Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 223

Alex did not dare to be careless. He remembered Big Ken’s reminder and sent Isla home. He temporarily gave up the idea of leaving with a kiss. He closed the curtain and hurried downstairs to meet Big Ken at the gate. He asked anxiously, “What’s going on now?”

Big Ken pointed to the road and said, “The car went straight there and didn’t come back. If my guess is right, they were just here to step on the ground or to investigate. They didn’t intend to take action. But next time, it’s not certain.”

“Then let Isla and the others live in another place as soon as possible?”

“That’s for the best.”

“I see.”

Alex nodded and took Big Ken back to the car. He immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Fang Chen.

People of different identities might have different ways to deal with the same problem. Ordinary people needed houses, so they weighed whether to rent or buy them based on their own economic strength. If they wanted to buy them, they needed to find the house source by themselves, or find acquaintances who sold houses to ask if there was a suitable house source.

As for Alex, he didn’t want to rent a house at all. He could just buy it directly.

Anyway, he had nothing to do with the money in his card, so buying houses was just an investment. What’s more, he contacted the son of the boss of the largest real estate enterprise in the city! His economic strength was not something that anyone could have. His connections were not something ordinary people could compare with.

On the way back to the villa area of South City, Alex had been thinking about two things. The first was to analyze and guess the identity of the stalker just now. Only when he knew the identity of the other party could he make a necessary decision. Otherwise, he could only constantly transfer and get into trouble.

The second problem was the house. In addition to solving the living problem of Isla and others, he also had to consider promising the betrothal gifts of Xena. If Wyatt Corporation had a suitable house source, it would be better to buy two more sets…

Unknowingly, Big Ken had driven the car to the entrance of the villa area in South City.

Alex inadvertently noticed that on the bulletin board next to the front door duty room, there was a sign of rent. He was suddenly interested. “Stop!”

Big Ken instantly became nervous and quickly stepped on the brake. “Young Master, what happened?”

“I’ll go check the notice…”

Alex pointed at the bulletin board, got out of the car, and walked over quickly. He approached and looked at it carefully. When he learned that there were two adjacent villas selling in the villa area at the same time, he couldn’t help but sigh. “Is this a gift specially prepared for me by God? God is too considerate!”

Big Ken also came over and frowned. “Why did someone suddenly sell a villa?”

“Who knows? I’ll know when I call…”

As Alex spoke, he took out his mobile phone and was ready to dial the number left on the notice.

At this time, the security guard on duty came over and said to them politely, “I’m sorry, but you can’t park the car at the door.”

“I’ll copy a phone number and leave right away.” Alex nodded to the security guard and asked casually, “Brother, I’ve been staying here for a while. I haven’t seen anyone selling villas before. Why are there two sets of them today?”

“I was still talking to my colleagues about this in the afternoon. I heard that two bosses from other cities failed to invest in the local area and were ready to go back to their hometown to develop.”

“I see. It sounds miserable.”

“Haha, for a big boss like you, it’s really miserable. But for ordinary people like us, a thin camel is bigger than a horse. Even if their investment fails and there is no harvest, just selling the villa can bring back millions of yuan, and they are still rich. By the way, I heard that the two bosses are shareholders of Qingyun Media. They are not simple…”

“What? A shareholder of Qingyun Media?”

“Yes! What’s wrong?”

“No… nothing.”

Alex shook his head and subconsciously withdrew his finger, which was ready to dial. He couldn’t help but think that if the former shareholder of Qingyun Media was selling a villa, he might not be able to buy it. After all, in the eyes of those shareholders, he was the main cause of their failure in investing.

This problem was easy to solve. He could ask someone to buy it for him.

The next morning, as soon as Alex got up, he received a phone call from Fang Chen. “I’m sorry, Mr. Alex. I slept early last night and my phone was muted. I didn’t see your WeChat message in time. Do you want to buy a house? Coincidentally, there are two villas sold in the villa area where you live.”

“I saw the notice,” Alex replied, “I heard that the owner of the two villas turned out to be a shareholder of Quill City Media.”

“That’s right. Originally, if someone wanted to sell the villa, we would try our best to buy it back and then sell it. As a result, the two of them recognized me and refused to sell it to me. After several rounds of negotiation, they insisted on selling it by themselves. By the way, Mr. Alex, if you want to buy it, you’d better not buy it in person.”

“I’m thinking about it. I’ll call a brother to help…”

After chatting with Fang Chen, Alex confirmed the news he heard from the security guard last night. He immediately called Felix and asked him to help buy the villa.

Felix readily agreed and got in touch with the seller. They made an appointment to meet at 11 o’clock in the morning to talk in detail.

At half past ten, Felix drove to the villa area and met Alex. They were discussing how to work separately and cooperate. Fang Chen also came over and added some information to them.

It turned out that the name of the person who sold the villa was Cao Zhenxing, and he lived in Villa B07.

The owner of B06 next door was Cao Zhenxing’s friend. He had left the city first and asked him to help sell it.

They turned out to be small shareholders of Qingyun Media. After the stock was sold, they agreed to go back to their hometown to develop, so they planned to sell the villa. Fang Chen knew their identities. When he proposed to buy the villa out of sympathy, he did not lower the price. Instead, he directly offered a genuine price that met the market price, which was six million yuan.

But Cao Zhenxing bore a grudge. Not only did he not appreciate it, but he also spoke rudely.

Fang Chen’s heart was burning with anger. He rushed over and wanted to discuss the price with Alex. Cao Zhenxing didn’t accept his kindness, but now he had a “evil” intention. His only purpose was to try his best to lower the price and never let Cao Zhenxing take any advantage!

Although it was a little boring, the three of them calmed down and started to think…

At 11:30, Cao Zhenxing called and said that he was the door of the villa.

According to the plan they had discussed, Felix replied that they were still on the way, but they should arrive on time at 11 o’clock according to the agreement and let Cao Zhenxing wait for a moment. Then, Alex and Fang Chen rushed over first and met Cao Zhenxing.

Cao Zhenxing felt disgusted when he saw Fang Chen. When he found that Alex was also there, his face immediately darkened. “What are you doing here? Did you call just now?”

Alex pretended to be surprised and asked, “What call?”

“It’s good that you didn’t call me. Tell me, why did you come to me?”

“I’ve heard from you that you want to sell a villa. I’ll come and have a look. You know, I like investment. If the price is right, I’m willing to buy your villa. Last time we cooperated happily. I believe that we can also cooperate happily this time.”

“Happy? What do you think? Alex, you’d better get out of here before I get angry!”

Cao Zhenxing’s heart was twitching.

Alex’s words were like salt on Cao Zhenxing’s wound. Previously, he was in a hurry to make the shares in his hand in real life, so he gritted his teeth and agreed to give the shares to Alex. But now, when he was not worried about the villa being sold out, how could he cooperate with Alex again?

Alex pretended to be confused and asked, “What’s going on? I took your shares and helped you stop losing. It’s a kind intention. But according to your words, you don’t seem to be happy. Do you want to repay kindness with revenge? Haven’t you heard that a drop of water should be repaid with a spring?”

“Get lost! My villa can’t be sold to you!”

“Then I can guarantee that your villa can’t be sold!”

“Hiss… Alex, where did you get the confidence to do that? The man next to you doesn’t dare to say that, does he?”

Cao Zhenxing was talking when he received a call from Felix. Knowing that Felix was coming soon, he hung up the phone and sneered at Alex. “Didn’t you fucking say that my villa can’t be sold out? Then I’ll sell it out in front of you!”

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