Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 211

Liu Wenzhong asked someone to get the credit card machine and check the balance on Alex card in front of everyone present.

Gerald, Bob, and the others had really opened their eyes when they saw the eleven-digit giant with the beginning of “2”.

Alex calmly put away the bank card, looked around, and said lightly, “Is there any other problem?”

“It’s gone, it’s gone…” Liu Wenzhong shook his head and said, “So far, the auction is officially over. Congratulations on Mr. Cohen’s successful investment in Qingyun Media!”

“Thank you, Commissioner Liu. This is my first time in the media industry and I have no experience. Please take care of me in the future.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Cohen! Qingyun Media used to be the top leader of the city’s management and media industry, and now you have invested a huge amount of money into it. I, Business sector and Tax department are willing to maximize the financial support. I believe that under the guidance of you and Mr. Lin, Qingyun Media will definitely create a new glory and reach a new peak!”

“Thank you, thank you, Director Liu!”

Alex and Liu Wenzhong were chatting happily. After chatting for a while, they talked about the signature agreement and other important things.

Gerald, Bob, and the others, who had been completely ignored, glared at each other and left the conference room resentfully. No matter how much they hated Alex, this was not a good place to take revenge and vent their anger. There would be a long way to go before they made plans.

At noon, Alex wanted to invite Liu Wenzhong and other leaders in charge of the auction, but the leaders refused.

Alex did not force them. They left the market with Lin Ke and Big Ken and made an appointment with Fang Chen. They found a home-cooked restaurant under the charge of Ryker Gardens Corporation nearby. In addition to celebrating the success of the shopping, they also wanted to discuss the specific number of shares of all parties. Although Alex alone could get 20 billion yuan, Lin Ke and Fang Chen were already partners in advance and could not leave them behind.

After going through twists and turns, the estimated price of Qingyun Media had dropped to 48 billion yuan, which was also the reason why it could get 40% of the shares at the starting price of 32 billion yuan. With the end of the auction, the value of Qingyun Media suddenly rose to 248 billion yuan.

The newly injected 20 billion yuan was 80 percent at odds.

Now, Alex, Lin Ke, and Fang Chen were discussing how many shares each of them would share.

The three of them were discussing when Jordan personally brought a plate of dishes over. He served the dishes like a waiter and introduced them with a smile, “Beef Tenderloin in Copper Basin, please enjoy it. Be careful not to burn it…”


Alex didn’t notice it at first, but when he heard the voice, he felt that something was wrong. He looked up and immediately laughed. “What’s going on? How can we afford to let Young Master Finn personally serve us food?”

Fang Chen also joked, “Young Master Finn, have you made a mistake and been put down by your father?”

Jordan waved his hand and said, “My job is to wander around the group’s business. In addition to the management and inspection work, I have to inform my acquaintances. I was going to the next house just now, but when I saw the distinguished guests coming, I changed my schedule temporarily.”

Alex nodded. “Since the schedule has been changed, let’s not be busy. Sit down and eat together?”

“I don’t think I’ll disturb your discussion, do I?”

“You’re not an outsider. Why bother?”

As Alex spoke, he casually pulled out a chair and gestured for Jordan to sit down.

Fang Chen added again, “Just in time, please help us with the reference, Young Master Finn…”

Alex also had this intention, so she introduced the current situation to Jordan while eating.

Jordan’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He touched his chin and thought for a moment. Then he said, “Mr. Cohen, Young Master Chen, Young Master Ke, before I give you the suggestions about the shares distribution of the three big bosses, I want to seriously ask you a question: You have been playing so happily, but you have never considered taking me with you? Isn’t it too boring?”

“Ah? Young Master Finn, you mean…” Alex asked curiously.

“I’m sorry, big shots. Unless you promise to take me with you, I can’t give you any advice.”

“Haha, Young Master Finn, you’re trying to share our wealth by force. I don’t have any objections, just wait and see how my cousin and Master Chen think about it.”

If it had been someone else, Alex would not have agreed so easily. After all, that was the shares he had struggled to win.

However, Jordan was not an outsider. Coupled with his reliable character, he was worth making further friends with.

Fang Chen didn’t think much about it and said, “I don’t care. Please show your attitude, Master Ke.”

“Well…” Lin Ke thought for a moment and said, “Although we are all locals and we are about the same age and often mentioned by others, we just know each other before and are not very familiar with each other. As a go-between, my cousin contacted us together, which is also a kind of fate. Now we have a chance to develop together, and I am willing to try.”

Jordan message said, “Young Master Ke, do you agree?”

Lin Ke nodded and said seriously, “In the eyes of ordinary people, we are all rich playboys. We have nothing except for family background. We can’t do anything except eating, drinking, and having fun. You don’t need to ask me. You must be like me, eager to make a difference, show your strength, correct others’ impression of us, and realize your ambition and value at the same time. The main reason is that I have waited for so many years, but I have never met such a good opportunity. Now, the opportunity has finally come. And by mistake, we, young people with the same fate and circumstances, have been connected. Maybe… this is the best arrangement of heaven.”

Just now, everyone was laughing happily. Lin Ke’s words made the atmosphere in the banquet deep.

Fang Chen put away his playful smile and answered seriously, “Young Master Ke, you’ve said it in my heart. I’ve explained many times about others’ misunderstandings about us, the so-called ‘rich second generation’. In addition to spending money, we will also make money. The rich second generation, which only knows how to lose, does exist, but they are definitely not all the rich second generation. Unfortunately, even if I say it out loud, the simple verbal explanation will look pale and powerless. Only outside the family industry, can we do our own work to prove what I have done. Only in this way can we prove our own reputation!”

Led by Lin Ke and Fang Chen, Jordan also became excited. He kept nodding and saying, “Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will definitely try my best to contribute to Qingyun Media. In the past, I used to hate the title of ‘Master Handerson’ and ‘Master Handerson’. But now, I think if the four of us can break into the Hall of Fame together and make the name ‘Master Handerson’ known, it will be a kind of glory, won’t it?”


Lin Ke and Fang Chen nodded heavily at the same time.

After listening to the three people’s words, Alex only felt his blood boil. He excitedly raised his glass and concluded, “The family has laid the foundation for us, so that we were born with the conditions and resources that many people want most. Then we should have achieved greater achievements than ordinary people. If we can’t do it, even if others don’t scold us, I will feel ashamed. Come on, let’s go, and wish us a successful cooperation!”

“Okay! Let’s do it!”

The four of them clinked their glasses one by one and drank it all in one.

Taking advantage of the alcohol, the four of them expressed their opinions and quickly finalized the distribution plan of shares. Lin Ke, Fang Chen, and Jordan each paid 2480 billion yuan, each holding a 10% share. The rest was made up by Alex alone, and the share of the shares was 50.64%, which was the controlling shareholder.

This was just the basics. They could continue to buy shares from other shareholders.

Their goal was to take back all the shares that were currently scattered in the hands of outsiders. They would completely turn Qingyun Media into the industry of “Four Childes of Qingyun”. However, the rest of the investors were not fools. After learning that Qingyun Media had gained 20 billion investment, they might regain hope in the future of Qingyun Media, so they would not be in a hurry to transfer shares.

Therefore, if they wanted to achieve their goal, they had to think of a good way.

They ate for several hours.

It was almost three o’clock when everyone left.

Lin Ke, Fang Chen, and Jordan were all busy preparing funds. They tried their best to transfer the money to the card of Alex today, which meant that their cooperation had officially begun. They were just looking forward to the future, but they didn’t know that the “Four Childes of Qingyun” would be famous in the entire Chinese Entertainment Circle.

Of course, this was the following words…

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