Super Son-In-Law Chapter 233


Ma Zhiyuan’s pupils suddenly expanded several times, and his eyeballs almost rolled out. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “Someone jumped off the building!”

Before he could finish his words, the sound of someone falling to the ground came from the courtyard.

At the same time, two men on the third floor rushed to the window and looked down. Then they rushed downstairs.

A young man who was watching in the yard woke up from his nap in an instant. He quickly turned on the light in the yard and noticed a person lying on the ground beside the wall. When he was about to rush over to check the situation, he suddenly heard footsteps outside the door. When he looked back, he found that three young men broke through the closed door and came in one after another.

These three people were Ma Zhiyuan, Hunter, and Fatty.

Because there was a distance between them and the light was weak, Ma Zhiyuan could not see the face of the person who jumped off the building clearly, but he could roughly tell that she was a young woman. Combined with the actual situation, he subconsciously thought that it might be Cynthia who jumped off the building. He did not dare to say this idea out loud, so he decided to expose his identity in advance and confirm it.

Hunter’s heart also tightened. Like Hunter, he ignored the fact that he was still lurking. He followed up with Fatty and was stunned as soon as he entered the door.

Before the accident, Hunter had been with Cynthia almost all the time, so he knew what clothes Cynthia was wearing. Now he didn’t need to go closer to check. He could be sure that the person lying motionless on the ground and not knowing whether she was alive or dead was Cynthia!

At this moment, Hunter felt as if the sky had collapsed. He suffered the pressure of ten thousand jin, his entire being stupefied.

But his thoughts stopped and he didn’t stop. Instead, he sped up and rushed to Cynthia.

Ma Zhiyuan also knew that the situation that he didn’t want to see the most had finally been confirmed. He raised his hand and pushed Fatty to Hunter. Now that something had happened to Cynthia, Hunter’s mind and mood would definitely be affected. Someone had to take care of it.

Fatty understood. He bypassed the guardian and rushed to Hunter.

The series of unexpected situations confused the guardian. He finally came to his senses, glared at Ma Zhiyuan and the others, and asked, “Who are you? Who the fuck allowed you to come in?”

“I’m your ancestor!”

Ma Zhiyuan’s anger rose from his heart and he quickly met the guardian. After taking the punch head-on, he fought back with all his strength and hit the guardian’s face firmly. With a “bang”, the guardian’s nose collapsed, and his nose bone was broken. He fell straight down and fainted on the spot.

The next second, two more opponents rushed down. Without saying a word, they picked up their short knives and steel pipes and started to fight.

Ma Zhiyuan, who was filled with strong hatred, continued to fight with anger. He knocked down one of them with three punches and two kicks, took off the steel pipe, and slammed it against the blade. First, he sent the opponent’s short knife flying, and then he took the opportunity to hit the opponent’s head with another pipe, causing blood to splash on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, the three opponents were all gone.

Then several opponents who rushed out of the building were scared out of their wits by Ma Zhiyuan, who seemed to be the God of War. No one dared to accept the challenge. They swallowed the harsh words that were about to jump to their mouths. After a short time of staring at each other, they rushed back to the house and ran upstairs one after another.

Ma Zhiyuan vented part of his anger and calmed down a little. He didn’t chase after his opponent and ran to Cynthia. He felt Cynthia’s breath and suddenly his eyes lit up. He said to Hunter, who was holding Cynthia and crying, “She still has a weak breath. Hurry up and send her to the hospital!”

Fatty replied, “I’ve already made an emergency call.”

“Then we can’t wait here! This is the countryside, and it will take a certain time for the ambulance to arrive. Hunter, hurry up and take her to the hospital. Fatty, go with Hunter and find a way to contact the ambulance that came here. Try to make peace halfway, and try to shorten the time she is waiting for the ambulance!”

After Ma Zhiyuan finished speaking, he threw his car key to Fatty. He was not a doctor and had never experienced such a thing before, but he also knew that Cynthia was seriously injured and must be rescued as soon as possible.

