Super Son-In-Law Chapter 231

Alex was too lazy to talk nonsense with Tang Qingsong. He glanced at the opponents and said firmly, “I’ll say it again. In the future, there will be no one like Tang Qingsong on the streets of Quill City. His territory will be completely taken over by Xie Si. On account of the fact that you don’t have a direct hatred for me for the time being, I can give you a chance to withdraw automatically. But listen carefully, there is only one chance, and the time limit is three minutes. Those who haven’t left the time limit are the common enemies of me and Xie Si. They are counted as one!”

Tang Qingsong was very confident in his men and said disdainfully, “Cohen, are you fucking joking? Brothers, don’t listen to his nonsense. He knows that he can’t defeat me and scare you. Those who can remove me from the list aren’t still f*cking given a birth! Don’t be afraid. Let’s go together and kill them. The first one to defeat him will be rewarded with 100,000 yuan! The first one to cripple him will be rewarded with 200,000 yuan.”

On another occasion, Tang Qingsong’s words might be convincing.

100,000 or 200,000 yuan was indeed very attractive to ordinary street hooligans.

But now, he said these words on his knees, and the effect was greatly reduced.

The people present were not fools. Everyone could see that Tang Qingsong was at the end of his rope. He wanted to launch the final counterattack—he was destined to lose more miserably. All his subordinates knew who Alex and Xie Si were. Through the first and second frontal confrontation, they had seen their strength.

In fact, there had been rumors in the city’s gangsters circle. Now, only Yan Gui, a legendary figure, could compete with Xie Si, who was in full swing. Unfortunately, the battle between these two big shots was destined not to happen, because Alex had magically connected these two big shots, who seemed to be unable to get along well with each other. These two people were friends in private, allies to the outside world, and were very loyal to each other. It was unlikely that they would fight in public or in private.

The small powers that challenged Xie Si previously all ended up with failure. They were either made up or subdued.

In terms of the smartest way to do it, it was better to recognize the situation from the very beginning and not make trouble for Xie Si.

As for Tang Qingsong, he was the third type. He attacked blindly and was beaten back, but he didn’t learn his lesson.

Just as Alex had just said, Tang Qingsong’s fate was purely his own fault.

Tang Qingsong had no brains, but he had his men! They all knew the principle of self-preservation, and they clearly knew what to do, but they were too embarrassed to be the first to make a choice. They looked at each other, then at each other, staring at each other, waiting for someone to take the lead.

The scene was completely silent, but those people were all nervous, and many people’s foreheads were sweating.

As time went by, the deadline given by Alex was almost up.

Finally, someone could no longer bear the pressure. He gritted his teeth, put down his weapon, and chose to leave.

As the saying goes, if a soldier is defeated like a mountain, a small breach may cause the whole mountain to collapse.

The first one to choose to withdraw was the second one, and the third one…

It turned out that it was not Alex, but Tang Qingsong.

For a time, the crisp sounds of cold weapons falling to the ground rose and fell one after another, forming a desolate tune for Tang Qingsong’s thanks. Each note turned into an invisible sharp arrow, stabbing straight into Tang Qingsong’s heart at a speed of 80 miles.

This change happened too suddenly. At first, Tang Qingsong didn’t expect this to happen, so he didn’t have time to fight for it. When he realized that more than half of his men had left, and the rest of them didn’t want to continue, there was no need to fight for it.

“How could this be?”

Tang Qingsong’s heart was stabbed, and his wounds were all over. He felt weak and collapsed to the ground.

Soon, three minutes passed. Tang Qingsong’s men had all left, leaving not a single one behind.

Not to mention that Tang Qing had loosened his grip, Alex was also surprised by the result.

The main reason was that Alex did not expect that Tang Qingsong, who had spent a lot of money to train and dig up the fighters, would resolutely choose to quit when Tang Qingsong needed the most support. However, they could not think that they were ungrateful people because of this. It was true that they lived a good life because of Tang Qingsong, but they also made a lot of money for Tang Qingsong. Strictly speaking, no one owed anyone.

