Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 208

At 9:50 the next morning, accompanied by Big Ken, Alex came to the parking lot. As soon as he got along with Lin Ke at the exit of the parking lot, he saw Gerald, surrounded by several young people, quickly walking over.

Alex didn’t pay attention to Gerald, but inadvertently noticed that there was a strong man in front of Gerald with an extraordinary temperament. At first glance, he was not an ordinary person.

Big Ken was also a little surprised and whispered, “When did Gerald change bodyguards?”

“That man must have received strict training, right?” Alex said in a daze, “Your eyes are very sharp.”

“Not bad, not bad. Young master, your abilities have improved again. Generally speaking, people who have received long-term professional training, such as soldiers, are different from ordinary people. A person with a unique vision can be distinguished by the other party’s small movements. And the strong man’s eyes, between resolute and resolute, also have a trace of coldness. If I’m not wrong, he has not only received training, but also received the baptism of actual combat tasks. In my opinion, he is similar to the Men of Sacrifice, who is the kind of person who doesn’t care about life and death and doesn’t want to die.”

“That would be amazing. Gerald has found a treasure…”

Alex became more and more curious about the identity of the strong man.

Big Ken was thinking about how Gerald found the strong man.

Even top security companies couldn’t afford to provide bodyguards at the same level as the strong man…

While they were thinking, Gerald had already approached them. His eyes swept over Big Ken and Lin Ke’s faces. He stared at Alex blankly and said in a domineering manner, “Cohen, you’re here today, which means that you’ve entered the second round, but it’s too early for you to be happy! The first round is just a formality, and the contest between us has just begun! I might as well tell you that I’m sure to win this competition. You’d better prepare in advance, lest you cry when the result comes out.”

Alex shrugged. “Gerald, don’t say too much. It’s hard to say who will laugh till the end!”

“You don’t believe me, do you? Let’s wait and see! Let me tell you the truth. Since you decided to take away the property under the name of Chase, this result has been doomed. Not only this time, as long as I am alive, you can never do anything big in your life!”

“You mean, no matter what I want to do, you want to compete with me?”

“That’s right!”

“Now that I want to curse you, do you also want to curse yourself?”


Alex didn’t show his cards according to common sense, which made Gerald speechless for a while.

However, Alex was not aggressive. He casually left the word “Childish” and turned to leave.

From a commercial point of view, Gerald’s decision was indeed very childish and irrational. In order to take revenge on Alex, they competed maliciously regardless of the consequences. They took the company’s assets for revenge. For other shareholders of Grand Express Corporation, this was extremely irresponsible.

Gerald was not a fool. He could make a decision, but in order to take revenge, he went all out…

At 10 o’clock, under the guidance of the receptionist, Alex and others came to a conference room on the sixth floor.

Alex saw at a glance that a group of people had already sat down in the conference room. Sitting in the middle was a familiar middle-aged man.

Lin Ke pointed to the middle-aged man and whispered to Alex, “That man is the sworn enemy of your Gold Stone—the boss of Sincere Co..”

“Bob Tannin? I guessed it…” Alex suddenly realized something, but soon realized a problem. “No! According to the information given by Director Liu, the highest bid is from Gerald. The second bid is from us, and the third bid is from a Jingdu media company, which is not in the top three.”

“That’s right. Then why is Bob here?”

“I’ll go ask Director Liu…”

Alex immediately left the conference room and went to Liu Wenzhong to explain the situation.

After hearing this, Liu Wenzhong was also stunned. “We didn’t inform the company to participate in the second round! President Cohen, are you sure that Sincere Co. sent someone?”

“I’m sure. I saw with my own eyes that the boss of Sincere Co., Bob Tannin, is sitting in the conference room.”

“I’ll go and ask!” Liu Wenzhong ran to the conference room with doubts. As expected, he saw Bob and walked straight over. “Mr. Tannin, did you make a misunderstanding? I remember that we didn’t invite you to participate in the second round of shopping, did we?”

Bob shook his head and said, “I was invited here.”

“Oh? Who invited you here?”

“It’s the one beside me, Director Zou of Jingdu Tianle Media.”

As Bob spoke, he gave Alex a malicious look.

As soon as he finished speaking, the so-called Director Zou stood up, shook hands with Liu Wenzhong, and said with a smile, “Director Liu, I’m sorry, I haven’t had time to explain the situation to you. After the result of the first round of the auction yesterday came out, I discussed it with Mr. Tannin and decided to join hands to participate in the auction. We volunteered to cooperate. It should be in line with the rules, right?”

“I see… It’s okay to join hands to compete for shopping. Have a seat first. When everyone is here, it will officially begin…”

After Liu Wenzhong finished speaking, he winked at Alex and then went out.

Alex quickly followed him and walked to a quiet place. Then he asked eagerly, “Director Liu, the competition seems to be getting more and more intense.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect so many accidents to happen in an ordinary auction.” Liu Wenzhong sighed with emotion. “You offered 10 billion yuan, which is far beyond our expectations. I didn’t expect that Gerald would offer a higher price. Now, Tianle Media, which ranks third, has joined hands with Sincere Co. to increase the success rate of the auction.”

“Judging from the price of the first round of Tianle Media and Sincere Co., even if we join hands, we can only accompany them. I am now more worried about Gerald. I don’t know how much money he has got. Anyway, he is full of confidence and looks very confident.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Cohen. I may not be able to help you in this matter. You can only rely on yourself. Alas, it’s my fault for not thinking carefully. If I had known that there would be so many variables, we would not have competed in public. We just need to find a way to sell the shares of Qingyun Media to you directly.”

“If we do that, both of us will be criticized, won’t we? Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. I’ll fight for it with my strength.”

From the beginning, Alex had no intention of going through the back door. Now he was just a little worried and did not intend to blame Liu Wenzhong. What’s more, Liu Wenzhong had leaked a lot of information to him in advance. That was the treatment that other buyers could not enjoy. He had already given him a favor.

At ten twenty, all the relevant personnel sat in the conference room. Everything was ready, and the second round of shopping officially began.

In addition to the leaders of the financial management department led by Liu Wenzhong, the leaders of the financial management department were also in charge of this auction.

However, this was held in the business center. As the host, Liu Wenzhong naturally became the main person in charge. He made the first speech, introduced the purpose of this auction, and then went straight to the point. “You can keep the price of the first round unchanged, and you can also bid again. But I want to make a statement that you should do what you can. If you disturb the auction, we will punish you according to the law and punish you severely!”

Then, Liu Wenzhong’s assistant opened a folder and announced the price for the first round of the second round.

At this time, Alex’s advantage of obtaining information in advance was obvious.

If they knew the bid of the partners in advance, they could make the second round in advance.

Director Zou and Bob could only discuss it on the spot.

Alex looked at Lin Ke and said, “Director Liu, I’ve decided to bid again. Come on, let’s also bid 12 billion first.”

In stark contrast with the calm and composed Alex, Director Zou and Bob were both nervous. Neither of them had expected that the gap between the first round and the first two would be so big! They thought that the price of the second round would be stable from 80 to 10 billion yuan. However, they didn’t know that the number was not enough.

After an urgent discussion, Director Zou wiped the sweat from his forehead, gritted his teeth, and said, “We also bid 12 billion!”

Liu Wenzhong nodded slightly and said slowly, “It seems that we can only continue. In principle, there can only be one winner.”

Gerald glanced at Alex and said, “Do you dare to continue bidding?”

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