Super Son-In-Law Chapter 228

“It’s over!”

Isla guessed what the man with the hammer was going to do, and her heart immediately went cold.

Seeing this scene, Hunter’s face turned pale with fear. He knew that the Maserati’s glass had been changed. It could be bullet-proof, but it couldn’t withstand the hammer’s strikes! Even if it could withstand one or two strikes, it couldn’t withstand the big hammer’s thump. Not to mention the glass, even the iron sheets couldn’t withstand it so much.

Now it was time for Isla and Cynthia to urgently need help, but Hunter was surrounded by four or five opponents, and two of them were top masters. It was difficult for him to resist and he couldn’t retreat at all. Even if he was willing to risk his life to help, the opponents would definitely not let him get what he wanted.

Having analyzed this point, Hunter still ran to Maserati without hesitation.

But the next second, he suffered a heavy blow and was kicked to the ground.

He endured the sharp pain and got up to continue fighting, trying to rush out of the encirclement. He had tried his best, but there were some things that could not be achieved by working hard. Just like now, the opponent’s fighting capacity was not bad, and he had guessed his intention. How could he let him achieve his goal when he could stop him?

Soon, the situation that he didn’t want to see the most happened.

With a bang, the person holding the hammer in both hands swung the hammer with all his strength and smashed it on the window of the Maserati’s co-pilot seat. The glass was not broken, nor did it fall off, but there was a crack on the glass. Then came the second and the third.

The man with the hammer smashed fiercely, showing a posture that he would not stop until the glass was smashed.

Isla was so scared that her soul was almost gone. Every time the hammer hit, her whole body and heart would tremble. She climbed to the driver’s seat with fear, clutched the back of the seat tightly, and looked at Cynthia and Xena, who were also nervous and afraid that they could not speak, and wanted to ask what to do.

But on second thought, since both Alex and Hunter were not there, she was the backbone.

Therefore, after asking Cynthia and Xena to stabilize themselves, Isla braced herself and said, “Mom, Cynthia, don’t worry. The glass of this car should have been changed by Alex. They can’t smash it. Besides, I have called Alex and called the police. Someone will come to save us soon!”

Xena said eagerly, “Then hurry up and call!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll call right now!”

Isla quickly took out her mobile phone.

Cynthia did not respond and kept observing the glass smashed by the hammer. She guessed that Isla was pretending to be calm. She knew that some glass was made of composite materials, and the hardness was very high. For example, the glass used by the glass warehouse could not be smashed by the hammer. However, the glass was very thick, and the glass on the window was less than one finger thick, so it was impossible for it to withstand the continuous strikes.

In other words, the replaced glass could not bring 100 percent safety.

In addition to worrying about the safety of the three people in the car, Cynthia also cared about the safety of Hunter. The current situation of Hunter was the same as the glass of this car. Hunter had a high fighting capacity, strong strength, and could fight against the opponent. But if they continued to fight, he would be at a disadvantage.

As she thought about this, Cynthia’s eyes suddenly widened, eyes about to roll out. It was because she saw a hole appear on the glass that had been smashed by the hammer many times! Along with the glass that was pierced through, there was also the last safety barrier of the three of them!

If the glass was smashed, it meant that the breakthrough point had been opened, and the next step would be simple.

In less than a minute, the glass was almost smashed into half. The person in charge of smashing the glass put down the hammer, reached his hand into the car, and was ready to open the door.

Cynthia and Xena were so scared that they snuggled tightly together.

Isla, who was talking to Alex, was also scared out of her wits. In a hurry, she suddenly raised her foot and pressed the hand that was about to open the door against the car door. She quickly exerted all her strength and stepped on it again.

“Ah… My hand!”

The man felt the pain and quickly withdrew his hand. He glared at Isla and gnashed his teeth. “Bitch, how dare you kick me? You’re courting death!”

After that, the man took out a gun and was about to shoot Isla.

At this moment, another man with a mask rushed over, grabbed the gun, and lifted it into the car. He aimed at Isla and said, “You’d better behave yourself, or none of you will survive! We caught you to deal with Alex. If you cooperate obediently, maybe you can save your lives!”

Hearing this, Xena confirmed her guess and once again felt endless hatred for Alex. But now it was not the time to discuss it. She replied quickly, “Let’s cooperate, 100%! As long as you don’t hurt us, we can help you deal with Alex!”

“That’s for the best! But it’s useless to just say it. If you want to save your lives, you have to find an opportunity to make contributions!”

“Don’t worry, if there is an opportunity to make contributions, we will definitely seize it. Lala, don’t act recklessly!”

Xena was self-righteous and used her own thoughts to represent Isla and Cynthia.

Isla did not intend to cooperate with the opponent to deal with Alex, but she was scared by the black muzzle and did not dare to move.

Without Isla’s obstruction, the door of the passenger seat was opened.

Then, the rest of the car doors were opened, and the three of them were pulled down brutally.

Among the opponents, a thin man and an expert were responsible for this mission.

The skinny man, who was participating in the siege of Hunter, saw Isla and the other two being captured and quickly pushed out the battle to run over. He stared fiercely at the three of them and suddenly waved his hand, saying, “Take them away and guard them closely. They are absolutely not allowed to escape. This is a death order!”


