Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 216

Bai Fan did have the idea of having an adopted son, but she didn’t say it out loud because she didn’t meet a suitable one.

Although Bai Fan came from a well-off family and did not need her descendants to work hard to make money and support her, she could not casually pull one from the street.

For her adopted son, it was best to be smart and capable, but this was secondary, what was most important is that he should have a good character. No matter how she considered it, Alex was undoubtedly the most suitable person.

Bai Fan once thought about taking Alex as her adopted son, but in consideration of Alex’s powerful family background, even if Bai Fan was willing, she could not bear it. She could only give up the idea and continue to search.

Now, the right candidate had finally appeared.

So far, Bai Fan did not have much direct understanding of Felix.

However, from the fact that Alex regarded Felix as a good brother and entrusted him with an important task, it could be concluded that Felix’s strength and character were definitely not bad.

Therefore, Felix’s internal conditions were basically enough to meet Bai Fan’s requirements. Looking at the appearance of Felix, he could not be considered a top handsome man, but he was also above average. He was a typical sunshine boy.

After the discussion, Bai Fan made up her mind to talk about this topic…

Alex was a little surprised at first. Realizing that Bai Fan was not joking, he suddenly became excited and felt happy for Felix from the bottom of his heart.

Like Felix, he came from a remote countryside, and his family was poor. His life was surprisingly good, and he became a rich second generation overnight. If Felix became Bai Fan’s adopted son, he could be regarded as half a rich second generation.

He did not expect Felix to gain much from Bai Fan. At least, it could give Felix a new identity, which would be beneficial for the future development.

The more Alex thought about it, the more excited he became. Seeing that Felix was still in a daze, he quickly patted Felix’s arm and hurriedly reminded him, “Felix, Manager Bai and Sister Ling’er are looking at you and waiting for your answer. Don’t just sit there and answer him.”

“I…” Felix smiled awkwardly. “Brother Alex, am I dreaming?”

“Then why don’t you pinch yourself?”

“I just think it’s incredible. Well, Manager Bai, are you sure you don’t mind me, a country bumpkin?”

Bai Fan shook her head and said, “Felix, my family is also in the countryside in the last two generations. If I continue to climb up, there will be more people in the countryside. Take Quill City as an example. Compared with 50 years ago, the population has doubled.

Most of these people have moved in from the countryside. And… I never thought that the people in the countryside would become the people in the city to be upgraded. They just changed their living conditions. I thought that when I retire, I would go to the countryside to live in retirement.”

Felix nodded gently and turned to look at Quinn. “Look at this…”

Quinn thought for a moment and replied, “Felix, you decide.”

“Okay! Since Manager Bai thinks highly of me and Brother Alex seems to support me, I’ll obey your order.”

Felix finally made up his mind to be Bai Fan’s adopted son. With the witness of Alex and others, he made tea for Bai Fan and changed his mouth on the spot.

The result was quite dramatic, but everyone was happy.

After the meal, Alex immediately called Isla to tell her the good news. Isla on the other end of the phone was stunned. She never thought that Felix would get a real adoptive mother without finding the fake Aunt. In this way, Felix’s position in Gold Stone would be more stable…

The next day, Alex went out early. He gathered the Four Childes of Quill City, formed a team, and went to the administrative bureau for industry and commerce to find Liu Wenzhong.

Lin Ke and the other two had transferred the funds to the bank card of Alex, and they could officially sign the contract. Although the auction was held in the administrative bureau for industry and commerce, they had to pay the price to Qingyun Media.

Liu Wenzhong attached great importance to this matter and personally accompanied Alex and others to the headquarters of Qingyun Media.

On the side of Qingyun Media, the original major shareholders had been arrested for violating the law and were arrested. After all the taxes and fines were sold out, they were greatly reduced. They could not show up in person, so they could only select the acting shareholders.

Dou Haitao had originally held 30% of the company’s shares. He was the first major shareholder, the chairman and general manager. After he was arrested, his son, Dou Tianyou, held the shares on his behalf.

According to normal procedures, the board meeting should be held in advance. However, Qingyun Media was in a special stage, and the whole company was in a panic. All the shareholders were ready to hold the board meeting at any time. He only needed to make a phone call and they hurried over.

Compared with ordinary employees, the shareholders were more panicked.

After all, if the company collapsed, the employees would just lose their jobs and find another job. But for the shareholders, if the management of the company could not continue, it meant that the investment would fail, and the real gold and silver invested would be a great loss.

Most of the shareholders had staked all their assets on Qingyun Media. Not many people could bear the sudden change from a billionaire to a commoner.

Therefore, every shareholder with a conscience should thank the person who invested in Qingyun Media now.

However, with Dou Tianyou as the leader, the rest of the staff only remembered that Alex had reported Qu Yang and Dou Haitao.

Ever since Alex entered the conference room, he had been treated with hostility by Dou Tianyou and the others. If it weren’t for Liu Wenzhong, they would have scolded him a long time ago.

Alex knew what they were thinking, but he didn’t care. According to the plan, under the leadership of Liu Wenzhong, he signed a relevant agreement, transferred 20 billion yuan to the account of Qingyun Media, and officially became the first major shareholder of Qingyun Media. Lin Ke, Fang Chen, and Jordan were listed as the second largest shareholders.

Dou Tianyou, who had originally held 30% of the company’s shares, had now become 6%.

The rest of the old shareholders had become less and less after being diluted.

