Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 204

Alex and Lin Ke both thought that after the misfortune of Qingyun Media, its vitality was greatly damaged and its prospect was unknown. For investors, the attraction was not as great as before. 1.2 billion was not a small number, and there should not be many people competing for it. Those who were willing to participate in the auction, considering the great risk, would not bid very high.

The first reason why they were willing to give ten billion yuan was that they were not short of money, and the second reason was that they had human meridians.

To put it bluntly, they were confident that they could revive Qingyun Media and earn more money.

As for the others, no one would offer such a high price, unless they were all idiots.

Their analysis and judgment were very objective, but they were a little too ideal. The fool they thought would not exist actually existed. What’s more, they also ignored one thing, which was that some people did not want to make money, but simply went against them and did not want them to do anything…

At this time, Gerald, who was supposed to work in Grand Express Corporation, was sitting cross-legged in the study of his villa. On the sofa opposite the tea table, sat an ugly middle-aged man, Pei Chong, who had reached a secret cooperation with Gerald.

This time, Pei Chong came to Qingyun. In addition to taking revenge for Lei Zi, he had another task, which was to replace Lei Zi and open up a business on the white side for Jing Kun. Originally, Lei Zi took a fancy to Harrods Corporation and reached a cooperation with Chase. He wanted to take down Harrods Corporation, but one of them died miserably and the other was caught.

Now with the help of Alex, Harrods Corporation had overcome the difficulties and had no chance to seize it.

Pei Chong didn’t want to clean up Lei Zi’s mess, so he wanted to start another stove and focus on Qingyun Media.

Whether it was revenge or business, they needed to find a foothold in Qingyun first. After understanding the hatred between Alex and Grand Express Corporation, Pei Chong decisively sent an invitation to cooperate with Gerald. At first, Gerald was a little worried and did not dare to cooperate with the Poison Owl. A few days ago, he was forced by Alex and had no choice, so he gritted his teeth and agreed.

In order to take revenge on Alex, Gerald took the risk.

Pei Chong became the partner of Gerald and had a foothold in the local area.

Today’s emergency meeting was to discuss the details of the cooperation.

After the servants served the tea, Gerald asked the servants to leave. He closed the door and poured Pei Chong a cup of hot and fragrant tea in person. He asked, “Brother Chong, as far as I know, Alex is very interested in Qingyun Media. He must have participated in the auction. I guess his price will not be low.”

Pei Chong nodded and asked expressionlessly, “How much does Alex have?”

“I don’t know the details, but he is the second largest shareholder of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company. He must be rich. In addition, Lin Ke, the son of the boss of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company, is very close to Alex recently. If my guess is right, they will participate in the shopping together, and then he will have more money.”

“Just tell me, how much will I pay to win Qingyun Media? Anyway, I can’t let Alex take it away.”

“I guess… at least 10 billion yuan. But I’ll pay the bottom line first. I can only pay two billion yuan at most. If there are more, the top management and shareholders of the group will definitely not agree. I can’t take out so much money personally. That is to say, in order to be safe, you will pay eight billion yuan.”

“Eight billion?”

“I know this number is a little scary, but…”

“I’ll give you ten billion, and you’ll pay two billion.”

“Ah?” Gerald’s right hand, which was holding the teacup, trembled. He thought that he had heard it wrong, so he quickly asked, “Brother Chong, how much did you say?”

“We’ll offer 12 billion together!”

“No… Brother Chong, are you sure? This is not a joke. Once we bid, we have to make a fortune. The group of people led by Liu Wenzhong is very shrewd. They have squeezed out Qingyun Media and asked someone to inject funds into it to solve the dilemma they caused to Qingyun Media. If we finally become the buyer, they will definitely collect money on the spot.”

Pei Chong replied impatiently, “From what you mean, do you doubt my financial resources and think I can’t take out 10 billion yuan?”

“No, no, I just feel that it’s not worth it to invest so much money in Qingyun Media, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

“I think it’s worth it. Give me your card number and I’ll transfer 10 billion yuan to your account as soon as possible.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll listen to you…”

Gerald nodded repeatedly and raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

Obviously, Gerald underestimated Pei Chong’s financial resources and Pei Chong’s determination to take down Qingyun Media.

