Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 209

Alex felt that he had heard a big joke and couldn’t help laughing. “Gerald? Do you want to fight with me? Come on, I can fight until you doubt life!”

“Humph, you overestimate yourself!” Gerald snorted and said, “Then today, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Well, wait and see!”

Alex shrugged his shoulders and looked at Bob subconsciously. In addition to wanting to know how Bob felt now, he also thought of an old opponent. He still remembered that not long after he took over the company, he took Felix to talk business with Director Zhang in Wyatt Corporation and met the boss of York Designs LLC.

At that time, with the secret support of Bob, the boss of York Designs LLC vowed to give Alex a lesson. As a result, his face was slapped so hard that he finally came back. After several months, another person finally appeared to give Alex a lesson, which was really expected.

Gerald and the strong man next to them looked at each other and proudly said to Liu Wenzhong, “I’ll add another 500 million!”

Alex did not show weakness and said, “Then I’ll add one billion more.”

“One and a half billion!”

“Two billion.”

“Hey… wait a minute, Mr. Cohen, I think it’s necessary to remind you. Don’t just shout. You have to weigh your own strength first! If you shout but can’t take out money, you will be laughed at. Besides, Director Liu just said that if you deliberately disturb the buyer, you will be punished!”

“Don’t worry! I’m not a child. I’ll be responsible for every sentence I said!”

“Humph, that’s for the best. I’ll add another 2.5 billion!”

“I thought you wouldn’t dare to continue bidding… I’ll add another three billion!”


Seeing that Alex was still calm, Gerald could not help gasping and turning to stare at the strong man again.

Because Pei Chong was a drug dealer and had committed a lot of sins, he did not dare to show up easily, so he sent a trusted subordinate to participate in the shopping with Gerald. It was the strong man. Now Gerald was in a passive position and Pei Chong was not in front of him, so he could only ask the strong man for advice.

At this time, the strong man was looking at Alex with great interest, and he was shocked.

Last night, when Gerald met Pei Chong and offered compensation to the strong man, he also made further analysis and preparation for today’s shopping. They thought that the price of 12 billion was basically stable. But in order to be safe, Pei Chong added another two billion after getting the permission of Jing Kun.

Gerald also contacted other shareholders of Grand Express Corporation and urgently pulled out a billion investment.

After careful calculation, they had prepared a total of 15 billion yuan for this auction.

When they learned that the first round of Alex was priced at 10 billion yuan, both Gerald and the strong man thought that it was the limit of Alex. This was also the reason why they thought that Alex was bound to win. They never thought that they had underestimated Alex’s strength. The show had just begun, and the 15 billion price that Alex casually offered touched their ceiling.

What was even more frightening was that Alex had always been calm, and no psychological fluctuations could be seen.

They had no idea how strong the foundation of Alex was.

In this case, Gerald could no longer make the decision. After all, Pei Chong was the biggest shareholder of this investment.

As the spokesperson of Pei Chong, the strong man couldn’t make up his mind. After thinking for a while, he said to Liu Wenzhong, “Rest for a while. I drank too much soy milk in the morning and my bladder was swollen. I have to put some water in it.”

“Okay.” Liu Wenzhong looked at the clock hanging on the wall and said, “Rest for ten minutes.”

The strong man did not answer and got up directly to go out. Time was running out, so he had to call Pei Chong as soon as possible.

Gerald did not know what to do and hurried out.

Liu Wenzhong called Alex and Lin Ke to the office and said worriedly, “Even if no one asks for a rest, I will take the initiative to stop the shopping so that I can tell you the truth. Mr. Cohen, Mr. Lin, although your financial resources have broadened my horizons, I am also a little worried about you.

If Qingyun Media develops well, its future is really vast, but no matter which industry it is in, there is a limit. This also makes the investment limited. In my personal opinion, investing ten billion yuan in Qingyun Media is almost enough, which is beyond the limit of 15 billion yuan.

If there is more money, I don’t think there is any need to fight for it. What I need most now is money, and what I need most is opportunities to invest. You can still make money by taking those money to do other investments.”

Alex nodded and said slowly, “Director Liu, I believe that your judgment is objective and your advice is also pertinent. However, Qingyun Media is the industry that my cousin and I have long wanted. Now that the opportunity has come, we should try our best to fight for it.”

Lin Ke nodded and added, “There are indeed many opportunities to invest now. No matter how much money we have, we don’t have to worry about not being able to invest. However, it is rare for us to have such an opportunity to be interested. Director Liu, I know that you are afraid that we will make the wrong decision on impulse. But don’t worry, this investment was carefully examined by my cousin and I.”

“Well… since you’ve decided, I won’t say anything.”

As the main person in charge of this auction, Liu Wenzhong had said everything he should and should not say. As for whether Alex and Lin Ke would listen or not, it was not up to him to decide.

However, he did not say much, but he was still a little disappointed with Alex and Lin Ke. He felt that these two young people still suffered a young loss and were not steady enough.

Alex roughly saw through Liu Wenzhong’s mind and added with a smile, “Director Liu, to tell you the truth, although only my cousin and I showed up in this auction, in fact, Wyatt Corporation also participated. There are other investors discussing with us.”

Liu Wenzhong’s brows finally relaxed. “I see. Then I’m relieved…”

On the other side, both Bob and Director Zou were unwilling to withdraw from the competition. After discussing for a while in the conference room, they ran out together and found Gerald at the end of the aisle. They wanted to take a taxi to further expand the joint investment line.

In order to catch up with the bus, they gave up the idea of being a driver and were willing to follow Gerald as an ordinary passenger whose right of speech was greatly reduced.

As a result, after the strong man called Pei Chong, he instantly regained his confidence and refused Bob’s proposal.

Bob still did not give up. He took Director Zou to the door of Liu Wenzhong’s conference room and called Alex and Lin Ke to the corridor on the other end of the corridor. He said mysteriously, “Mr. Cohen, I dare to conclude that you can’t defeat Gerald by yourself.”

Alex asked curiously, “What’s your judgment?”

“Because I vaguely heard that Gerald has made another investment.”

“Oh? How much?”

“Don’t ask. Anyway, you can’t win, unless… you and I join hands.”

“After talking for a long time, do you want to join hands with me to invest? I’m sorry, our car is full. You can come later. Speaking of which, I’m very curious. Your Sincere Co. and my Gold Stone are deadly enemies. You should be targeting me. Why do you want to cooperate with me?”


Bob was stunned.

It was not that he had nothing to say, but it was inconvenient to say it clearly.

Like Alex, Bob also analyzed that it was very likely that the deep cooperation between media companies and advertising design companies would achieve one plus one more than two results. In general, this was a good way to make money. This was also one of the reasons why he participated in this auction.

In addition, Sincere Co.’s rapid development was going to surpass Gold Stone’s, but it suddenly became silent. Bob was very unwilling to give up and urgently wanted to regain its prestige. However, almost all the biggest clients in the city had been dug out by Gold Stone, leaving only the big cake of Qingyun Media.

If Gold Stone took down Qingyun Media again, there would be no hope for Sincere Co. to turn over.

In the case that it was destined to be impossible to win Qingyun Media and reach an exclusive cooperation, there was only one way left, which was to share the big cake of Qingyun Media with Gold Stone. Only in this way could the slim hope of continuing to compete with Gold Stone continue!

As Bob thought about it, he became very excited. With a red face, he said to Alex, “Cut the crap. There are only two possibilities in front of you now. One is to join hands with me to take down Qingyun Media, and the other is to miss this good opportunity!”

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