Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 213

Xena almost dropped her chin in shock. She stared at Felix with wide eyes and then at Alex. “Really? How could he have such an identity?”

Knowing that his plan had worked, Alex was secretly happy and pretended to be casual. “Is it strange?”

“Isn’t it strange? If he had such a good family background, why didn’t he directly go to Harrods Corporation after graduation but chose to follow you instead?”

“Vice President Sullivan, I think it’s necessary for you to broaden your horizons. I also brought a beautiful woman into the company. You should know, right? It’s Xiao Jing, who was in charge of finance. Do you know who her father is? The director of the Municipal Construction Bureau! By the way, her uncle is the captain of the Municipal Bureau’s anti-virus team!”

“What? Alex, don’t scare me!”

“What are you bluffing about? If I lied to you, I am a puppy, okay?”

Alex was so sure that no psychological fluctuations could be seen on his face.

Xena’s expression became extremely complicated.

The rest of the people present looked as if they had suddenly realized something.

Felix finally knew what Alex was planning. He was going to let him pretend to be powerful!

With the help of the prestige of Harrods Corporation, he suppressed the momentum of Xena and sought justice for him.

Isla had already realized that Alex was going to do the same thing and use the method of using the big customer to scare her mother again. Although it was a little old-fashioned and a little unkind, the effect was surprisingly good!

Because her mother did not care about the cooperation between Harrods Corporation and Gold Stone, but she attached great importance to the cooperation between Harrods Corporation and Gold Stone.

Given her mother’s character, she would never let such a big cake cause any hidden danger.

Cynthia secretly praised Alex’s wit. She went up to Xena and helped Alex. “Vice President Sullivan, I can prove that what Alex said is true. If you don’t believe me, I can give you Xiao Jing’s phone number. You can call her and ask her.”

“No…” Xena’s mind was in a mess. “I still don’t understand why they would come to our company to work with their status.”

“Of course for the sake of Alex. Vice President Sullivan, Xiao Jing suddenly asked for leave to travel. Do you know why?”

“How… how would I know?”

“Because the company has nothing to do with Alex. She feels that there is no need to continue working here. If her guess is right, when she comes back to the company again after traveling, she will hand in the resignation application. Unless… unless Alex asks her to stay, otherwise, no one can persuade her to stay.”

“How could this be?”

Xena was so scared that her face turned pale and she sat down on the sofa.

She could not understand why the people around Alex all had extraordinary backgrounds.

Cynthia felt that she had almost recovered, so she stepped aside in time.

Alex took over the conversation, patted Felix on the shoulder, and said, “Felix, I’m sorry. In order to support me to start my business, you gave up a lot of efforts to help me, but I can’t even keep your position. Alas… if you leave, your aunt will definitely terminate the cooperation with Gold Stone. But don’t worry, I know that this is not something you can decide. I won’t blame you… Well, let’s go, I have to apologize to your aunt.”

“Wait a minute!”

Isla stopped Alex and Felix, “Vice President Moore, the matter has not been settled yet. Even if you want to leave, before you leave, you can’t be wronged. Please wait for a few minutes. Mom, if you don’t want anything wrong with the company, don’t mess around in the future. As for this time, I think you should apologize to Vice President Moore.”

Felix waved his hand and said, “Forget it. I’m not such a stingy person. There’s no need for Vice President Sullivan to apologize.”

Xena shot and walked up to Felix resentfully. “Well, Fe… No, Vice President Moore, I’m really sorry. I was in a bad mood in the afternoon, so I said something nonsense. Don’t take it to heart. Although you are still very young, from the fact that you managed to manage the company so well during the acting general manager period, it can be seen that you are different from other young people. You have the strength to be a deputy general manager.”

“Really? I think I’m just an ordinary person.”

“Cough cough… that’s because you’re a fan of the field. As an onlooker, I’ve seen it very clearly. Vice President Moore, I’ve realized my mistake. Once again, I sincerely apologize to you. Please don’t blame me. Just pretend that I didn’t say anything. Don’t leave, please stay!”

“But I really can’t do logistics.”

“I won’t let you do logistics, you are the deputy general manager and continue to do the work you did before. I have realized the importance of you. Without you, how can the company continue to operate? You can rest assured and stay. I promise that I will never interfere with your work and work in the future! If there are any crimes, I… I will not die well!”

“Don’t, don’t, Vice President Sullivan is too serious!”

Felix knew what kind of person Xena was, but after all, he was not Alex. No matter how much Xena hated him, she was still the mother of Isla and he did not dare to be as unscrupulous as Alex. The grievances in his heart were almost resolved, and he vented his anger, so he stopped.

Alex stood up at the right time and said, “Felix, since Vice President Sullivan sincerely asked you to stay, you should give her some face. I believe that Vice President Sullivan can remember what she just said, and there will be no more accidents in the future. You can work at ease.”

“That’s right, Vice President Moore.” Cynthia nodded and added, “We all know your working ability. We all know your character. It’s a good idea. As President Sullivan’s assistant, I’m used to dealing with you. I sincerely hope that you can stay in the company. Let’s work hard together and make the company better.”

Felix was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, “Thank you, thank you. As the saying goes, obedience is better than respect. Then I won’t leave first!”

“That’s right.”

Cynthia nodded and gave Alex a thumbs-up while Xena was not paying attention.

Cynthia was convinced by Alex’s coquettish operation.

The reason why Cynthia called Isla here just now was that she had not come up with a good solution. Since Isla had come, she could only deal with it regularly. She could not convince Xena and Felix at the same time, and she still had to worry about it. Even if this matter was resolved today, Xena would definitely change her way to find trouble with Felix in the future.

However, Alex just set up a fake identity for Felix, and the problem was solved easily. It was still the best solution.

After this incident, Felix’s position in the company became even more stable, and Xena couldn’t find fault with it.

As long as Xena didn’t see through the lies made up by Alex, it could achieve the effect of everlasting work!

Felix was left behind, and Xena left awkwardly.

Isla followed them to the door. After confirming that Xena had gone far away, she returned to the room, rolled her eyes at Alex, and said, “You can tell lies without blushing or beating your heart. You are good at fooling people!”

“Hehe…” Alex grinned. “It’s a special case.”

“You’re already a puppy, how can you still smile?”

“No. You said the oath I made just now? I said that Xiao Jing is the daughter of the director of the Municipal Construction Bureau. Yes, I didn’t lie to your mother.”

“Humph!” Isla rolled her eyes. “What’s more, you’ve come up with such a good solution. Why did you throw the problem to me? Did you deliberately provoke my mother and me? I don’t understand. What’s the benefit for you?”

Cynthia and Felix both realized that they would soon become third wheels. They quickly flashed and closed the door.

Alex was indeed a little embarrassed when Isla just mentioned this question. He explained, “I didn’t think of that good idea at that time… But I admit that I really need to consider it. I’m sorry, if I encounter such a situation again, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

“That’s more like it!”

Isla curled her lips and took two steps outside. Suddenly, she stopped and said, “By the way, based on my understanding of my mother, she may find a way to verify the relationship between Felix and Manager Bai. Aren’t you very familiar with Manager Bai? Why don’t you call her and tell her? If my mother finds out your lie, you will suffer!”

“Not bad, not bad! You finally know how to care about me again?”

“You think too highly of yourself! Who cares about you?”

“You don’t admit it, do you?”

It was a rare opportunity. As Alex spoke, he pulled Isla, who was about to escape, into his arms…

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