Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 212

Alex’s money was stored in his bank account, so he didn’t need to pay immediately. After leaving the restaurant, he went straight back to Gold Stone. As soon as he got out of the elevator and entered the company, he heard Xena’s loud voice coming from the lounge, mixed with Felix’s voice.

“Are they quarreling?”

Alex guessed that Xena and Felix might have quarreled, so he didn’t dare to delay and quickly walked into the lounge.

When Xena saw Alex coming, her angry roar stopped abruptly, and her serious expression eased a little. Since she learned that Alex was in control of the lifeblood of Gold Stone, she had suppressed her hatred for Alex. Her attitude toward Alex had greatly improved.

In addition, a few days ago, when Xena learned that Felix and Quinn were relatives of Alex, they came in through the back door. Originally, she wanted to find an opportunity to fire the two of them. But now, in order to stabilize Alex, she had to give up the idea. She still had to fire them two, but she had to wait until the importance of Alex to Golden Stone decreased.

Felix squeezed out a smile and greeted Alex.

Alex waved his hand and looked back and forth at them. He asked, “What’s going on? It’s daytime, and it’s working time. Why are you two vice directors quarreling in the lounge?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Felix shook his head with a wry smile. “It’s just a small problem.”

“I’ve already met it. No matter how small the problem is, why don’t you tell me? Just take it as a way to satisfy my curiosity.”

Alex guessed that Xena must have found fault with Felix and he had to take care of this matter.

“Are you kidding? Felix is my good brother. How can he be bullied by Xena?”

Xena’s mood eased a lot, but she still felt a little uncomfortable. She said to Alex, “You recruited Felix, didn’t you? I heard that he is your old classmate? It’s not that I want to say something about you. He is still so young and inexperienced.

He should practice more in the basic position. But you let him be the deputy general manager as soon as he came here. It is too difficult for him to be the deputy general manager. This is irresponsible for the company.”

Alex waved his hand. “Now is not the time to talk about this. Tell me why you two quarreled first.”

“You just said that it’s working hours now, but he came here to smoke. It’s understandable to say that he’s tired of work and come to take a cigarette to adjust his condition. But he’s as idle as an old man. He won’t go back after smoking one cigarette. After resting for a while, he will light another cigarette! I will pinch his cigarette and let him go back to the office. He’s not happy!”

“How did you know that he got one after another? Did you keep an eye on him outside? He’s the vice president, and you’re also the vice president. You said he’s too free, why do I feel that you’re more free than him?”

“I… I accidentally met him.”

“And then you quarreled? I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

Alex knew that Felix was not addicted to smoking, so he only took one cigarette occasionally, unless he encountered something troublesome. He guessed that the truth might not be as simple as Xena said, so he looked at Felix and said, “Tell me. I’m here to be a mistress. Don’t hide it, and don’t have any scruples. Tell me the truth. Only when I understand all the facts can I be a mistress.”

While they were talking, Isla also came over accompanied by Cynthia.

Isla also came to be a legal wife. Like Alex, she wanted to know the situation first.

Felix hesitated for a few seconds before he gritted his teeth and agreed. “Brother Alex, President Sullivan, it’s like this. In the afternoon, Vice President Sullivan came to find me and asked me to hand over all the work to President Sullivan and arrange for me to be in charge of logistics.

But I majored in design. Since graduation, in addition to doing design work, I have also gone through business. I think I still have some strength, but I have no experience in logistics…”

Alex’s guess was initially confirmed. He asked, “And then?”

“After that, I tried to communicate with Vice President Sullivan, but she couldn’t listen to anything and insisted on changing my position. There was no other way, I could only say that I had to ask President Sullivan for advice on the transfer of my position. Then… I was too impulsive at that time, and my tone might be a little rushed, which made Vice President Sullivan angry, so she scolded me.

In the end, she asked me to suspend all my work first, and when she communicated with President Sullivan, she would tell me the result. I thought that I had nothing to do, so I came to the lounge to smoke a cigarette, just waiting here for the result of her communication with President Sullivan.”

“I see.” Alex nodded and said to Xena, “Do you have anything else to add?”

Xena acted like a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water. “That’s about it.”

“Okay, that’s it. President Sullivan, how do you want to mediate?”

After listening to Felix’s explanation, Alex knew that his guess was right.

Xena did not like people who had something to do with him. At present, she did not dare to be ruthless, so she retreated for the second best. She wanted to exclude Felix and Quinn and arrange for them to do some work that they could not or were unwilling to do. Maybe it would not be long before they took the initiative to resign without the interference of outsiders.

As for Felix, he had been wronged and did not want to make things difficult for Alex and Isla, so he was willing to bear all this silently.

If Alex and Isla hadn’t come to force him, Felix wouldn’t have complained.

Alex had made up his mind.

However, Alex was not in a hurry to express his opinion. He wanted to hear Isla’s opinion first.

On this matter, Isla’s attitude was very important. She knew the relationship between Alex and Felix. If she made a suggestion that she was inclined to Xena’s decision, it meant that she was still on her mother’s side. If she proposed a fair mediation suggestion, it meant that she had adjusted her state and could make a rational judgment according to the situation.

There was another situation, which was that he proposed a suggestion that was partial to Felix.

If this was the case, it could basically prove that she was partial to Alex again deep in her heart.

She had made such a choice before, and now she was facing the same choice. In the case that Alex and Xena could not really get along well with each other, if she still wanted to be with Alex, she had to be partial to Alex.

As Alex thought about it, he suddenly felt that he had become bad.

He even wanted to test Isla’s mind, as if he was “sinister”.

He felt a little regretful, but he had already said it out loud.

Isla vaguely guessed what Alex was thinking, but she didn’t say it out loud. After thinking for a bit, she said to Xena, “Mom, you and Felix are both vice directors with the same level. If you have anything to say, you can discuss it with him.

But it’s too much for you to give him an order directly. Also, the transfer of positions is not within your duties, and I won’t make an exception to give you this authority.”

Xena’s face was swept away by her own daughter, and she couldn’t stand it anymore. “Lala, how can you speak? Even if your position is higher than mine, I’m still your mother! It’s okay for others to talk back to me, but as a daughter, you actually talk to an outsider? There’s a saying that goes, how can you talk to others?”

“Mom, business and private affairs can’t be mixed together. This is what you said to me in person. If I don’t ask about it and only rely on my personal relationship to manage the company, I don’t need to deal with my competitors at all, nor do I need customers to make things difficult for me. The company will collapse!”

“You’re wrong! You taught your mother a lesson one by one. How can you be a daughter like this?”

“No, mom, I don’t dare to teach you a lesson. It’s just a matter of fact…”

Alex realized that Isla and Xena were about to quarrel, and he regretted more about testing Isla’s thoughts. He quickly tried to smooth things over. “Okay, okay, stop talking. This is the end of the matter. Felix doesn’t need to transfer his position. Just resign.”

Hearing this, everyone, including Felix himself, was dumbfounded.

Isla pushed Alex’s arm and said angrily, “Are you here to make trouble?”

“No…” Alex shook his head, secretly winked at Felix, and then continued, “Felix, you’d better go to work in Harrods Corporation. You don’t know that your aunt, Manager Bai, will remember me with hatred just because I abducted you.”

Felix, Isla, and Cynthia were even more surprised.

Xena also showed a surprised look and said to Felix anxiously, “Who is your aunt?”

Alex pressed Felix’s shoulder and answered first, “She is the daughter of Bai Zhenyu, the president of Harrods Corporation, Bai Fan…”

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