Most importantly, they were disappointed with Tang Qingsong.

No… he should be desperate.

After all, who was willing to hang out with someone who was not online and was doomed to be defeated?

The scene became quiet again.

Alex stepped into the fighting club’s hall, followed by Big Ken, Ma Zhiyuan, Xie Si, and the other core figures. Then, Tang Qingsong, who had almost turned into a walking corpse, was dragged in and thrown in front of Alex like a dead pig.

It was finally time to get down to business.

In order to further resolve the guilt of Hunter, Alex said to Hunter, “You know the situation the best. You can also interrogate him. Don’t have any scruples. Come as soon as possible. Even if he dies here, I can guarantee that you won’t get into trouble.”

“Okay, Young Master.” Hunter nodded heavily, walked to Tang Qingsong with red eyes, and stepped on the joints of Tang Qingsong’s right wrist directly. He asked in a cold voice, “Tell me, where did you take the two hostages to? What do you want to do with them?”

Tang Qingsong, who was in a daze, was woken up by the sharp pain and screamed like a pig being killed. It took him more than ten seconds to get used to it. He gritted his teeth and glared at Hunter, saying, “Go to hell! Kill me if you dare!”


Hunter stepped on Tang Qingsong’s left ankle and crushed it. “It’s a pity to kill a heartless scourge like you. It’s not so easy for you to die. If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll give you all the ways to torture you. Only by experiencing the pain of the world can you wash away your sins.”

Tang Qingsong had intended to pretend that he would die as soon as possible, but at the beginning, he was scared to death by Hunter’s piercing eyes and sharp means. Under the torture of the pain that went straight to the depths of his soul, he was in a trance, and his willpower was not as firm as before.

Noticing that Hunter was walking to the other side and was about to hit his ankle again, he knew that Hunter was not joking. He quickly begged for mercy. “You’re ruthless. I’ve told you everything! I only sent people to participate in the two arrest today. I didn’t order them. I don’t know where the hostages were taken…”

“Who are you cooperating with?”

“A man named Pei Chong.”

“Hiss… Pei Chong? How did you know him?”

“At first, it was Gerald who found me and introduced Pei Chong to me. They were in the same team and asked me to cooperate with them to carry out some tasks. They promised to give me a generous reward after it’s done. Both of them are big shots that I can’t afford to offend. Even if I don’t give them the reward, I dare not refuse. I can only follow their orders.”

“Then what is your task?”

“We should cooperate with Pei Chong’s men to catch as many people as possible that Alex cares about…”

Tang Qingsong was scared out of his wits. He was completely honest and would answer any question he asked.

Hunter felt that Tang Qingsong should not be lying, but he did not dare to come to a conclusion. He walked up to Alex and said, “Young Master, look…”

After hearing Tang Qingsong say that he was cooperating with Pei Chong, Alex knew that this matter was on the right track.

Tang Qingsong was just a pawn, or cannon fodder.

The real contest would still take place between Alex and Pei Chong.

For Alex, they had now returned to the starting point.

Fortunately, he had taken some territories through the battle just now, otherwise, he would have wasted his efforts.

After thinking for a while, Alex called Xie Si aside and whispered, “I’ll leave Tang Qingsong to you first. Find a way to take away everything he has before he is taken away by Group Leader Pang. This time, we can’t kill him, but we must make him as clean as when he came out of his mother’s womb! Do you understand what I mean?”

After thinking for a few seconds, Xie Si nodded and said, “Yes… I understand!”

“Then hurry up and deal with this matter. It’s time for us to continue with our business.”

After Alex finished speaking, he returned to the car with his brothers. As soon as he asked Big Ken to start the car, Xie Si rushed over. “Mr. Cohen, wait a minute, someone has found the target car!”

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