Grand Express Corporation’s business was quite big. In the city and even in the province, it was considered a top real estate group, but in fact, its economic efficiency was not as high as the outside world thought, and the investment and production cycle was particularly long. Most of the money earned was used as the foundation for the next project, and the working capital was not much.

The line of work that Pei Chong did was not only terrifyingly high in efficiency, but also came quickly.

Take Jing Kun for example, if he said that he had tens of billions of yuan, he could really take out tens of billions of cash.

Even Jing Kun’s money couldn’t be seen naked, so he needed to wash it before he could use it generously.

This was also the reason why Pei Chong did not dare to directly participate in the auction of Qingyun Media and wanted to cooperate with Gerald.

In addition, there was also a reason why Pei Chong was determined to get Qingyun Media. First of all, he could not find a good chance to kill Alex for the time being, so he could not let Alex live comfortably. He had to get what he wanted. Second, Pei Chong wanted to win Qingyun Media for Jing Kun. His first goal was not to make money, but to clean up the money he had earned.

It should be known that media companies were generally very high, with millions of dollars at every turn. If they made variety shows or TV shows, it was possible to produce hundreds of millions of dollars every minute. After taking down Qingyun Media, as long as they found the right channels and opportunities, it would not be long before they could clean up the tens of billions of dollars in Jing Kun’s hands.

Gerald was also a shrewd person and soon understood these problems. He knew that cooperation with Pei Chong was risky, but cooperation was to make use of each other. Seeing that Pei Chong’s goal was about to be achieved, he was a little anxious. “Brother Chong, if you offer 12 billion yuan, it will basically be stable. Qingyun Media will soon become your industry. But Alex and the chief justice are still alive and well…”

Pei Chong raised his hand and interrupted Gerald. “Not only do you want to seek revenge on Alex, but killing him is also one of my tasks this time. Don’t worry. When the matter of Qingyun Media is settled, I can deal with him at ease. As for dealing with the chief justice, for me, it’s just a piece of cake.”

“Okay, okay, Brother Chong, I’m relieved to hear that.”

Gerald was embarrassed and did not dare to urge him. He could only look at Pei Chong’s color…

On the other side, Alex still did not know that trouble was coming. After chatting with Lin Ke, he went to Hudson Designs LLC and talked with Old Sid. When he learned that everything in Hudson Designs LLC was as usual, he was relieved. He continued to rush to Gold Stone and saw Hunter who was responsible for protecting Isla all the time downstairs.

Alex called Hunter into the car and chatted for a while. Suddenly, he remembered something. “Hunter, do you have a girlfriend?”

Hunter shook his head and answered awkwardly, “No. I… I don’t know how to pursue girls. Besides, I don’t have many opportunities to go out on the field. I don’t know many girls. I’ve never been in love since I was a child. Speaking of this, I envy Brother Big Ken very much.”

“Do you mean that Brother Big Ken has a girlfriend?”

“Yes, they have already decided on it for the rest of their life. Sister-in-law has been waiting for Brother Big Ken to marry her.”

“Oh… Hunter, what do you think of the beautiful Cynthia?”


“Don’t be surprised. To be honest, how do you feel about her? But don’t tell me that you don’t have any impression of her. You have seen her many times recently and have been dealing with her every day, haven’t you?”

Hunter blushed a little. He raised his hand and touched his forehead. “Young Master, Cynthia is very beautiful. She is beautiful, has a good figure, and has a good character…”

“It seems that you have a good impression of her. Let’s go after her.”

“But she is a college student and is now a city white-collar worker. She is doing so well. How can I be worthy of her?”

“You’re so shameless! Now it’s an era where true love is above all else. In front of true love, education and identity are nothing. Besides, you’re a famous figure in the National Security Agency. With this identity, there’s no problem whether you deserve or not.”

Alex patted Hunter on the shoulder and said with certainty, “Believe me, let’s try. What if you catch up?”

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