Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 217

“What’s going on?” Dou Tianyou stared at Alex in shock. “How could you vote like this? The two rounds of voting ended in less than a minute. Are you in a hurry to reincarnate? They didn’t have time to make a decision. How could you be sure that they had forfeited?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders and said casually, “Then you can ask them yourself. Do they not think about whether to give up or not?”

“That’s what you said. If they don’t think it through, you have to vote again!”

Dou Tianyou turned his head and glanced at the group of old shareholders. He said eagerly, “Listen carefully, these few of them are here to invest in Qingyun Media. They’re here to ruin our family. If we hand over the management rights to them, we’ll have to lose all our money!

If you don’t want to end up with nothing, then let me continue to be the general manager! In addition, I’ll remind you again, the main culprit turning Qingyun Media into this situation is Alex! Alright, I’ve said so much. Think about it yourself!”

To be honest, Dou Tianyou’s words were quite provocative.

Unfortunately, the old shareholders were not hot-blooded young men and would not make any sense. They would only make the decision to maximize their own interests. They were not bewitched by Dou Tianyou, nor were they in a hurry to express their opinions. Instead, they began to discuss with laughter in small groups.

After a while, the old shareholders quieted down one after another. A shareholder said, “Alex, you just said that you are willing to buy the shares in our hands. Is it true?”

Alex nodded with a smile. “Of course.”

“Buy in cash?”

“The check is completed in one go. Is there any other problem?”

“No.” The shareholder shook his head and said to Dou Tianyou, “I can tell you clearly that we have indeed forfeited. It’s not that we didn’t think about it well… However, if you insist on letting us make a choice, it won’t be a problem.”

Dou Tianyou sneered and said to Alex, “Did you hear that? They’re willing to make a choice and you should vote again!”

Alex had already made up his mind and was in a good mood. He agreed and said, “Dou Tianyou, since you insist on doing this more, then as you wish, I will make you sincerely convinced! However, let’s put it bluntly first.

If you continue to act rashly after this vote, I have the right to throw you out in the name of ‘ disrupting the order of the venue’ and strip you of your right to participate in the competition!”

“Cut the crap. Hurry up and vote!”

“Those who support Dou Tianyou to continue to be the general manager, raise your hand!”

“Alex, open your eyes wide!”

After Dou Tianyou finished speaking, he proudly raised his right hand.

But then, there was no scene that he believed happened. The old shareholders all sat still.

Just like the vote just now, he was still the only one who supported him to continue to be the general manager.

Dou Tianyou was dumbfounded.

It should be known that before today’s meeting, Dou Tianyou and all the old shareholders had agreed to unite and work together to fight against the new shareholders like Alex. They were determined not to give up the position of general manager. At that time, the old shareholders agreed very quickly to ensure their own interests.

But as the meeting went on, the development of the situation exceeded their expectations.

The old shareholders could analyze that under the interference of the four major shareholders, even if Dou Tianyou continued to be the general manager, Qingyun Media would not be able to bring the dead back to life.

No matter how much money they had, it was not enough for the group of rich playboys in Alex. The money they invested would be buried with the funds injected into Alex and others sooner or later.

If they transferred the shares now, they could at least take back some of the capital, so that they wouldn’t lose all of them.

In order to let Alex take over the shares in their hands, they ignored the alliance with Dou Tianyou and no longer supported him…

However, Dou Tianyou did not know what they were thinking and still had illusions. He suddenly stood up and asked anxiously, “What do you think? The future of Qingyun Media is directly related to your interests. Do you want to watch them ruin your investment? Wake up! If you keep silent, I promise you will regret it soon!”

The represent of the shareholders shook his head and said, “You Tianyou, when it’s time to express our stance, we will! Alex, I think we can continue to vote…”

Alex was very satisfied with the performance of the shareholders, so he was not in a hurry. He calmly said to Dou Tianyou, “I have given them enough time to think about this vote. They have all thought about it and have made a clear statement. Are you satisfied now?”

“I…” Dou Tianyou was so anxious that his forehead was sweating, but he was speechless.

“Let’s continue to vote. Those who support Lin Ke as the general manager, raise your hand.”

After Alex finished speaking, he took the lead to raise his hand again.

Unlike the previous time, after the other three masters raised their hands, all the old shareholders also raised their hands.

Without counting, the result was obvious. Lin Ke had won!

This time, it was a business deal. Alex was too lazy to talk nonsense with Dou Tianyou. He directly made a board call as a business deal. Then, he took out a cheque book and bought all the shares in the hands of the old shareholders one by one.

He just needed to sign an agreement with each old shareholder and sign a check at the same price. It was quite simple.

In less than 20 minutes, everything was done.

Those who got the check all scrambled to leave Qingyun Media and went straight to the bank.

In order to prevent too many things from happening, they had to transfer the money on the check to their cards as soon as possible.

In the blink of an eye, all of Dou Tianyou’s helpers had left, leaving behind only him. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he lost all of his reliance on Alex. He was like a deflated balloon, unable to stand up.

After hesitating for a moment, he summoned up the courage to take out an agreement with the company and sign it, pushing the agreement in front of Alex.

Alex played with the pen and said to Dou Tianyou, “Didn’t you want to be the general manager urgently just now? Why do you want to give me the shares? Why, did you suddenly change your mind and give up Qingyun Media? Don’t you want to play with us?”

Dou Tianyou glared at him and said, “Cut the crap. Hurry up and sign and pay!”

“Hey, what’s with your attitude? Make it clear. I’m the buyer, and you’re the seller.”

“So what?”

“Dou Tianyou, since you are well aware of your situation, you should show the attitude that the seller should have! Otherwise, I can refuse to buy it.”

“What kind of attitude do you want?”

“First of all, you have to apologize for your rudeness to me. Besides, shouldn’t you add the word ‘please’ to buy your shares?”

Dou Tianyou’s eyes widened for a few seconds before he sneered. “Alex, you’re out of your mind, aren’t you? You want me to apologize to you and beg you to buy my shares? Do you think you’re a god? There are so many rich people in the world, and it’s not like you’re the only one who can afford the shares in my hands. Where do you get your confidence from?”

Alex spread out his hands and said, “Unless you beg me to buy your shares, or I can guarantee that your shares can only be destroyed in my hands. If you don’t believe me… let’s wait and see.”

“You’re crazy, you’re really crazy. In fact, I should have thought about it a long time ago. From the moment you invested in Qingyun Media, I can be sure that you’re crazy.” Dou Tianyou shook his head, turned his head to look at Lin Ke, Fang Chen, and Jordan, and said slowly, “Don’t you want to play with Alex? I can give you the shares.”

Lin Ke was shocked. “Dou Tianyou, you’re a fucking idiot, aren’t you? Didn’t you notice that the four of us are partners?”

“I know you are cooperation partners, but as long as you are willing to buy my shares, I can wipe the small amount off…”

“You’re wrong. We’re not cooperation partners, but partners! Besides, do you think anyone among us lacks you? Dou Tianyou, you’re insulting us! I can tell you clearly that no one will buy your shares except Alex.”

“Forget it if you don’t buy it. I’ll find someone else!”

“Then I’ll tell you by the way that transferring shares to outsiders will require the board of directors’ approval.”


Hearing this, Dou Tianyou’s heart suddenly trembled and he could not help but gasp.

At this time, he had been bickering with Alex and ignored this situation. If Alex and other shareholders did not agree, he could not give the shares to others. In other words, he had no choice but to ask Alex to buy the shares in his hands…

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