Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 201

Cynthia shook her head and said, “Lala, we are good sisters. As long as you can get happiness, a little grievance is nothing to me. If you feel sorry for me, or if you want to thank me, you don’t need to do anything to me. You should adjust yourself and resolve the difficulties. It’s better than anything to be with Alex.”

Isla sighed helplessly and said, “Cynthia, do you really think that there is still a possibility for us to make peace?”

“There must be… No, it’s not possible to make peace, but you two must make peace!”


“Lala, I know you’re in a mess and in a dilemma. At first glance, you can only choose one person between Auntie and Alex, and you’ve already clearly chosen to stand on Auntie’s side. However, good things are hard to deal with. Having experienced the wind and rain, love is more precious than a smooth relationship. In addition, I can tell you clearly that if you give up Alex, you will definitely regret it in the future, the kind that you will never be able to forget for the rest of your life!”

“But… Alas, if only he could understand your good intentions.”

“He has understood and taken action.”

“He’s just a straight man. It’s impossible for him to understand it! Is it just that box of lipstick? You’ve helped him so much, and a box of lipstick will send you away?”

“No, this one!” Cynthia took out a brand new car key. “He just gave me a BMW.”

Isla’s eyes widened. “He finally found out his conscience? Did someone guide him?”

Cynthia shook her head and said, “I also thought so at first, but I just talked with him downstairs for a while before I realized that his mentality had really changed a lot. Not only did he understand my good intentions, but his attitude toward you and auntie has also changed a lot. If you don’t believe me, you can go out with me and talk to him.”

“Really? What if he makes my mother angry again?”

“Just trust him once, and trust me once, okay?” Cynthia held Isla’s arm and persuaded her earnestly. “If you can’t overcome the difficulties in your heart, you can change your mind and do me a favor. I have received such a valuable gift from him, so I have to show my appreciation, right? For my sake, you can give him a chance to hear what he is thinking about now.”

“Well… Okay.”

Isla couldn’t find an excuse to refuse, so she could only agree and follow Cynthia back to the living room. She went straight to the sofa and said to Xena, “Mom, calm down and sit down first. This is not our home, but Cynthia’s territory. All the guests are Cynthia’s guests, so we can’t take over the host…”

“Humph, I’m angry with him as soon as I see him!”

Xena glared at Alex again, but still sat down.

Cynthia walked to the tea table, poured tea, and winked at Alex, asking Alex to go quickly.

Alex, who was still standing in front of the shoe cabinet, understood and slowly walked over. He sat down in front of Cynthia and squeezed out a smile. “Beauty Cynthia, I’m here today to ask you for help. At the same time, I also want to ask Isla and auntie for help…”

“What?” Xena was furious. “Cohen, who gave you the courage to ask us for help?”

Isla also frowned.

Cynthia came forward again to smooth things over. “Auntie, don’t worry. Let him finish. Alex, tell us, what do you want us to do for you?”

“It’s like this…” Alex paused and said slowly, “For Gold Stone, I’m a sudden leader, including the staff I arranged. All of a sudden, I appeared, which caused a strong unwillingness to accept the climate and caused a big problem for the company. I increasingly feel that I can’t bite the bones of Gold Stone. And you are all the elders of the company. If you want to, I want to give the company to you. Only you can make many senior employees surrender to the company. Only you can make the company develop better.”

Hearing this, Xena’s eyes lit up. “Cohen, are you really willing to return Gold Stone to us?”

Isla was not the kind of person who loved money so much, but she was still very shocked at the moment.

Unexpectedly, Alex was willing to give up Gold Stone to repair their relationship!

Others might not know, but Isla knew that the current development of Gold Stone was in full swing, reaching the peak state that had never been touched before. It was true that the new boss came and refused to accept the climate of the old employees, but in the face of huge profits, the old employees quickly adapted to the new boss, and there was no problem at all.

Compared with the sacrifice of interests made by Alex, what shocked Isla more was the change of attitude of Alex.

She knew Alex very well and knew how difficult it was to make him bow to her mother.

It was precisely because she had thought about it that given Alex’s character, it was impossible for him to bow to her mother. The conflict between the two families could not be resolved. The hope of them being together was completely destroyed, so she chose to draw a clear line with Alex immediately according to the principle of “the long-term pain is not as short-term pain”.

But now, Alex, a straight man, was magically refined!

This also meant that there was a turning point in the relationship between her and Alex. If Alex continued to maintain his current attitude, there was a possibility that he would turn into a jade pendant with her mother. Then, there would be a chance to continue developing between them. If everything went well, it was not hopeless to make peace…

Cynthia had been working hard with Isla in the customer department for many years and had dealt with all kinds of people. Her ability to observe people’s expressions was far beyond that of ordinary people. At a glance, she could see that Xena’s look at Alex was no longer as indifferent as before. Isla also had a new look at Alex’s performance today.

This was a good sign!

However, Cynthia did not show her joy. She pretended to be hesitant and said, “Alex, I’m just a small employee. I may not be able to help you with this matter. I have to count on Lala. I saw it with my own eyes before. When Lala became the general manager, she kept the management company in order, and the development of the company was quite smooth. If you give the company to Lala, maybe it’s a good choice.”

“I think so too.” Alex nodded and stared at Isla with a smile. “What do you think?”

Isla raised her hand to smooth the hair around her ear and lowered her head. “I’ll think about it.”

Xena was anxious. She stared at Isla and said, “Are you stupid? Why are you still thinking about it? Gold Stone is originally our property. Now that he wants it back to the original owner, we can accept it. How can we refuse it? Cohen, you said it yourself. No one forced you.”

Alex nodded and said, “Auntie, I did it voluntarily. When you have recovered, I will transfer Gold Stone to the name of Isla immediately.”

“There’s one more thing I have to say first. The money you spent on purchasing the company’s shares before…”

“I don’t want anything, just take it as… spiritual compensation for you.”

“That’s more like it! But there’s no evidence. When you transfer the company, you have to write this into the agreement, in case you come to us for money in the future! By the way, it’s not too late. Today… today is too late. Tomorrow. Lala, tomorrow morning, we will go to the company to sign the agreement!”

Isla was shocked. “Mom, are you in such a hurry?”

Xena curled her lips and said, “How can we not be in a hurry? Do you understand how long it takes? What if he goes back on his word if we delay?”

“But I…”

“No buts, it’s settled!”

Isla wanted to say that she had not figured it out since it happened so suddenly.

But Xena’s attitude was very determined and he directly made a decision.

Alex had already thought it through and did not argue with Xena, who was a gentleman. After the discussion, he wanted to take advantage of Xena’s change of attitude toward him and talk to Isla for a while, but he noticed that Cynthia was winking at him, signaling him to leave quickly.

After thinking for a while, he felt that he understood what Cynthia meant, so he stood up and said goodbye.

“Let’s go downstairs together. I’m going to throw trash.” After Cynthia said that, he followed Alex out. A few seconds later, he came back and said to Isla, “It’s too dark. I won’t dare to come back alone in a while. Lala, can you help me?”

Without hesitation, Isla got up and followed Cynthia into the elevator.

When they arrived at the first floor, Cynthia and Big Ken sensibly stepped aside and gave Alex and Isla a chance to be alone in public…

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