Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 220

After Alex and Lin Ke separated, he asked Big Ken to drive to Cynthia’s house. When he arrived at the door, he took a deep breath, adjusted his mood, and knocked on the door. The main purpose was to put down the bet with Zou Wenze before entering the room. If he kept thinking about it, his mood would be affected.

The relationship between Alex and Isla had almost recovered.

His relationship with Xena had eased a little. It was not as nervous as before.

Cynthia saw Alex through the door mirror. She opened the door directly and welcomed him in enthusiastically. She said excitedly, “Alex, I heard that you took down Qingyun Media? You are really amazing! You have just given up Gold Stone, and now you have become a big boss of ten billion yuan in a flash! Well, do you still lack pendants?”

Alex winked at Cynthia and said, “Lack… but I can’t hang a big thing.”

“What do you mean? Do you think I’m fat?”

“No, no, you’re not fat, but plump… Hunter is really lucky.”

Cynthia blushed and glared at Alex. After a pause, she continued, “Alex, you’re now a big shot in the entertainment industry, and I’ve had the dream of being a star since I was a child. How about using some resources to make me a star?”

“Are you in a bad state now? Why do you still want to be a star?”

“Didn’t I say that it was my childhood dream? When I was a child, my family was poor. Since I heard people say that those stars on TV could earn tens of thousands of yuan by selling an advertisement for more than ten seconds, I was determined to become a star when I grew up, make a lot of money, and improve the family’s living conditions.

Besides, which girl didn’t want to live a bright life and not to become a bright star? Otherwise, do you think those online celebrities can live up to their expectations and shoot videos every day just to become a star?”

“You’re telling the truth… If I invest in shooting movies or TV shows in the future, I’ll try to find a role for you.”

“That’s what you said. You’d better not break your promise!”


Alex knew that Cynthia just agreed on a whim.

When Cynthia’s freshness was over, she would almost forget about it.

Isla also saw through Cynthia’s mind and said, “Cynthia, when you really understand the entertainment industry, maybe you won’t want to be a star anymore. If you don’t believe me, you can go to Qingyun Media and work for a while. Alex is looking for helpers.”

Cynthia’s eyes flashed. “Yes, I can try. But… I don’t want to leave Gold Stone.”

“Look, you’re just saying awesome. In fact, your idea of stepping into the entertainment industry is not firm.”

After chatting with Cynthia, Isla looked at Alex and said, “I’ve been thinking about it for the whole afternoon. I feel that there are not many people in the management department of Gold Stone who are suitable for transferring to Qingyun Media.

Tomorrow, I’ll make a list and you can have a look. It’s better to be careful about this. If there are too many people who don’t know how to do business, it will be easy to make trouble.”

“Just pick a few suitable assistants…”

Alex thought deeply and spoke out his own thoughts.

The three young men were chatting very hard. Xena sat aside and couldn’t say anything, but she was not willing to become a listener. She had been thinking about it secretly. In fact, since she learned from the conversation between Isla and Cynthia in the afternoon that Alex had won Quill City Media, Xena’s mood had become extremely complicated.

Xena already knew that Alex’s family background was extraordinary. However, in her opinion, Alex’s family was the one which was powerful. Alex himself had no other industry except Gold Stone. Therefore, after taking over Gold Stone, she thought that Alex had been beaten back to his original state.

She had never expected that not long after, Alex would become the boss of Qingyun Media again.

Originally, she didn’t know much about Qingyun Media. After checking on the Internet, she found out that it was a ten billion yuan enterprise. She suddenly felt uneasy. The first thing she felt was regret.

If she had known that Alex still had this trick, she wouldn’t have drawn a clear line with Alex. Her behavior was equivalent to getting a sesame seed, but she lost the opportunity to fight for the watermelon.

Then, she began to fantasize about how to get more benefits from Alex.

Whether it was extortion or moral kidnapping, there was a possibility of success if there was a reason.

Therefore, it was impossible for her to take over Qingyun Media for no reason. She could only start from other aspects.

Xena was deep in thought when she accidentally heard Isla and Cynthia talk about the rent. It was almost time for Cynthia to pay the rent. Isla was too embarrassed to live in vain and wanted to pay the rent for Cynthia.

As she listened, she suddenly had an idea. She got up and walked up to Isla and forcibly interrupted them. “If you didn’t mention the rent, I almost forgot… Nana, your father visited me in the sleep last night.”

Isla replied in a daze, “Really? What did my dad say?”

“He said that when he saw that we were homeless, we could only live in someone else’s house. He couldn’t rest in peace.”

“That’s it… I just need to buy a house.”

“If you buy a house, we can live there, but your father still can’t rest in peace. He wants us to move back to the villa…”

Xena said very seriously, as if she was really delivering a message for Victor.

However, Isla frowned when she heard that.

She thought that Xena didn’t want to live here, so it was really easy to solve it, but she misunderstood. She had already guessed what Xena was thinking. After thinking for a moment, she answered seriously, “Mom, dreams are superstitions.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that the deceased can send messages to the living. From a scientific point of view, the explanation for dreams should be that you are thinking something in the day and in the night you would make dreams.”

Xena curled her lips and said, “It’s true that no one can provide conclusive evidence to prove that the dead can communicate with the living, but no one can prove it can’t. Anyway, I think it’s possible. And I personally experienced it last night.

Your father did communicate with me. Gold Stone was founded and run by him alone. He has deep feelings for it. Now the company is under your name, and he fulfilled his dream, but there is another regret. He bought the villa and designed it himself. He has lived there for many years and doesn’t want it to fall into the hands of outsiders…”

“Mom, I… Alas, I don’t even know how to answer.”

Isla was in a dilemma.

She felt sorry for her conscience if she continued talking this with her mom.

On the contrary, she was afraid that her mother would get sick from anger.

Cynthia, an outsider, felt sad for Xena when she heard this. Who didn’t know that the unexpected death of Victor had become the knot in Isla’s heart? For family and friends, comfort and enlightenment were too late. As the mother, in order to satisfy her poor vanity, Xena threatened Isla again and again in the name of Victor.

Was this something a mother should do?

How could there be a mother like Xena in the world?

Cynthia still clearly remembered the scene when she was rudely rebuked by Xena in the hospital. She had a good memory and did not say those words in her heart at this moment. Another reason was that this was a family matter of their family. As an outsider, she could not help. Except for Isla, the only one who could help was Alex.

Because the villa was now under the name of Alex. If Alex didn’t agree, no one could take away the villa.

Alex had also guessed what Xena was thinking. He was no longer surprised by this. Not only was he not angry, but his heart was also calm. He said casually, “Vice President Xena, if you insist on moving back to the villa, there are two ways. First, I will sell the villa to you at the market price.”

“What?” Xena glared at him and said, “Alex, that house was originally my house, but now you say you want to sell it to me? How dare you say that! Aren’t you the big boss? Why do I feel like you haven’t seen money before?”

“If you don’t want to pay, there is another way…”

“Don’t waste time. Tell me quickly!”

Alex shrugged. “Vice President Xena, you know, Isla and I love each other. As long as you promise our marriage, I can give you the villa as a betrothal gift…”

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