Super Son-In-Law Chapter 234

To be honest, Ma Zhiyuan’s spear technique was not as magical as Big Ken.

However, Ma Zhiyuan had received professional training when he was in the army in the project of rapid shooting with a pistol at close range. His score was excellent. He could hit a target about the size of an apple at a distance of about three meters. An ordinary adult’s head was much bigger than an apple.

Without this confidence, Ma Zhiyuan would not have attacked rashly…

Just now, when he saw Ma Zhiyuan raise his hand, he realized that something was wrong. But before he could speak, Ma Zhiyuan burst his head before he could cut Xena’s throat. First, he dropped his left hand, and then the dagger in his right hand left his hand. Then, he fell straight down and died on the spot.

Xena was so scared by the sudden gunshot that she trembled all over and blood splashed all over her head. She thought that she had been shot and burst into tears. When she noticed that the chicken crown behind her had fallen down, she did not feel any pain, and then she understood what was going on.

Xena, who had escaped from the disaster, not only did not thank Ma Zhiyuan for saving her life, but also looked up at Ma Zhiyuan and scolded him fiercely, “Bastard, what did you do? Did you come to save me or hurt me? Do you know how dangerous I was in that situation just now? I was dying, but you still pretended to be strong. Is there something wrong with your brain? If I were not lucky, I would have been killed by you, a bastard!”

Ma Zhiyuan shook his head helplessly and replied casually, “Vice President Sanders, if it weren’t for the fact that you are President Sullivan’s mother, do you think someone would come to save you? To be honest, I have verified an old saying from you that good people don’t live long, and disaster will last for thousands of years.”

“You… you are the scourge. Your whole family is a scourge! Just wait, I will tell Lala what you have done today. Well, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. Hurry up and untie me!”

“Didn’t you say that I’m here to hurt you? You ask the people who want to hurt you to release you. Who has a brain problem?”


Xena blushed after being scolded. She suddenly noticed that someone was coming.

Ma Zhiyuan also heard the footsteps. Through Xena’s gaze, he confirmed the position of the person. Suddenly, he turned around and aimed his gun at the head of a young man standing outside the window.

The man quickly raised his hands and explained eagerly, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot! Brother Yuan, are you Brother Yuan? Brother Fatty asked me to come to pick you up… Before you came here, I was the one who took turns to keep an eye on Brother Fatty.”

Ma Zhiyuan understood. He took back his gun and asked, “Are you alone?”

“There’s another brother who’s guarding outside. Brother Yuan, we have to leave as soon as possible. I just got the news that a group of people is rushing here. They must have come to help opponents. I guess they’ll arrive at the entrance of the village soon. I’m afraid that the three of us can’t resist them…”

“Just take her to a safe place.”

“Ah? Brother Yuan, aren’t you coming with us? It seems that the other party has a lot of help!”

“I still have something to do. Don’t worry, our help is coming soon…”

Ma Zhiyuan disliked Xena very much, but he couldn’t bear to ignore it for the sake of Alex and Isla. After watching Xena being taken away, he had no worries. He calmly went downstairs to the first floor, pulled a chair and sat down in the middle of the courtyard. He played with the pistol with his left hand and held a cigarette with his right hand, waiting patiently.

A few minutes later, the sound of a motorcycle mixed with a cheap van came.

Judging from the voice, it should be the other party’s help.

Ma Zhiyuan flicked the cigarette butt out, took out the clip, and checked the number of bullets. As soon as the clip was installed, there were dense footsteps outside the door. Then, more than a dozen young men in their twenties rushed in.

The leader was a bare-armed man with tattoos on his arm. When he saw Ma Zhiyuan’s gun in his hand, he quickly stopped and opened his hands to stop his companions. He looked around and found his companions lying on the ground. He was so angry that he said to Ma Zhiyuan boldly, “Did you hurt them?”

Ma Zhiyuan didn’t intend to get up and replied casually, “Your statement is a little one-sided.”

“One-sided? You mean… you did it all? Even if there are accomplices, you can’t get away with it!”

“No, what I mean is that except for the people you see now, the people lying in the room were also knocked down by me. In addition, not everyone is only injured. I can be sure that among them, the people who fell down from the third floor and his head were bleeding are probably dead.”

“What? Dead… dead?”

The tattooed man was so scared that he trembled all over. He didn’t expect that Ma Zhiyuan would dare to kill him, so he subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave.

But on second thought, they received a death order. The person who gave the task said that he would be severely punished for not working well after receiving the money. The tattooed man was afraid of his employer, and the reward was quite generous, so it was a pity to give up the task. He forcibly suppressed the panic in his heart and raised his hand to signal his companions to surround Ma Zhiyuan.

Like the tattooed man, the others were just ordinary hooligans who had never seen such a big scene. They were scared by the gun in Ma Zhiyuan’s hand. In the situation of having a huge advantage in numbers, they were still in a state of staring at each other.

The tattooed man’s instructions were very clear, but no one responded. In desperation, he could only say, “He is alone, and he only has a gun. How many bullets can he have? We have so many people, how can we be scared by him? Besides, let me remind you, if someone escapes, no one can protect you. All right, don’t waste time. Run!”

