Super Son-In-Law Chapter 232

Hearing Xie Si’s shout, Big Ken subconsciously put the car on the safe side.

Alex had already jumped out of the car and quickly walked up to Xie Si. He asked hurriedly, “Where are you?”

Xie Si replied, “In a village in the countryside!”

“The countryside? Is the information reliable?”

“It’s not far away. It’s less than 10 kilometers away from the city. A brother named Fatty has confirmed the car number and vehicle number with his own eyes. He also sent a photo to you. It shouldn’t be a problem… Mr. Cohen, I will immediately forwarded the address and Fatty’s phone number to you. You can contact him directly and go to find him.”

“Okay! I’ll leave now! Fourth Sister Xie, you’ve made a contribution. I’ll give you a bonus later!”

Alex patted Xie Si on the shoulder and quickly ran back to the car. According to the address sent by Xie Si, he found a convenient route to the destination on navigation. Pointing at the end of the line, he said to Big Ken, “Brother Big Ken, the sooner the better!”

“Got it! Put on your seatbelts and sit tight. Let’s go!”

Big Ken saw the correct route, reminded him, and immediately controlled the car to shoot out.

Under the inertia effect, Alex felt a strong sense of push-back and stuck tightly to the back of the car. The mobile phone in his hand was almost thrown out. When the car entered the main road and calmed down a little, he quickly sent the address to Ma Zhiyuan, who was following him, and then dialed Fatty’s number.

After communicating with Fatty, Alex confirmed the information and confirmed the contribution of Xie Si.

Generally speaking, the forces on the streets were only scattered in the city area. Once they left the city, they would be caught blind.

The police officers represented by Group Leader Pang were not very familiar with the countryside, so it was inconvenient for them to handle cases.

And in this respect, Xie Si had a unique advantage.

Take this incident for example. Pei Chong knew that there were too many people in the city and it was not suitable for kidnapping, so he took the hostage to the countryside, so that the large number of brothers and police under Xie Si’s command in the city could not find the target in time. Fatty, as the spy of Xie Si in Xiaogou Village, provided the most critical and valuable clue at the most urgent moment.

Presumably, the police would not have expected that someone would find the target car first.

At the same time, Pei Chong probably didn’t expect that Alex could get this information so quickly.

Thank you, Xie Si!

Since Xie Si took over Chase’s territory, his focus had shifted from the countryside to the downtown area. However, the spies planted in the countryside and the suburbs had not been canceled. He planned to find an opportunity to gather those spies to the urban area and officially give up the original sphere of influence.

But after this incident, Xie Si changed his mind and decided not to remove those spies.

Alex also considered this. After all, this was not the first time that the spies in the countryside had made contributions.

The two of them happened to agree with each other. After chatting on WeChat for a while, this matter was settled.

“Buzz buzz buzz… Buzz buzz buzz…”

While they were chatting, Alex’s cell phone vibrated and a strange number called.

Alex guessed who was calling and could not help getting nervous. But without hesitation, he looked at Big Ken and then took a deep breath. After adjusting a little, he picked up the phone, pressed the speaker, pretended to be calm and said, “Hello, I’m Alex!”

A low male voice came from the speaker. “Cynthia and Xena are in my hands.”

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap them?”

“Aren’t you asking the question because you know the answer? I must have caught them to find you. As for my identity, you will know when you arrive. Later, I will send the address to your mobile phone and give you an hour to come here. Remember, if you don’t want them to die here, don’t call the police.”

“Judging from the voice, you are a man, aren’t you? No matter what kind of hatred you have with me, come at me if you have the guts. What kind of ability are you to kidnap two women? Besides, why should I believe you? I want to talk to the hostage! Although I am in a hurry now, I will not vote for you in a hurry!”

“Then I’ll remind you one more thing. You’d better behave yourself and put away your little thoughts. It’s useless to provoke me. You don’t have the right to negotiate with me now. The only way you can save them is to do as I say. Of course, you can choose to refuse, but you have to bear the consequences. All right, start now!”

After the person on the other end finished speaking, he decisively hung up the phone.

Although the man’s tone sounded very calm, and he didn’t even wear a dirty word from beginning to end, his attitude was very determined, leaving no room for negotiation. Before they met, just after a simple communication, Alex realized that this time, he was definitely the most difficult to deal with the kidnappers in his life.

Big Ken’s expression also became very serious. He analyzed, “Young master, judging from your conversation, that person shouldn’t be an ordinary person, nor does he do such a thing for the first time. He is very shrewd and steady. It’s not easy to deal with him. In this case, it’s my duty not to let you take risks. But I also know that it’s not your style to see you die…”

Alex nodded gently. “Brother Big Ken, thank you for your understanding. Don’t worry, I won’t act rashly.”

“I know that after experiencing so many things, your psychological quality and intelligence are the same, far surpassing your peers, and you have a certain degree of self-protection ability. This is also the reason why I didn’t stop you from going to save her. However, this time, your opponent is extremely powerful in all aspects, so you have to be extremely careful. I estimate that we can reach our destination ten minutes ahead of time. When we arrive, you don’t need to hurry up and show yourself first, let’s see what will happen first, in case…”


Alex opened the text message sent by the strange number and took a look. Suddenly, he raised his hand and interrupted Big Ken, “The address sent by that person is not in Xiaogou Village, but in osmanthus Village! From the navigation map, the two villages are not in the same direction at all, and the distance between them is 30 kilometers!”

