Super Son-In-Law Chapter 235

The tattooed man’s men were reluctant to participate in the battle. As their companions fell down one by one, they had no intention to fight. After forcing themselves to hold on for so long, they finally heard the order to retreat. They were relieved and rushed back like a tide.

But the battle had reached its climax, and it was not easy to retreat.

From the fact that Ma Zhiyuan had a chance to leave, it could be seen that all the people on Alex’s side were not fighting for escaping, but for revenge. Their only purpose was to pay the price for the fact that Cynthia was forced to jump off the building.

They had already killed so many people that they didn’t even need Alex’s order. The group of people who shared the same hatred automatically blocked the gate and decisively closed it, cutting off the retreat of the tattooed man and the others. Obviously, they were going to close the door to beat the dog and catch the turtle in the jar.

The tattooed man realized that something was wrong. He glanced around and fixed his eyes on Alex, who was waving his stick wildly in the crowd. He shouted sharply, “We don’t have any direct hatred. This time, we are just following orders. Now we are ready to retreat, which is to admit defeat. Are you sure you want to kill us all?”

Alex knocked down an opponent who blocked his sight with a stick and walked slowly toward the tattooed man. “You’re right. There was no direct conflict between you and me. However, from the moment you decided to help the devil, you stood on the opposite side of me!”

“Big… big brother, I’m deeply sorry for your encounter this time. In addition… we all know that we were wrong. Please give us a chance to turn over a new leaf. As long as you spare us today, we promise that we will never trouble you again in the future!”

After the tattooed man finished speaking with a red face, his companions nodded in agreement.

However, Alex remained unmoved and became even more excited. “Apologize? Chance? Your apologies can reverse the fact that my friend was forced to jump off the third floor? Have you considered giving the innocent an opportunity when someone hired you to kill the innocent?”

“Brother, we are just small characters. What you said is not us at all…”

“That’s enough! You’re not children anymore. You have to work hard for yourself!”

Alex was too lazy to say more. He waved his stick and rushed to his opponent, and the battle began again.

In just a few minutes, the battle was over.

Originally, the tattooed man, who thought he was very confident in this battle, didn’t dare to get up and kneel down directly in order to avoid the second injury. Under his leadership, in the blink of an eye, a large number of them knelt down. Because they had accepted the task that they shouldn’t accept, they became victims of Pei Chong’s confrontation with Alex. They looked very pitiful, but there must be something hateful about the poor.

Alex looked at these people indifferently, and there was no mercy in his eyes. He took back the cane and let Xiong Da drag him, the tattooed man, into the room for interrogation.

The tattooed man had submitted to the obscene power of Alex and others. He did not dare to lie and told the truth that he had accepted Pei Chong’s orders.

Then, Alex found the people who were responsible for guarding Cynthia and Xena before, trying to figure out the reason why Cynthia jumped off the building.

They could guess that Cynthia must have been forced to jump off the building.

The problem was, what had Cynthia gone through at that time?

The guardian knelt on the ground with a red face, looked up at Alex, and then quickly lowered his head. He stammered and replied, “That… that beauty has been scared silly since she was brought here. She is crazy, running around in the room. She accidentally fell from the window. It has nothing to do with us…”

Alex kicked the guardian to the ground and said angrily, “You’d better behave yourself!”

Ma Zhiyuan also rushed up and kicked the guard hard. “You f*cking treat us as fools, don’t you? There are two people in total. The old woman who has no ability to resist is tied firmly. Can you make a young woman run around in a mess? Also, I saw with my own eyes that she opened the window and jumped off the building in one go. She didn’t look crazy at all.”

The guardian was in so much pain that his whole body was shaking, and his heart and liver were trembling with fear. His forehead and back were sweating.

With a swoosh, Alex showed his staff again, walked to the guard, and said in a low voice, “I’ll give you one last chance. You’d better tell me the truth. If you dare to lie again, I’ll smash your brain matter out!”

Alex refused to believe that Cynthia would be scared silly or jump off the building in a daze.

After listening to Ma Zhiyuan’s analysis, he was even more sure that there must be an inside story that he didn’t know.

He had already made up his mind that he must find out the truth. If the guardian in front of him didn’t dare to say anything, he would cripple him and bring another guardian here. He didn’t believe that all the guards were willing to bring this secret into the grave. They could always ask.

But at this moment, there was a loud noise outside. Judging from the sound, there was a motorcade coming over.

Big Ken ran to the balcony and looked around. Suddenly, his eyes darkened. He quickly returned to the house and approached Alex, saying softly, “I estimate that there are at least six cars, and they will arrive at the door soon. If my guess is right, Pei Chong should have come here with the main force personally. Young master, do you want to avoid the attack for the time being?”

“I knew he would come.” Alex waved his hand and said, “If he hadn’t come, I would have gone to find him. Now that he has come to me on his own initiative, how can I escape? Brother Big Ken, arrange a few brothers to keep an eye on these people. The rest will follow me downstairs and prepare for the battle. When we deal with the mastermind behind the scenes, we will come back to find out the truth!”

“But… Okay!”

Big Ken considered that the main force led by Pei Chong not only had high combat capability, but also might have guns. They could not be careless.

However, Big Ken also knew that in this case, it was impossible for Alex to shrink back. Even if he forcibly dragged Alex away, the other brothers present would fight to the death with Pei Chong. In desperation, they could only obey Alex’s order and immediately called Group Leader Pang.

Alex led everyone downstairs and turned on the street lights. They were surprised to find that a large number of villagers had gathered outside. After thinking about it carefully, they were relieved. Usually, they must be sleeping in the middle of the night. But today, there were many big arrays in the village, which was a good opportunity for them to watch the fun.

Not only the person involved, but also for the villagers, it was destined to be a sleepless night.

Alex ignored the villagers and set up a formation at the gate.

In less than a minute, the motorcade turned around.

Under the light of more than a dozen lights, the whole alley was as bright as day.

Big Ken was fully alert. He stood in front of Alex and winked at Xiong Da, who was standing on the other side of Alex. With just one look, he understood. If they really fought in a while, their main task was not to deal with the enemy, but to protect Alex.

Soon, the motorcade stopped one after another. A team of more than 20 people, led by a middle-aged man with a beard, rushed to the outside of the yard. The bearded man stood in the middle, glanced around, and finally stared at Alex. He said faintly, “I heard that you were very powerful when I just arrived at Quill City. I finally got in touch with you today. You can hold on until now, which means that you do have some strength. But I advise you not to be happy too early, because the show has just begun.”

Alex replied coldly, “Who are you?”


The bearded man said a lot and was about to give Alex a hard time, but he was almost choked by Alex’s words.

Alex was worried and had no mood to talk nonsense. He continued to say to the bearded man, “It’s useless to talk nonsense. If you are a man, don’t be shy. Tell me your name quickly and then get down to business. I am very busy and have no time to talk to you!”

A follower next to him couldn’t stand it anymore. He glared at Alex and said, “How dare you! How dare you talk to Brother Chong like this? Are you fucking tired of living?”

“Pei Chong? You finally dare to show up? I thought you were a coward!”

After confirming Pei Chong’s identity, Alex immediately put his hand behind his back and made a gesture to Ma Zhiyuan to prepare to take action…

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