just as I did before!”

“No, no!” Symore waved his hand and shook his head. “Compared to Mr. Cohen’s career, I used to be a small-time player. After all, it was just playing house, so it’s not worth mentioning at all. The only experience I have is that I get along with my brothers pretty well.

More importantly, I only have a junior high school education. How could I be a general manager if I only know a few words? If someone is leading me, I can serve as a right-hand man instead.”

“You speak as if my education level isn’t at junior high school level as well.”

“Ahem… Zeke, even if you only have a junior high school education, you’re young and strong. Not to forget that you have a brilliant mind. You should stop refusing and listen to me.

You’ll be the general manager. In the future, you will focus on the operation and I will lead my brothers to look after the field. I can learn some management experience from you along the way.”

“Symore, do you really mean it?”

“Of course. There are no outsiders here. What I said were heartfelt words.”

“Well… okay then, if you insist.”

Zeke originally thought that it would not be appropriate to steal the limelight, considering that he had shown up abruptly. He had to take care of Symore’s emotions, so Symore was given priority as the general manager.

However, Symore was already satisfied with what was available and made the most sensible choice.

Alex was also quite satisfied with the result.

From the beginning, Alex had no intention to let Zeke be a hoodlum; he had only assigned Alex to help Symore temporarily. Yet now, Zeke was going to be a proper businessman so that he could concentrate on his business, while Symore would serve as vice president and have a proper identity.

Since Symore was also better at dealing with his brothers, he can continue to do what he is good at in the future.

Zeke and Symore were so excited to take over those industries that they teamed up to pressure Alex to apply for an immediate discharge.

This made Alex feel a little regretful for sharing the good news to them both so early, but what had been said could not be taken back. He had no choice but to go to their attending doctor to understand the situation. After learning that they could recuperate at home, he reluctantly agreed to do so.

That afternoon, Alex went to get the paperwork done and transferred those properties to his name before he transferred the management rights to Zeke. After that, he rushed to the bank and transferred 180 million to the account that was designated by Chief Judge Houston. Though he also opened a new account where he deposited 20 million into it and gave it to Zeke as start-up capital.

Alex was not short of money and since the 20 million was given by Gerald anyway, he felt no remorse for spending it…

In the evening, Alex ate together with his brothers. Once they parted ways, he returned to his car and called Cynthia Walker. Although he usually made video calls to look at Isla from afar, this method was no longer able to soothe his deeper yearning for her. He hesitated for quite some time before he decided to let Big Ken drive him there.

Cynthia opened the door but she did not rush to let Alex in. Instead, she went outside, dragged Alex aside, and whispered, “I did not do anything else for the past few days and I’ve been staying at home. Besides taking care of Lala and auntie’s meals and daily life, I have been chatting with them. Both of their moods have improved within the last few days, but their attitude towards you has hardly changed.

It’s not time for you to meet with them yet, but I’m allowing you to come over on account of your infatuation with Lala. For now, auntie has gone back to her room to rest, so you can try to talk to Lala. If Lala gets angry, or if auntie comes out, you have to leave!”

“No problem.” Alex agreed without hesitation. “As long as I can meet Lala, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“If Lala asks you why you came here, you can tell her…”

“I’ll tell her that I’m here to give you lipstick.” Alex took the two gift boxes from Big Ken. “These are Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks that I’ve purchased at the cosmetics counter on my way here. I don’t know which color you like and I don’t know how to pick colors, so I bought a set of ten.

All the colors are there, so you can pick and use the ones that you like. You can have one set, and can you give Lala the other set for me? If she doesn’t want it, you can have both sets.”

“At least you still have a conscience.” Cynthia gladly received the two gift boxes. “I’ve seen this before. It costs more than five thousand a set, right? Thank you, surely these cost a lot for you.”

“It’s nothing, if your future husband isn’t jealous, I can supply you with a lifetime supply of lipstick.”

“Those are your words, not mine!”

Cynthia had been quite annoyed for holding her temper while dealing with Xena for the past few days, so her mood instantly lifted after having received Alex’s gift. She could not afford the lipstick herself and did not lack lipstick either, but that was how women were. Cosmetics were to women what cars were to men. They could never have too much.

Alex could no longer wait. When he was done talking to Cynthia, he quickly went into the house. Once inside, he slowed down to change his shoes quietly before he slowly walked to the front of the living room sofa and waved at Isla who had her back to him. “Hi…”

Isla suddenly turned around, staring at Alex with a stunned expression, but she silently turned back around.

Alex had thought that Isla might get angry when she saw him, yet she did not. He was still cautious as he slowly walked over. He then sat down opposite of Isla, squeezed out a smile, and asked tentatively, “Lala, how have you been lately?”

“Does it matter to you if I’m doing well or not?” Isla glanced at Alex and responded, “I heard that you let your old friend take over Golden Stone?”

“Yes… I don’t have the time to take care of the company, so I can only hire someone to help. However, Felix is only acting as the deputy general manager, the general manager’s seat is still reserved for you, so you can come back to work at any time.”

“No need. When my mother is almost recovered, I will go through the resignation process and take her away.”

“That’s fine too. You could go for a break to better regulate your mind and emotions.”

“Travel? I want to take my mother away from Quill City and never come back.”

“What? You want to move out of town?”

“Is that weird? Although Quill City is my hometown, it has now become a sorrowful place. I want a change of environment.”

“But… if you’re stressed, it’s okay to go out for a trip, but is there a need to go so far?”

Alex was in such panic that he said all of that in one breath.

It did not cross Cynthia’s mind as well that Isla had secretly made that kind of decision in her heart. Today was the first time she heard of it too. She froze for a moment before she returned to her senses and hurriedly ran over to stop Alex, pulling him to the door. She reminded him gently, “Take it easy for now! If you talk to her like that, not only is it not effective at all, but it’s also counterproductive; it would further cause her resentment. You should go back first. I’ll talk to her tonight.”

“Sigh… Beautiful Cynthia, I’m counting on you then. No matter what, you can’t let her move out of town.”

“Don’t worry, even if I don’t factor you in, I’m not willing to let her move away.” As Cynthia spoke, she heard the sound of lights being turned on from Xena’s room and so she hurriedly pushed Alex out. “Hurry up and go. It seems like auntie is getting up. If she knows you’re here, she’ll definitely get mad, and my efforts in the past few days will be in vain!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go now…”

As Alex changed his shoes, he stared at Isla for a while before he left reluctantly.

The next morning, Alex had just woken up when he saw the blinking of the indicator light above his phone.

When he opened it, he realized that Cynthia had sent a very long message that explained the reason why Isla wanted to move out.

It was all because Xena had learned that not only did Isla not allow Alex to wear mourning clothes at Victor’s funeral, but she also had no intention to take Golden Stone back, which made her very disappointed in Isla. In a fit of anger, Xena said she would leave Quill City and cut off her mother-daughter relationship with Isla.

Anyone could tell that Xena was trying to use this method to threaten Isla to do as she said.

However, Isla had just lost her father and she did not want to lose her mother too. Since she could not bear the thought, she made up her mind to move away with Xena. Therefore, if Alex wanted to keep Isla, he would have to go through Xena first…

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