A few of his lackeys got the order and dragged Isla to the back of the car in front of them. They tied Isla’s hands and feet up, and there was a guard on both sides. Cynthia and Xena were taken to the back car, and they were also tightly guarded.

The skinny man sat in the passenger seat of the car in front of him and shouted at his followers who were still besieging Hunter, “Kill him, and retreat now!”

Since the two cars were full, it was destined that they could not take away all their followers. In addition, the thin man was in a hurry to go back to report. In order to prevent too many things from happening, he closed the car door after giving the order and let the driver speed away.

The car behind him followed closely behind.

The remaining two people from Hunter were dumbfounded. The situation was not within their plan, so they did not plan to walk out of the scene in advance. Thinking that the police might be coming soon, they put themselves in the first place in a hurry, so they had no scruples. In front of the onlookers, one showed his short knife, and the other took out his gun, ready to kill Hunter.

As for Hunter, after the thin man got rid of the battle, the pressure was reduced a little, and he could resist. Before the opponent with the gun fired, he took the short knife from the other opponent’s hand and slashed at the right arm of the opponent with the spear. The man was in pain, and the gun almost slipped out of his hand.

Their opponents did not expect Hunter to be so capable. They looked at each other and chose to ignore the order issued by the thin man before they left. Then, they turned around and ran away.

Hunter quickly got on the Maserati and took out his gun. Seeing that the two opponents had run far away, he was too lazy to chase after them. He immediately drove to the direction where Isla and others were taken away. At the same time, he took out his mobile phone and reported the situation to Alex.

The Maserati’s performance was amazing. It caught up with the two target cars in minutes.

But then, a new problem arose.

Knowing that Hunter had caught up, the thin man changed his plan again. At a fork in the road, the two cars separated in the opposite direction.

Now Hunter was in a dilemma.

No matter how strong his combat capability was, no matter how fast the car drove, in this case, he could only chase one car. The people in the other car would definitely be taken away. On one side, it was Isla, whom Alex had instructed him to focus on protecting, and on the other side, it was the mother of Isla and his beloved Cynthia, who he had to do his best to protect.

Obviously, this was a very difficult choice…

If it were an ordinary person, they would most likely choose to give up Isla.

Because there were two people in the other car. Two lives were more valuable than one life, weren’t they? What’s more, one of them was a person who he was pursuing. Although this choice was mixed with selfishness, even if the employer asked, it could barely make sense. If it really didn’t work, it could be said that he had chosen casually at that time and didn’t know who was in the car.

However, Hunter was not an ordinary person.

After thinking for a while, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind to give up his Cynthia and Xena.

Although he was not a soldier, he had received regular training since he was a child. Like a soldier, obeying orders was his duty. Saving Isla was the best choice for Alex. If he chose to save Cynthia, he could not explain it to Alex, nor could he overcome the obstacles in his heart.

Although giving up Cynthia was also very guilty, he made the right choice at an urgent moment.

If he hadn’t paid attention to the license plates of the two cars just now, he wouldn’t be so entangled now…

Hunter forced himself to make a choice first, and then he calmed down through taking a deep breath, and then concentrated on driving. After less than five minutes, he saw that the target car was about to get on the high bridge. He seized the opportunity and slammed into it, making the target car lose control and hit a stone block at the entrance of the high bridge. He bumped into it again and firmly resisted the front of the target car.

Finally, the target car was stopped.

Hunter quickly got out of the car and rushed to the target car. The opponents were all injured in the process of the collision, and they hadn’t reacted yet. He didn’t hesitate at all. He fired four shots in succession and disabled all the four opponents, including the thin man. As for whether those people could survive or not, it depended on their luck.

He didn’t want to kill so many people, but the situation was urgent. He couldn’t care so much and could only shoot decisively.

If the opponent reacted, then with Isla as a hostage, he would fall into a passive position and miss the opportunity to save her.

After dealing with all the opponents, he opened the car door and helped Isla out. Seeing that there was blood on Isla’s forehead, he directly took her into the car. “Boss Isla, sit down. I’ll take you to the hospital right now!”

“No!” Isla suddenly calmed down, shook her head, and said, “I just knocked my head a few times. It’s not life-threatening. I’m not in a hurry to go to the hospital. My mother and Cynthia are the most important. Listen to me, go back quickly!”

“It’s too late! This car is very fast, but it has been ten minutes. I don’t know the escape route of the opponent, so I can’t catch up with it.”

“What should we do?”

“There is no good way at the moment. We can only take it one step at a time. However, don’t worry too much. The opponent took them away to deal with the young master. They will definitely contact the young master. At that time, we will seize the opportunity to rescue them!”

Hunter also wanted to save Cynthia. Now his heart was bleeding.

However, reality did not allow it.

He was doomed to be unable to save Cynthia and Xena in time. What he needed to do now was to take Isla to the hospital for medical treatment. Giving up Cynthia was already a torture for him. If something happened to Isla again, all his efforts today would be in vain. He would definitely feel guilty for the rest of his life…

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