Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 214

Isla was shy and nervous. She pounded Alex’s chest with both hands, trying to break free. “Do you want to die?”

“Yes!” Alex held Isla’s waist and said seriously, “I miss you so much!”

“Get lost! Let go of me! This is the company!”

“Do you mean that I can’t be intimate with you in the company and go home?”

“Go… go back to your f*ck! Alex, my mom hasn’t accepted you yet. You’d better not mess around.”

“Don’t worry, I know my limits. I won’t mess around here. Just let me kiss you.”

“No! What if my mother gets back at me?”

At this moment, outside the door, Cynthia whose ears were close to the door answered subconsciously, “It’s okay. I’m guarding at the door. You…”

Before she could finish her words, Cynthia realized that she was stupid and quickly raised her hand to cover her mouth.

Felix, who was also eavesdropping, was a little confused by Cynthia’s brainless answer. He soon reacted and shouted at the room, “Well, let’s go immediately. There is no one outside, and I promise that no one will come to disturb you. You can continue…”

“Let’s go!” Cynthia blushed and urged Felix to run away.

Inside the house, Alex looked hopeless and couldn’t help sighing with emotion. “I’m not afraid of a god-like opponent, but I’m afraid of a pig-like teammate. Recently, I heard a sentence: a woman’s IQ was zero when she was in love. I thought it was a little exaggerated, but now I know it. That’s a fucking good saying!”

Isla blushed so much that she could squeeze out blood. She rolled her eyes at Alex and quickly lowered her head. “It’s all your fault. I’m too ashamed to see anyone! Let me go!”

“No!” Alex shook his head and said firmly, “At least you have to let me hold you!”

“Are you a rogue?”

“Uh-huh, I’ll rely on you!”

“You… Okay, okay, you can hug me, but you’d better behave yourself.”

“I promise I’ll only hug you and not touch you!”

Alex’s tone and eyes were unusually firm.

But a few seconds later, Isla’s roar came from inside the room. “Bastard, did you say you can’t do it?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Generally speaking, for a man, hugging, kissing, and touching are bound packages. I couldn’t help but forget to untie them…”

In a flash, it was time to get off work.

Alex called Bai Fan and made an appointment for dinner. He wanted to ask Isla, Felix, Cynthia, and others to go with him, but Isla had not come out of the great embarrassment. Not only did she not dare to look at Alex, but she was also embarrassed to talk to Cynthia and Felix, unwilling to go.

In desperation, Alex could only change the plan and call Felix and Quinn downstairs together.

Big Ken and Cheng Hengchao had already driven the private car of Felix and Alex to the door. Just as Alex was about to get in the car, he suddenly heard someone calling out “President Cohen”, and the voice sounded a little familiar. Looking in the direction of the voice, he saw Director Zou, who he had met once in the morning at the airport in the morning, running over quickly, accompanied by a young man.

Alex took back his foot from the car. When Director Zou came over, he asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

Director Zou shook hands with Alex and said with a smile, “Mr. Cohen, although we just met, I can tell at a glance that you are a person who can achieve great things and you are also a friend worth making friends with. I’m sorry to disturb you, but I don’t mean anything else. I just want to make friends with you. It’s time for dinner. I wonder if Mr. Cohen can enjoy it and have dinner with us?”

“Eat? No problem, but I can’t do it today. I have an appointment.”

“I see…”

“How about another day? Director Zou, you’ve come all the way from the capital city. You’re indeed a distinguished guest. When the time comes, I’ll invite you to treat me as a host.”

Alex’s first impression of Director Zou was neither good nor bad. With the principle of “don’t hit a smiling face” in mind, he didn’t want to give Director Zou enough face by cursing him. He could guess that Director Zou came to him on purpose not just to make friends with him. Doing business required harmony and wealth. Before he figured out Director Zou’s real motive to approach him, it was not appropriate to show too much indifference.

Director Zou was a little disappointed. After a pause, he said, “What do you think of tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow… I can’t do it during the day, so let’s do it tomorrow night.”

“No problem! Let’s leave a phone number. I’ll call you at this time tomorrow.”


Alex and Director Zou left each other their contact information, then got in the car and left.

On the way, Alex analyzed that Director Zou was in such a hurry to find him that he further confirmed his guess. Under the urging of curiosity, he took out his mobile phone and input the four words “Tianle Media” into the search box. He did a thorough understanding of Director Zou’s work efficiency.

If he didn’t check, he would be shocked.

Unexpectedly, Tianle Media, which was not very famous in Qingyun, turned out to be one of the top domestic management media companies, and also one of the biggest listed companies in the Chinese entertainment industry. They signed a lot of popular artists, and their own family also cultivated a lot of popular stars such as young entertainers, and also stepped into the field of variety show and film production. Especially in recent years, Tianle Media’s development had been very rapid. The TV series and movies that invested in the shoot, as well as the variety show that dominated the production, would have a few burst prices every year.

With the support of a good market value, the stock market of Tianle Media rose all the way, which made its market value exceed 5 billion this year. In terms of market value alone, it ranked third in the country. But in terms of rapid development, it deserved to be the first place!

Someone on the Internet analyzed. According to the rapid development of several top leaders at present, in three to five years, Tianle Media would become the boss of the domestic industry.

Alex had a general understanding of Tianle Media. After thinking for a while, he began to investigate Director Zou again. According to the photos on the Internet, he confirmed Director Zou’s identity. It turned out that Director Zou’s name was Zou Wenze, and he was now the director of Tianle Media’s Ministry of Construction.

Although in the management department, the supervisor of a department could only be regarded as the middle-level leader of the company, as Alex found more and more information, he found that Zou Wenze had a high reputation and influence in Tianle Media, and he felt that he was not much different from the senior management.

More importantly, Zou Wenze’s work ability was very strong. Since he joined Tianle Media, he had opened up a lot of markets for the company and greatly improved the scale of the company. Therefore, he was highly valued by the higher-ups. Not only did he get enough financial support from the company, but he also gained the power to surpass ordinary middle-level leaders.

When Alex understood this, he became more and more curious about Zou Wenze’s motive and purpose.

Along the way, Alex was thinking about it.

It was not until he arrived at the entrance of the agreed restaurant one step ahead of Felix and met Bai Fan that he calmed down.

This was a private dinner. Bai Fan did not bring her assistant or secretary with her, but just brought Bai Ling with her.

Today, Bai Ling was wearing a pink printed dress and a pair of white shoes. Her black hair was naturally hanging down her shoulders, and she was as fairy as always. When she saw Alex, she was also as excited as usual. Her two big smart eyes flashed and she greeted Alex playfully, “Brother Alex, have you been very busy recently? I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Alex nodded his head and replied with a smile, “The business and private affairs are relatively complicated, and they are even mixed together. I am indeed very busy. Sister Ling’er, you look very good. Is there anything happy? Can you share it with me?”

“Hee hee, Brother Alex, it turns out that the effect of my endorsement of the resort is not bad. When you have time, you can take a look at the specific results. I hope I didn’t disappoint you.”


Alex suddenly became interested. Seeing Bai Fan’s happy face, he quickly asked, “Manager Bai, has the resort been opened?”

Bai Fan nodded and said, “Mr. Cohen, thanks to you and Gold Stone, the turnover of the resort has increased by more than 30% compared with my psychological expectations at the same time. And…”

While they were talking, three young men suddenly rushed over aggressively. Someone pointed at them and shouted, “She is over there. Hurry up, don’t let her run away!”

Alex and Big Ken seemed to be facing a formidable enemy. They quickly moved two steps to the side and blocked Bai Fan and Bai Ling behind them…

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