Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 21

On the northern outskirts of Quill City, there was a long-abandoned cement manufacturing facility on a deserted incline.

The 3 surrounding manufacturing facility structures remained in disarray, and the electrical posts in the field dam had been damaged.

That night, there was some light originating from the center building once again after many years.

At this time, Alex Cohen was lying unconscious in one of the vibrantly lit rooms.

Alex woke up when he was sprinkled with cool water. In addition to him, there were 4 young guys with bold dragon and tiger tattoos.

Amongst the 3 men in the range, one man with an earring stud was leisurely smoking a cigarette, while the other two were to the left as well as.

The man with the earring spit out a smoke ring, took 2 advances, and claimed to Alex, “Do you know why you’re right here?”

Alex realized that his current situation was far more severe than the moment he was captured by Shane Locke, and really felt disheartened. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Where’s Isla? What the hell are you planning to do?”

” It’s normal that you don’t recognize me, however you do recognize her, right?”

The man with the jewelry gestured for the man before Alex to raise him up, then motioned for Alex to look towards the door.

As soon as Alex was dragged up, he saw an all also acquainted woman walk in.

” Sukie Lane? Is that you?”

” Why do you look amazed?”

Sukie’s face was as chilly as frost. She stood regarding 2 meters away from Alex and claimed any which way, “When you mislead about, faster or later on you’ll have to pay it back.

” Then have you ever before questioned just how all this could’ve taken place if you weren’t so hoggish to find a jerk like Shane Locke?”

” What kind of boyfriend I choose to obtain is my flexibility.”

” It’s likewise my liberty to pick what to do with my opponents.”

” You’re still stubborn to today? Reduce the crap! Alex Cohen, if you submit to me 3 times and call me your grandaunt, I can spare among your hands! Or else, you’ll have to bid farewell to both your hands!”

” You’re simply a woman, yet you’re acting like a street gangster? If you desire me to kneel to you, you may too simply kill me!”

The ear-studded guy’s face sank, wrecked the cigarette butt on the ground, rushed over to Alex in a couple of actions, as well as punched Alex in the face. He stated viciously, “If I told you to kneel, you stoop! Why do you have so much nonsense? You better obtain your f * cking situation straight. You’re in no placement to haggle right now!”


Alex spat out a mouthful of bloody foam, as well as under the stimulus of the pain, he became more brazen. Instead, he assumed an all-out position as well as stated coldly, “Kill me if you dare! Or else, as long as I still have one breath left, eventually, I’ll avenge this tenfold and also a hundredfold!”

Seeing fatality as house now? You believe I would not risk to eliminate you?

The ear-studded male smiled grimly and punched Alex in the abdominal area once again. He secured a syringe from his pocket as well as continued, “Do you understand what this is? Just one shot as well as you’ll become a fool! This is from your other opponent, so you can’t enjoy it till later on …”.

The man put the syringe back in his pocket, ventured out another blade, as well as threw it to a strong man. He then relied on Sukie and also claimed, “Be great! The next scene’s a bit bloody, so you can leave the area.”.

” I came right here particularly to see him damaged with my very own eyes!”.

Sukie’s eyes all of a sudden looked really established.

The ear-studded guy did not bother with Sukie any longer and claimed to the strong man, “Do it!”.

The strong man responded as well as approached Alex, cut the rope, and also held down Alex’s appropriate arm.

By the appearances of it, they were truly trying to remove Alex’s arm.

As soon as Alex wanted to resist, he observed that there was a very slim red laser beaming over from the building nearby.


Suddenly, there was a surge. A two-finger-thick bloody opening showed up in the strong man’s best arm, that made him blurt a scream similar to a pig obtaining slaughtered. The blade additionally befalled of his hand.

Quickly after, an amazing white light shone in from all instructions, and the space became brightly lit. At the exact same time, a large team of greatly armed Unique Pressures showed up!

Except for Alex, everyone contended least 2 guns that targeted at them.

The leader of the Special Forces checked the group with cold eyes and stated in a loud voice, “Quill City Special Forces! Nobody move!”.