“Well… that makes sense. Generally speaking, kidnappers would do that.”

“The problem is that we have to make a choice. If we continue to go to Xiaogou Village, we can’t reach the Osmanthus Village in an hour. But if we go to the Osmanthus Village, we won’t have the chance to go to Xiaogou Village to save people. There is another situation. At present, we have only found the target car in Xiaogou Village. What if the hostage is not there? Time is short, and we need to make a choice as soon as possible. What do you think?”

“The two hostages have only been kidnapped not long ago. Judging from the time alone, the other party doesn’t have the conditions to use the target car as a cover. More importantly, the other party won’t expect that we can find the target car so quickly. If I’m not wrong, the other side should put the main force in osmanthus Village and deal with you safely. If we suddenly come to Xiaogou Village at this time, we can take advantage of the opportunity to enter and catch the other side off guard. Maybe there will be unexpected results.”

Hunter, who was sitting in the back row, nodded and added, “I think what Brother Big Ken said makes sense! Young Master, if you don’t trust us, we can split up into two groups. You can take people to osmanthus Village to deal with them, and the other way to Xiaogou Village to save them. If you act fast enough, maybe you can save the two before you meet your opponent. In that case, you don’t have to take risks.”

Then Xiong Da and Big Ken both expressed their agreement with Hunter’s proposal.

After thinking for a while, Alex also felt that it was the safest way to deal with this situation. So he agreed with Hunter’s suggestion. He nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go to osmanthus Village! Brother Big Ken can accompany me. Hunter, Xiong Da, you two take Brother Yuan’s car and go to Xiaogou Village to save people.”


Big Ken resolutely rejected Alex’s statement. “Young Master, on the phone just now, the other party only said that you were not allowed to take the police with you, and he did not say that he did not want you to take others with you. This means that the other party is well prepared and is not afraid that you will take helpers with you. Under such circumstances, I dare not be arrogant. It’s better to take more people with you!”

“But… the personnel is limited!”

Alex knew what Big Ken said was reasonable, but the question he proposed was also very realistic. There seemed to be no shortage of manpower at first glance, and he could call Xie Si to send dozens of people to help at any time. However, this time, the opponents could not be underestimated. Ordinary people could not help, but only increase the casualties. Only when the masters went could they be useful.

At the very least, he had to be an expert at Ma Zhiyuan’s level as well as his comrades-in-arms.

Alex thought that he should arrange as many masters as possible to go to Xiaogou Village to save people. As long as the hostages were rescued and the other side no longer had any bargaining chips to threaten him, his pressure would naturally be reduced. Just like what Hunter just said, if the rescue speed was too fast, he might not need to negotiate with the other side and could directly go back home.

The four discussed for a while and came up with a compromise plan.

Alex took Big Ken and Xiong Da to osmanthus Village, while Hunter and Ma Zhiyuan went to Xiaogou Village to save people. At the same time, they asked Xie Si to arrange two teams of people to prepare for the rescue on both sides. There was no need to show up. All they needed to do was to prepare for the rescue when they retreated.

Alex urged Hunter to get out of the car and immediately asked Big Ken to change the direction and rush to the osmanthus village.

On the other side, Ma Zhiyuan drove his Hunter to Xiaogou Village as fast as he could and met Fatty at the entrance of the village.

After Hunter and Fatty confirmed each other’s identities, they couldn’t wait to ask, “Fatty, do you find anything else except the target car? For example… Is there anyone in the car? Is there anything wrong with the house near the car?”

Fatty scratched his head and replied, “There is no one in the car. Since I accidentally saw the target car, I have arranged someone to keep an eye on it. No one gets off the car, and no one gets on the car. The car is parked in front of a four-story building in the village. No one usually lives in it, but today the lights are on in the house. The situation is quite abnormal…”

“I see. Take us to have a look!”

Hunter couldn’t wait to save Cynthia. He quickly followed Fatty with Ma Zhiyuan and walked quietly through the village under the faint light.

About five minutes later, the three of them came to a corner. Fatty suddenly stopped, turned around, and made a gesture of silence. Then he looked out of the corner and found nothing unusual. He pointed to a small building dozens of meters away and introduced it softly, “The car is at the front door of that small building!”

“It’s late at night, and the lights on the second and third floors are still on. It’s obvious that there’s something wrong…” Hunter stared at the small building carefully and continued to say, “Come closer and have a look!”


Fatty bent down again and turned on the stealth mode. He took Hunter and Ma Zhiyuan to an alley opposite the front door of the small building and said in a low voice, “I saw a faint fire flash in the yard before. Maybe someone is watching in the yard, so we can’t move forward rashly!”

Hunter nodded and stared at the car in front of the small building. Suddenly, his heart ached. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, it’s that car!”

“What are you going to do now?”

“First of all, we have to find a way to confirm whether the hostage is here or not!”

Hunter was burning with anxiety and wished he could rush in.

Ma Zhiyuan noticed that there was something wrong with Hunter’s eyes. He quickly pressed his shoulder and said softly, “I just saw a drain that leads directly to the roof behind the small building. I want to see if I can climb up. If I can, I’ll go up and check the situation first…”

While they were talking, Ma Zhiyuan noticed from the corner of his eyes that the window of a room on the third floor of the building had been opened.

Then, a figure jumped out of the window…

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