Moreover, Qingyun Media needed to pay a high tax fee and a fine, and it needed to be deducted from their shares.

Dou Tianyou and the others were so angry that their livers began to ache. They could not accept this result, but they had no choice but to accept it.

They all knew that it was not good for them to complain in front of Liu Wenzhong, so they didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until the process of signing the agreement was over and Liu Wenzhong left that they finally let go.

Dou Tianyou glared at Alex and said, “I didn’t understand at first. Qingyun Media has nothing to do with you. You’re fucking full, reporting this and that. When I learned that you’ve participated in the stock auction, I realized that it was all a scheme that you planned for a long time in order to take down Qingyun Media! Now that you’ve fulfilled your wish, won’t your conscience hurt? Is it really worth it for you to take over a mess now?”

Alex shook his head and said, “I’m a businessman, and I’m sure there’s a way to solve the problem, but I won’t use a treacherous plan. It’s out of my plan to report Qu Yang and your father. Or, it’s their own fault. Of course, if you insist that it’s my trick, you can do whatever you want. I don’t care.”

“Humph! No matter how high-sounding your words are, they can’t hide your dark heart! Alex, let’s not talk about personal hatred for the time being. Let’s talk about the company first if there is a chance. Although you have become a major shareholder, you’d better find your own position. You don’t know the company at all. Now the company is in a mess, you’d better give me the rights to manage it…”


Lin Ke suddenly took over the conversation and said to Dou Tianyou, “It’s you who needs to find the right place! You’re just a small shareholder with only 6% of the company’s shares. Don’t you feel your butt burning? Get up and sit down where you should sit!”


“What’s wrong with me? Am I wrong? Alex is a legal representative, so it’s necessary to replace your position as chairman. Besides, when it comes to business, it’s time to follow the rules. You little shrimp; you’d better have a better attitude when you talk to the chairman!”

Dou Tianyou was speechless, but he was unwilling to give up his seat.

Lin Ke’s patience was exhausted.He directly called in the bodyguards, ready to use force.

In desperation, Dou Tianyou had no choice but to get up and sit next to her.

As Alex’s temporary assistant, Big Ken wiped the seat with a towel and asked Alex to sit down.

Alex looked around and said slowly, “Speaking of the management rights of the company… I have my own arrangements. Dou Tianyou, from now on, you are no longer the acting general manager. Lin Ke will make up for this. Considering that the company is currently in a state of extreme chaos, this decision will not be voted. Do you have any objections?”

“No problem.” Lin Ke was the first to show his attitude. “I’m happy to be the general manager.”

Fang Chen and Jordan echoed and expressed their support.

Dou Tianyou was anxious. He slammed the table and stood up. Pointing at Alex, he said, “Have you fucking managed the company? Do you think you can do things like this? You can change the general manager just because you want? Even if you’re a legal representative, you don’t have the right to change the general manager directly. If you don’t, I have the right to sue you for making a decision personally!”

Alex shook his head helplessly and said, “Do you have to vote, Dou Tianyou? That’s fine. But… I have to remind all the shareholders first. You’d better figure out the identities of the four new shareholders. I am the second largest shareholder of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Group, Lin Ke is the son of the boss of Hengkang Pharmaceutical Company, Fang Chen is the son of the boss of Wyatt Corporation, and Jordan is the son of the boss of Ryker Gardens Corporation. Let’s talk about it in the open; we just want to have our own power! If you don’t like it, you can quit at any time!”

“Alex, are you fucking stupid? Are you investing dozens of billions for fun?”

“Congratulations on your answer!”

“You… you… you are also a businessman. Don’t you want to make money?”

“Which one of us is short of money?”

Alex said very seriously, but in fact, he wanted to laugh.

Even without Dou Tianyou’s reminder, Alex himself felt that he was acting like a fool. However, it wasn’t that he was out of his mind, but that he had done it on purpose, because this was a plan that the four of them had come up with together. If he wanted to completely take down all the shares of Qingyun Media, he had to make those shareholders give up their shares.

For the sake of success, what they had to do was to make them completely desperate for Qingyun Media.

Only in this way could they choose to transfer shares.

Alex deliberately emphasized the identities of the four of them and cooperated with their brainless behavior to create the illusion of the four of them being ignorant and incompetent rich playboys. They were not short of money. Even if they ruined Qingyun Media and returned home, they could still enjoy glory and wealth.

But the rest of the shareholders couldn’t!

Now they didn’t care who would be the general manager at all. The only thing they cared about was how to transfer the shares…

Alex guessed their thoughts from the expressions of the old shareholders and continued, “Those who are willing to play with us can continue to have shares. Those who don’t want to play with us can transfer their shares to us. Anyway, you are all the elders of Qingyun Media. I will not treat you shabbily. The money that should be given will not be less. Well, vote first. If you support Dou Tianyou to continue to be the general manager, raise your hand…”

Dou Tianyou immediately raised his hand. As a result, he was the only one present who raised his hand.

Then, Alex continued, “Next, those who support Lin Ke as the temporary general manager raise your hand.”

After that, Alex took the lead in raising his hand. Lin Ke, Fang Chen, and Jordan all responded.

Alex did not even give Dou Tianyou a chance to question him. He looked around and announced the result directly. “It seems that there are many people who have forfeited… the result has already come out. Four to one, Lin Ke wins. I announce that from now on, Lin Ke is the general manager of Qingyun Media!”

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