He couldn’t afford to waste even a second fighting with the Azrael!

Fatty felt that Ma Zhiyuan was right, so he got up and said, “Then I’ll drive the car here!”

Hunter, whose mind was in a mess, finally recovered from the state of losing control. He wiped his tears, carefully picked up Cynthia, and ran out.

Ma Zhiyuan followed Hunter’s footsteps. He grabbed Hunter’s shoulder with one hand and held the back of Cynthia’s head with the other hand. At the same time, he comforted him, “Hunter, I know you are in a hurry, but it’s useless to be anxious. Your top priority now is to cheer up and send her to the hospital. Believe me, we are now very advanced in medicine. She will definitely be saved!”

With the backbone, Hunter recovered a lot. “What about you?”

“I have to continue to save people! Hunter, take her to the hospital at ease. You don’t have to worry about anything else!”


Hunter nodded heavily and put Cynthia in the back row of Fatty’s car. He took out a pistol from behind and stuffed it into Ma Zhiyuan’s hand. “Then I’ll leave it to you!”

“Don’t worry! Let’s go!”

Ma Zhiyuan pushed Hunter into the car and closed the door. As he watched the car drive away, he called Alex and reported the situation. Then he turned back to the target yard. He couldn’t help staring at the shocking blood left by Cynthia on the ground. Then he raised his head, gritted his teeth, and looked at the window with the lights on the third floor.

“Next, it’s time to pay with blood!”

Ma Zhiyuan gritted his teeth and rushed into the corridor. He went upstairs in seconds and did not encounter any obstacles halfway.

It was not until they went up to the third floor that they met three opponents.

Generally speaking, guarding the hostages was a very easy task, and it did not require too many people.

In case of any accident, he could put the knife on the hostage’s neck at any time and threaten him to surrender.

This was exactly what Pei Chong was thinking. There were not many guards here, and they were all ordinary bastards who were temporarily paid to recruit.

The masters he brought were all personally taken to the osmanthus village.

Because just as Alex and the others had guessed, Pei Chong had made a thorough plan for what had happened today, but they had not expected that they could confirm the location of the hostages so quickly. What was more, they had not expected that Cynthia would jump off the building and disrupt his plan.

Just now, Pei Chong received a call from the guard here and learned the situation. At first, he thought he had heard it wrong.

After asking again and again to make sure that someone had taken Cynthia away, he urgently dispatched people to help.

Now the helpers were still on the way, and Ma Zhiyuan had killed them. Although the guards were afraid, they could only fight back…

Ma Zhiyuan didn’t care who his opponent was. He dealt with them indiscriminately and attacked with all his strength.

Within a few breaths, the three opponents were all scrapped. Two of them fell to the ground and could not stand up. One fell from the third floor.

There was no need to use guns to deal with these little minions.

Ma Zhiyuan clapped his hands and continued to move forward. He went straight to the door of the first room with the light on. The door was open and he saw Xena at a glance. As he expected, Xena’s hands were tied to a chair and her mouth was covered with a towel. In addition to the clear finger marks, there were also traces of sweat and tears on her face. She looked extremely embarrassed.

The last opponent with a crew cut was standing behind Xena with sweat all over her head. He grabbed her hair with his left hand and put a dagger on her neck with his right hand. He said to Ma Zhiyuan fiercely, “Don’t come over. Put down the gun quickly! Otherwise, I will cut her throat!”

Xena was more anxious than the man with the crew cut. She kept shaking her head and winking at Ma Zhiyuan, signaling him not to act rashly.

Ma Zhiyuan’s eyes were like torches as he stared straight at the chicken crown, unmoved.

Chicken Head was shocked by Ma Zhiyuan’s momentum. Realizing that he couldn’t stop Ma Zhiyuan, he pulled off the towel in Xena’s mouth.

Xena gasped and glared at Ma Zhiyuan. “What are you waiting for? Do you want to kill me? Put down the gun!”

Ma Zhiyuan twisted his neck and suddenly widened his eyes. He raised his hand and shot…

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