The ear-studded male’s group and also Sukie were all pale with concern and elevated their hands obediently.

Alex had actually just seen such an explosive and also significant scene in motion pictures before. He understood that he was saved, yet he simply never ever assumed that he would be conserved this way. It was unusual that also the SWAT team had actually been deployed, total with a sniper that made one’s blood boil at the noise of it.

The scene was so surprising and was a lot more amazing than in the films.

If Alex still had his phone on him, he would have taken a few shots!

Alex was lamenting when he unexpectedly heard an acquainted voice, “Youthful Master!”.

” Sibling Big Ken?”.

Alex adhered to the audio as well as saw Large Ken rushing in quickly. Now, his heart was completely eliminated.

The Special Forces began to jail people. Sukie was so scared that she hopped on her knees as well as wept immediately with drops like rainfall.

” Don’t jail me! Don’t detain me! This issue has nothing to do with me! Please, don’t jail me …”.

She was crying, yet no one paid any type of focus, as well as she was highlighted by a SWAT officer.

Alex noticed that the ear-studded male was likewise picked up, and also unconsciously will jump over.

Huge Ken pressed on Alex’s shoulder, directed at the ear-studded man, and stated to the lead of the Special Forces, “I intend to talk to that male.”.

” After that … we’ll give you a min!”.

Alex was shocked to hear that the Special Forces had actually also agreed. How much respect was offered to Huge Ken?

Nevertheless, Alex did not forget his company. When the SWAT officers had actually jailed everybody else, he rushed to the man with the earring as well as stated in a cool voice, “Kneel down!”.

The ear-studded male said in a muffled voice, “What are you doing?”.

Huge Ken kicked the man in the scoundrel of his knee as well as shouted, “If I told you to kneel, you stoop! What’s with all the nonsense?”.

” The Special Forces are around. Kill me if you risk!”.

” What’s the point of killing you? Do not you have something excellent on you?”.

With a cold smile, Alex took out the syringe from the ear-studded male’s pocket, eliminated the syringe cover, strongly stuck the needle in the man’s neck, as well as pushed the plunger to the end. He then wrapped the syringe with a t-shirt to rub out his finger prints on the syringe and also shoved it back right into the ear-studded guy’s hand. He took a few go back and yelled in a panic.

” Oh no! The man devoted suicide …”.

A moment later, Huge Ken enjoyed as the ear-studded male was hurriedly eliminated by the Special Forces and also stated to Alex, “Youthful Master, the beautiful woman that was abducted with you was removed before the SWAT team arrived!”.

” What? She’s not here?”.

Alex had actually thought that Isla had actually been saved in addition to him and also was planning to search for her.

When he heard this, his heart instantaneously jumped to his throat.

” Where was she taken to?”.

Large Ken quickly made a call and also replied, “The man I sent out to follow the automobile that took the attractive woman reported that the target lorry visited the eastern suburbs as well as hasn’t reached its destination yet!”.

” Let’s go after them!”.

Alex got his phone and also secrets from the other room as well as promptly ran outside.

He might think that Isla might have been required to satisfy Jared Xavier. If that was the case, after that Isla should be saved before that automobile reached its destination. Or else, Isla’s innocence would definitely be messed up! As Cynthia Pedestrian said, people like Jared Xavier would certainly do anything to get ladies!

For Alex, in addition to that Isla was his nominal wife, even if she was not, he would not want a scum like Jared Xavier to scourge good ladies!

Outside, the SWAT police officers were getting into their autos in an orderly fashion and prepared to go forward to rescue Isla.

As Alex ran, he asked, “Brother Big Ken, can we ride with the SWAT team?”.

” I do not think there’s area. Allow’s take that a person!”.

Big Ken increased his hand and pointed to the sky.

Alex searched for and found a flashing red dot that was moving quickly towards them, accompanied by a progressively clear “whoop, whoop, whoop” sound.

Alex’s pupils abruptly amplified numerous times over.

” F * ck … a helicopter?”.

This was freaking remarkable!

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