Super Son-In-Law Chapter 227

Alex knew what he was capable of. In the case that Big Ken couldn’t defeat his opponent quickly, he had no chance of winning at all. He didn’t know when the helpers would arrive, and now he could only rely on himself. This made him and Big Ken in an extremely dangerous situation.

They had to think of a good way; otherwise they might not be able to hold on until the arrival of the helpers.


While Alex was thinking about it, he suddenly suffered a heavy blow in his lower abdomen and fell backward straight.

After a short period of contact, he had already noticed that the three opponents who were besieging him were not ordinary people, but one of them had the most outstanding combat capability and was a top master. Now he was sent flying by the top master’s kick.

After landing on the ground, he fell to the ground and was hit on the back of the pistol. The intense pain went straight to the depths of his mind, which made him feel absent-minded and a little confused. He had experienced a lot and knew clearly that the more critical the situation was, the more sober his mind should be.

Otherwise, he could only be trampled upon by others!

Alex clenched his teeth, shook his head with all his strength, and forced himself to calm down. He noticed that the three opponents were all rushing over, and quickly rolled to the side with his hands. He avoided the attacks of the opponents, and then climbed up. During this process, he also grabbed the pistol in his hand. The bullet was loaded, and he raised his hand to fire two shots.

With two “bang bang” sounds, one bullet missed the target and made a hole on the ground. The other bullet hit the opponent’s waist. The man was hit on the spot and could not get up in a short time. Unfortunately, the reaction speed of the top master was very fast. He dodged in time and was not shot.

Alex unexpectedly lit up his gun and decisively fired it, catching the opponents off guard and giving them a chance to breathe. However, considering that the opponent also had a gun, he did not dare to relax at all. He quickly turned the muzzle and aimed at the top master, roaring, “Don’t move! Don’t move if you don’t want to die!”

The top masters knew that Alex was not joking, so they quickly raised their hands, ready to take out their guns.

On the other side, when Big Ken heard the gunshot, he realized that something was wrong.

Sure enough, the strong man who led two followers to besiege Big Ken also took out his pistol.

If the hand-to-hand combat turned into a spear battle, the situation would suddenly improve, and the danger level of both sides would be greatly increased.

What Big Ken was most worried about wasn’t his own safety, but he didn’t want Alex to be in a more dangerous situation. In order to avoid the gun fight, he quickly controlled an opponent and put his neck in front of him, so that the strong man wouldn’t dare to shoot easily.

As long as he could form a stalemate with his opponent, he could win more time.

Alex saw that Big Ken and the strong man were also confronting each other. Without any worries, he bravely approached the opponent who was lying on the ground. He raised his gun with one hand and aimed at the top master. He began to fumble around the opponent with the other hand and found that there was no gun on this person.

It seemed that not all six opponents had guns, which was good news.

Alex suddenly thought that if all the opponents had guns, they would took them out after he showed the guns. If his guess was right, among the six opponents, only the top master and the strong man had guns. The other four people were relatively weaker, but they had little followers and did not have guns!

Just when Alex was hesitating whether to take away the guns from the top master, he suddenly heard the siren!

Finally, reinforcements arrived!

Alex was overjoyed. He quickly ran to the front of Big Ken and stood back to back with Big Ken.

The opponents all panicked. Except for the one who couldn’t get up and the one who was controlled by Big Ken, the other four opponents also gathered together. Today’s action was supposed to be a sure one, but there was a mistake. In the plan of the strong man, the person in charge of this task should have completed the task on the road.

Big Ken’s psychological quality was good. He didn’t make a mistake in a hurry and successfully resolved the danger of being chased.

After arriving here, Alex showed his gun and the current siren, which were also unexpected for the strong man. It was the continuous accidents that blocked the strong man’s task and put him in a dilemma. If he retreated now, he was really unwilling. But if he didn’t leave, he couldn’t leave when the police came.

After a brief discussion with his companions, the strong man took out his mobile phone and made a phone call. Then he made up his mind and said to his companions, “Retreat now!”

After that, the four turned around and ran away.

Knowing that they would run into the police car head-on, they did not drive, nor did they pay attention to their two temporary companions.

Big Ken took the gun from Alex and fired several shots at the escaping opponents.

Although Big Ken’s marksmanship was very good, the accuracy of the pistol was several levels lower than that of the sniper rifle. In addition, the opponents rushed into the dark slope, so he couldn’t see clearly. After the first round of bullets, only two opponents were knocked down. The two most powerful ones, the strong man and the top master, disappeared at the end of their sight.

About two minutes later, the police officer led by team leader Pang arrived at the scene.

After knowing the situation from Alex and Big Ken, Captain Pang immediately sent someone to chase after the strong man and the other two. Then, he arranged the police to arrest the three opponents who failed to escape. The two who were shot had to be sent to the hospital and the interrogation had to be carried out in the hospital.

Fortunately, there was another one who was not seriously injured. He could directly take him back to the Municipal Bureau for interrogation overnight.

Alex was relieved of the danger, but he couldn’t be happy. He immediately dialed Hunter’s number, but no one answered. He quickly dialed Isla’s number and finally answered. He heard Isla’s crying voice, “Our car was intercepted at the gate of the community. Hunter is negotiating with the other party…”

“What? Then you and Cynthia stay in the car and lock the doors and windows. Don’t get out of the car!”

Alex’s heart was in his throat. After giving some instructions, he hung up the phone and said to Group Leader Pang, “My friends are in danger. We must save them immediately!”

Captain Pang frowned and said, “Lead the way!”

Alex quickly got in the car and told Big Ken what Isla had just said on the phone. Then he added, “I was confused just now. The number of enemies was the absolute advantage, and the number of guns was more than ours. They actually escaped before the police arrived. Now I understand that catching us is only one of their tasks. It doesn’t matter if we fail. As long as they catch Isla, it’s no different from catching me directly!”

Big Ken nodded. “Young Master, didn’t you call for help just now? Tell them to change the direction quickly.”

“Yes, yes…”

Alex was suddenly enlightened and quickly called Ma Zhiyuan. The danger on their side had been resolved, so there was no need for Ma Zhiyuan’s helpers to run here. They rushed directly to Isla and might be able to support them before they arrived.

As for Alex, he could not help now. The only thing he could do was to pray that Isla could also overcome the danger…

At this time, Isla was sitting in the passenger seat of her Maserati, and Cynthia and Xena were sitting in the back row. The three of them looked very serious, staring at Hunter who was standing in front of the car and confronting several opponents. Before Hunter got out of the car, he said the same words to them as Alex, telling them not to get out of the car.

Of course, even if no one said it, they did not dare to go down now.

Because Maserati was blocked by two domestic cars, the distance between the front and the back was less than 30 centimeters, and it was blocked tightly. Moreover, on both sides of the car, there was a young man with a mask on his face guarding it. If the door was closed and they could not open it from the outside, they would have been dragged down long ago.

The more Xena looked at it, the more anxious she became. She said with a sullen face, “Are those people the enemies of Alex? We are also implicated by him!”

“Mom, now is not the time to talk about this…”

Isla turned around and was about to explain to Xena.

Cynthia’s eyes suddenly widened. “Oh no, they’re fighting!”


Isla looked up again and found that Hunter was fighting with someone.

More importantly, Isla saw in the rearview mirror that someone took out a big hammer from the trunk of the car from the back and quickly walked over. It was about to break in!

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