Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 202

Isla knew that it was a cover for Cynthia to call her down as a companion, but now she was alone with Alex, so she felt a little embarrassed. She had a lot to say in her heart, but she didn’t know how to say it. The same was true for Alex. It was not easy for Alex to speak, but the lights at the elevator suddenly went out.

Fortunately, the lights at the exit of the corridor were still on. Alex reached out to touch the switch in the distant light.

Isla, who was closer to the pass, pressed the switch first. The next second, her hand was pressed by Alex.

“Ahem…” Alex quickly withdrew his hand and smiled awkwardly. “Do we have a tacit understanding?”

Isla rolled her eyes at Alex and replied, “Have you found the nanny?”

“Not yet. I don’t intend to look for nanny. I’ve been waiting for you to do housework for me.”

“Then wait and see!”


Isla rolled her eyes at Alex again and said slowly, “Are you really willing to give Gold Stone to me? In my impression, you are not so generous.”

Alex shook his head and said, “It’s up to the situation. I’ll fight for both my opponents and my enemies. But for you, let alone a company, let me give up everything I have, it is okay. Just like the song, if I lose to you, so what if I win the world?”

“Humph! What a glib tongue! To be serious, Cynthia has done too much for my family. You can’t think that everything she has done is right because she is my good sister. You’ve done a good job these two days. You gave her lipstick and car, but it’s just a material gift. It’s far from enough.”

“But I can’t give her anything other than money… I can’t give myself to her, can I?”

“F*ck you! I’m talking about psychological care! She was scolded by my mother so badly and suffered a lot. On the surface, she didn’t show anything, but I know that she must be uncomfortable and may have a knot in her heart. If I can ask my mother to apologize to her in person, the effect will be the best. But now it’s not the time. We have to wait until my mother recovers completely.”

Alex also became serious. He nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I will remember everything that beautiful Cynthia has done for your family and us. However, I think she is just like you. At this stage, what she lacks most is not what money can buy, nor her psychological care, but her boyfriend…”

“Where’s Cynthia? Why are you taking me with you?”

“I’m telling the truth. What you two need the most now is the nourishment of love.”

“Stop! Stop! The more you talk, the less serious you are… However, what you said makes sense. Cynthia is more than half a year older than me. It’s time for her to find a boyfriend. She likes soldiers. If you have a suitable friend, you can try to introduce one to her. Make it clear, he must have a good character.”

“No problem…”

Alex had not communicated with Isla like this for a long time. Although they were mainly talking about things related to Cynthia, from the atmosphere of the chat, it could be felt that their relationship was better.

After so many days, Alex finally fell asleep again.

A new day had begun. When Alex was still asleep, he was woken up by the urgent ringtone of his mobile phone. The screen showed the word “Cynthia”. When the phone was connected, the voice of Xena came from the other end, urging him to sign an agreement with the company.

Yesterday, Xena, who didn’t go out of the door and claimed to rest in the room, was so excited that she almost closed her eyes at night. Today, as soon as it was dawn, she got up and called Isla and Cynthia one after another. She was in high spirits and was ready to go out…

Alex rushed to Gold Stone and found that Xena was already waiting in his office.

Isla greeted Alex at the door, called him aside, and asked softly, “Are you sure you’ve made up your mind? On the way here, my mother said that when I take over the company, I must arrange a position for her. It’s best to let her be the vice president as before.”

Alex nodded. “I’ve already made up my mind. After we sign the agreement, the company will be yours. You can make the arrangements as you wish. Why don’t you just let her hang her name like before and give her no real power?”

“But things are different now! In the past, all the employees in the company were old acquaintances of my family. For the sake of my father and me, they won’t argue with my mother. As the scale of the company grows, many people have been recruited one after another, most of whom are young people. You know, young people nowadays are generally very proud and can’t bear the slightest grievance and grievance. If my mother, relying on her status as the deputy general manager, asks around, it may cause some unnecessary trouble.”

“What you said is indeed a problem. But the situation has developed to this point. If I go back on my word now, your mother will definitely make more trouble. For the time being, we can only go with her. Now the company is developing very smoothly, and Felix is helping to manage it. Your work is relatively easy, so you should pay more attention to your mother and do the cleaning up work.”

“If my mother gets into big trouble and affects the development of the company, won’t you feel distressed?”

“The company will be yours soon. It’s good that you can accept it. Don’t worry about my feelings.”

“What about you? Continue to be a vagrant?”

“Of course not. I still have a lot of things to do. I have already taken over the industry under the name of the former Chase and am now trying to buy Qingyun Media…”

While Alex and Isla were chatting, Xena and Cynthia came over together.

Xena said to Alex with a poker face, “Everyone is here. Why are you hiding outside? Run away and get down to business!”


Alex nodded and returned to the office with the others. They discussed a complete agreement. After Xena confirmed that it was correct, he printed two copies and signed them on the spot.

Xena didn’t even ask Isla what she meant. She directly put away Isla’s agreement and immediately said to Alex, “Call the person in charge of the company!”

When Isla heard this, she realized that something was wrong. She quickly asked, “Mom, what do you want to do?”

“I know my limits. You don’t have to worry about it!” Xena forced Felix to come in and said bluntly, “From now on, the company is my home, and you don’t need to worry about it. You have to hand over all your work to Lala before you get off work today.”

Felix was a little stunned and stared at Alex. “President Cohen, what… what’s going on?”

Alex didn’t expect Xena to be so anxious. He helplessly winked at Felix and asked him to agree first. Then, he called him to a secluded place and explained, “Felix, you know the grudge between me and the Su family. In order to restore the relationship between me and Isla, I transferred Golden Stone to Isla’s name a few minutes ago. I did this purely for the sake of her mother. I have already discussed with Isla that you will continue to manage the company in the future, but on the surface, I have to do what her mother wants me to do. I just want to pretend.”

“I see… I understand.”

“Felix, you may be wronged because of this. I apologize to you first.”

“Brother Alex, you’re treating me as an outsider. Can I treat you as an outsider if you treat me as a brother? I’ll do my best to help you repair your relationship with sister-in-law’s family. As for grievance, it doesn’t exist. If I can’t even handle this little thing well, I don’t deserve to be the vice president.”

“With your words, I’m relieved….”

Alex breathed a sigh of relief, patted Felix on the shoulder, and then found Quinn and Xiao Jing to say hello.

Others might be fine, but Alex was most afraid of Xena making trouble for his three friends.

Quinn was also a reasonable person. After understanding the situation, like Felix, she expressed her willingness to actively cooperate and not make things difficult for Alex.

However, Xiao Jing’s expression was a little strange. She barely agreed.

Xiao Jing had a good impression of Alex. When she learned about Alex, she also learned about the complicated relationship between Isla and Alex. When she learned that Alex had broken up with Isla, she thought that her chance had finally come. Unexpectedly, Alex and Isla showed signs of reconciliation again.

Still, no matter how generous a person was, he would become selfish when it came to love.

Xiao Jing really wanted to fight for herself and compete fairly with Isla.

The problem was that Alex’s heart had been occupied by Isla, and no one else could squeeze in…

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