Hearing this, everyone made up their minds to surround Ma Zhiyuan.

However, under the pressure brought by the gun, no one dared to take action or stand out.

In order to stabilize people’s hearts, the tattooed man did not dare to put too much pressure on his companions. He continued to say to Ma Zhiyuan, “Boy, you don’t need me to explain your current situation to you, do you? If you know what’s good for you, put down the gun and surrender. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude to you!”

Ma Zhiyuan was not afraid at all, and when he saw the dazzling white light flashing toward him, he felt more assured and said to the tattooed man, “Surrender is not my style. I admit that I can’t kill all of you with this gun, but I can kill as many as I can. If anyone is not afraid of death, you can rush over and try… In fact, I don’t need to shoot when dealing with you little bastards.”

“Hiss… boy, you’re alone. How can you be so confident?”

“You’re wrong. From the beginning, I was not fighting alone.”

After Ma Zhiyuan finished speaking, he slowly stood up.

The tattooed man was thinking about what Ma Zhiyuan meant when his companion, who was standing guard outside, rushed in and reported to him, “Another two cars have entered the village. They are coming straight here. If I’m not wrong, they should be their helpers!”

“Two cars?” The tattooed man frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, he waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry. How many people can two cars take? Let them come and clean up together. Brothers, cheer up. When you finish the task, you will get a generous reward, which is enough for you to live a free life for a while!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two new cars stopped at the door.

The leading one was Alex’s Lamborghini.

Alex had just arrived at the village entrance of osmanthus Village and was mentally prepared to negotiate with Pei Chong. Suddenly, he received a call from Ma Zhiyuan and learned that Cynthia had jumped off the building. At that time, his brain was short of charge. He had never thought that such a thing would happen, and he really could not accept this cruel fact.

The third floor was neither high nor low, six or seven meters away from the ground.

If she fell from this height, she would probably die.

Even if she was lucky enough to survive, she would lose most of her life.

Alex heard Ma Zhiyuan say that Cynthia was still breathing. When Isla called to ask about the situation, he still did not dare to tell the truth. He only said that he was still on the way to save people. After a few perfunctory words, he hung up the phone and asked Big Ken to rush over as fast as possible.

When they were about to reach the village entrance, they met the brothers sent by Xie Si to pick them up.

What happened unexpectedly disrupted Pei Chong’s killing plan.

The rescue plan of Alex was also affected.

There was no need to help. Now it was time to be short of people, so Alex rushed over with his helpers. After getting out of the car, he immediately rushed into the yard with all his helpers. Ignoring the enemy’s encirclement, he broke in forcefully. He stared at Ma Zhiyuan up and down and asked with concern, “Brother Yuan, are you all right?”

“I’m fine…” Ma Zhiyuan shook his head and said with a bitter face, “Alex, I’m sorry, we…”

“It’s not your fault. I believe that Cynthia won’t blame you.” Alex patted Ma Zhiyuan on the shoulder and said, “It’s not the time to talk about this now. Let’s avenge Cynthia first. As for the rest, let’s talk about it after it’s over! Are these people the ones who made Cynthia jump off the building?”

“I’ve already killed the murderers. They’re just accomplices.”

“We can’t let it go!” Alex took out his cane, unfolded it, and glared at him. “Do it!”

After that, Alex rushed out first.

Ma Zhiyuan, Big Ken, Xiong Da, and the five brothers sent by Xie Si kept up with the pace of Alex.

The tattooed male knew that there was going to be a fierce battle today, so he already called over the people who were originally arranged to set up sentry posts and provide reinforcements, a total of close to twenty people. Just from their numbers alone, they still had double the advantage of their opponents. For those at the same level of battle they had experienced before, the side with this type of advantage already had absolute certainty of victory.

Therefore, the tattooed man was very confident and began to fantasize about finding a wonderful scene to have fun after getting the reward.

The ending of this battle was indeed destined, but it was not as he had determined…

Although there were not many people on Alex’s side, Ma Zhiyuan, Big Ken, and Xiong Da were all masters who had the strength to fight against more people by themselves. His own strength was also forced to improve in the battles time and time again. With the help of weapons, it was not a problem to deal with three or five ordinary hooligans.

It was no exaggeration to say that even if they didn’t call for the reinforcements, the chance of winning was more than 90%.

It was not that Alex was conceited, but that he was really confident!

Everyone on the side of Alex knew what had happened. They all came for revenge and did not hold back from the beginning. In just a few minutes, their overall strength advantage was revealed. They fought more and more smoothly, but their opponents fell down one by one, and they were all seriously injured. They could not get up in a short time.

The tattooed man counted and found that half of the people on his side had fallen down. He suddenly understood one thing. It turned out that Ma Zhiyuan had defeated so many people on his own and looked so calm when facing them. He did not rely on guns, but on his strength—it was enough to crush ordinary people!

In the face of absolute strength, all resistance was in vain.

He finally understood why his employer was willing to give him a generous reward.

All of a sudden, the tattooed man regretted it. If he had followed the choice of his companions and retreated in time, such a thing would not have happened. Now he had no time to care about the employer’s warning. He fought and retreated, shouting, “Brothers, retreat, retreat quickly!”

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