Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 222

Alex came here today just to talk to Isla and Cynthia about borrowing management staff, but he didn’t expect that he would suddenly propose marriage. However, Xena wanted the company and the villa. It was impossible for him to spoil Xena, but he couldn’t argue back directly. So he decided to show his financial resources and publicly expose his relationship with Isla to create a difficult problem for Xena.

He knew that for the sake of his sixty billion yuan, Xena would definitely agree to the marriage between him and Isla.

At that time, in order to climb up to Grand Express Corporation’s position, Xena had threatened Isla to marry Jared, the scumbag. Later, in order to get 50 million penalty fees from him, Xena asked Isla to have sex with him. From these two points, he made his judgment.

However, given the current relationship between Xena and him, she probably would not agree on the spot.

As a result, all the people present, including Alex, underestimated the thickness of Xena’s skin…

The more Cynthia thought about it, the more incredulous she felt. She sighed again and said, You and your future mother-in-law are in such a stalemate, and you even succeeded in proposing marriage. If this matter is spread out, no one will believe it! Let alone outsiders, I, a person who knows the details, feel that it is unreal.

Alex just smiled and changed the topic. “Beauty Cynthia, how have you been with Hunter recently?”

“Ah? What do you mean? Isn’t that all?”

“Well, in order to ensure your safety as much as possible, I will not only arrange for people to protect you, but also find someone who can understand and get along well with you. If you get along well with Hunter, I will let him continue to protect you. If you can’t, I will change a person…”

“No need, no need. I think Hunter is a good person. We’ve been together for a while and we’re familiar with each other. If something unexpected happens, we can discuss how to deal with it. If it’s someone else, we have to be familiar with each other again. It may not be easy. If we don’t like each other and don’t cooperate at the critical moment, it will be troublesome.”

“So, you have a good impression of Hunter?”

“Whether it’s his professional ethics or character, he’s not bad. Not only me, but Lala is also very satisfied with him. We’ve never treated him as a bodyguard, but as a friend. He’s not as reserved as he was when he first came.”

“In that case, let him continue to protect you…”

Alex and Isla combined Hunter and Cynthia to be together separately, and each of them was responsible for one. Hunter knew that both of them were helping him. Only Cynthia thought that only Isla was helping, but she didn’t know that Alex was also involved.

At present, Alex didn’t want to break this situation, so he didn’t directly ask, but took action from the side.

At present, from the impression and attitude of Hunter and Cynthia to each other, the momentum was still quite good. As long as this momentum continued, it would not be long before they would become lovers. Moreover, the chance of them finally being together was very high.

Alex’s own marriage was basically settled, and Cynthia’s progress was not bad.

This could be said to be a double joy.

Alex was in a good mood and decided to treat everyone to barbecue.

In order to maintain a good figure, Isla and Cynthia did not have the habit of having dinner at night, but today’s situation was special. In addition, they had the urge to drink some wine, so they made an exception and agreed. In the alley less than two hundred meters away from the community, there were several barbecue restaurants. The five of them did not drive, but walked forward.

Cynthia was very familiar with this place. She chose a good barbecue restaurant and asked for a private room.

Under the repeated demands of Alex, Big Ken and Hunter also went to the table.

However, Big Ken and Hunter did not drink, and they were always on alert. They were still in work mode.

With their protection, Alex, Isla, and Cynthia had nothing to worry about. It was rare to have such an opportunity. The three of them, who had been suppressed for a long time, chatted happily for a long time. Although the three of them were in different situations, they had connections with each other. No matter what topic they talked about, they could chat together.

The reason why Alex spoke the most sincerely was that he had experienced too many changes and the relationship with Isla was bizarre. After several partings, they finally returned to the right track.

After going through the storm, the relationship between them became deeper and deeper. Without any confession or confirmation of their relationship, they came directly to propose marriage. To outsiders, this matter seemed to be very abrupt, but neither of them felt uncomfortable. Instead, they naturally accepted this unexpected fact.

It had been raining for a long time. Suddenly, the clouds were lifted and the sun was visible. This kind of carefree feeling was hard to describe.

Isla was in the same mood as Alex, but she was a little shy in addition to excitement.

From today onwards, she and Alex would be true lovers.

On the way to have barbecue, she began to think about a problem.

From a friend to a lover, the relationship changed, which meant that the way they got along would also change.

But she, who had never been in love, had no idea how to play the role of “girlfriend”.

Compared with Alex and Isla, Cynthia’s mood was not so complicated. She was not only excited but also excited. Isla was her best sister, and Alex was her good friend. The two of them could be together, except for the two parties involved, she was the happiest. Moreover, Alex and Isla could be together, and she was the first hero. Therefore, in addition to being happy, she had a great sense of achievement.

“When I retire, can I be used as a matchmaker?”

She felt that she had the potential to be a matchmaker, so she thought so.

Besides, she had never had a boyfriend since graduation. After so many years, she finally met a man she liked, Hunter. Although they had just known each other for a short time and they could only be considered friends at present, they got along very well and had a chance to develop further.

She was too embarrassed to say it out loud, but she was still very excited when she thought about it…

Happy times always passed quickly, and it was almost eleven o’clock in the blink of an eye.

The capacity of Isla and Cynthia to drink was very limited. They were a little dizzy after drinking several glasses of beer.

Alex paid the bill and helped Isla up. Then he winked at Hunter and said, “I’ll leave the beautiful Cynthia to you.”

“Huh?” Hunter was stunned and replied awkwardly, “Send her home?”

“Otherwise, where else do you want to take her?”

“Hehe, go home, send her home…”

Hunter smiled foolishly and helped Cynthia up. He imitated Alex’s behavior, grabbing Cynthia’s arm with one hand and holding her waist with the other, letting her lean against him. He whispered in her ear, “Beauty Cynthia, it’s time to go back. Hold my clothes and don’t fall.”


Cynthia’s drinking capacity was better than Isla’s, so in fact, she was not very dizzy.

The reason why she pretended to be unable to walk was to create an opportunity for herself to be close to happiness.

Seeing Alex and Isla together, she was no longer envious and a little anxious…

On the way back, Alex helped Isla to the front, followed by Hunter and Cynthia. Big Ken was at the back, keeping a high vigilance. From the moment he left the barbecue shop, Big Ken felt that something was wrong, as if he had been targeted.

After passing a crossroad, Big Ken finally saw something unusual. There was a black domestic car that had been following them all the time. It was about dozens of meters away, maintaining the same speed as them. A young man sitting in the passenger seat was holding a single-handed camera that added a long camera.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Big Ken inadvertently approached Alex and said softly, “Young Master, I’m afraid that we have to speed up. There are suspicious people on the right… Don’t look back! The other party has been following us silently and doesn’t seem to want to take action. Don’t alert the enemy first.”

“I see,” Alex said and subconsciously quickened his pace.

After entering the community, Big Ken saw that the following car did not follow them in. He was a little relieved and said to Alex, “Young Master, you go up first. I’ll wait at the door to see what’s going on. By the way, don’t go upstairs directly. Go around the community first. After entering the house, immediately close all the curtains. In order to be safe, it’s best not to open the curtains during the day…”

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