Super Son-In-Law Chapter 238

Isla shook her head. “I’m not sure if it’s possible.”

Alex asked, “What did your mother hear from Jared at that time?”

“My mother said that not long after she was taken there, she heard that Jared was greeting each other on the balcony with the guards. They chatted as if they were friends. Then Jared should have entered the room, so she couldn’t hear their voices.”

“And then? Did your mother hear… screams?”

“My mom didn’t say anything. Alex, what do you want to know?”

“Nothing, nothing… I just asked casually.”

Alex always thought that Pei Chong was the one who planned this kidnapping.

He never thought that Jared had been to the place where Pei Chong locked up the hostages.

At this moment, the reason why Alex wanted to know if Xena had heard the scream at that time was because he suddenly thought of a possibility. At that time, he already knew that Cynthia and Xena had been separately locked up in two adjacent houses. The reason why Jared had not entered Xena’s room was that he might have entered Cynthia’s room.

This meant that in addition to the guards arranged by Pei Chong, Jared also suspected of invading Cynthia!

After analyzing this point, Alex’s heart ached even more, and the motivation to find out the truth was stronger. He had planned to talk about it after Cynthia’s rescue was over, but now he couldn’t wait any longer. He immediately left Isla’s ward and came to the door of Xiao Hang’s ward with familiarity.

“Stop! What are you doing?”

The police officer, who was sleeping soundly at the door, immediately woke up when he heard the sound. He stood up and stopped Alex. After looking carefully, his eyes suddenly lit up and he said, “It’s Mr. Cohen. I’m sorry. By the way… why did you come here in the middle of the night?”

Alex waved his hand and said, “A friend of mine is hospitalized here…”

“Oh… Then what are you doing?”

“I have something urgent to discuss with Captain Xiao. Please inform me.”

“No… President Cohen, Captain Xiao is obviously resting at this time. Why don’t we wait until dawn?”

The police officer who volunteered to stand guard for Xiao Hang was Xiao Hang’s confidant and also a person who sincerely cared about him.

Alex realized that he had been too abrupt. He said “I’m sorry” and was about to leave.

Just then, the lights in the ward were turned on, and then Xiao Hang’s voice came, “Who’s coming?”

The police officer quickly opened the door and reported, “President Cohen is here. He said that he has something urgent to discuss with you.”

“Hurry up and invite him in!”


The police officer did not stop Alex. He pushed the door open and made a “please” gesture to Alex.

Alex nodded at the police officer and quickly walked into the house. He said to Xiao Hang, who was climbing up in a hospital gown, “Captain Xiao, I’m sorry to disturb your rest at such a late hour. I have something urgent to deal with, and I don’t know who I can ask for help…”

“It doesn’t matter… It’s rare for me to enjoy myself while I’m in the hospital. Usually, I have to work at the same time. Even during my vacation, I have to keep the phone open at all times, and I’m always in a semi-work state.”

Xiao Hang waved his hand and motioned for Alex to sit down beside the bed. He threw a bottle of mineral water over and asked, “Mr. Cohen, what happened?”

Alex put down the mineral water, took out the test tube, and went straight to the point, “This is an unknown person’s bodily fluids, which is very important to me, but I don’t know how to test it. Captain Xiao, can you help me confirm the identity of this person with your resources and connections?”

“Hiss… President Cohen, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, Captain Xiao. It’s precisely because I don’t want to make it clear for the time being that I can only come to you. But I can assure you that I’m not going to do anything illegal, and I will never let you get into trouble. Except for you and me, there won’t be a third person who knows about this.”

“I see…”

Xiao Hang knew that it was time to test their relationship.

With his identity as the captain of the City Public Security Bureau, it was only a matter of words for him to test the identity through the liquid liquid.

The problem was, generally speaking, he had to know what had happened. To put it bluntly, it was why Alex wanted to test this thing. Whether he could convince him or not was secondary. The main reason was that he had to explain it to the people of the testing department. After all, the test department was the public office, and it only worked for the public. In principle, it should not provide private service.

Asking someone for help in the name of private. It was his duty not to agree, but his friendship to promise.

This test not only tested the friendship between him and Alex, but also tested the friendship between him and those related to the testing department.

Seeing that Xiao Hang was hesitating, Alex added, “Captain Xiao, if you feel embarrassed, then just pretend that I didn’t say anything…”

“No, no!”

Xiao Hang shook his head and said, “Mr. Cohen, you misunderstood. I believe in you and am willing to help you. I’m thinking about how to say this to my colleagues in the test department. How about this? If you trust me, you can put the things here first and I’ll try my best to help you.”

“Captain Xiao, if I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have asked you to help me.”

“Okay, I’ll contact them at dawn. If everything goes well, we’ll get the result at noon as soon as possible.”

“Alright alright alright, Captain Xiao. I will thank you first. Regardless of whether you succeed or fail, I will remember this favor of yours.”

“Mr. Cohen, you’re welcome. By the way, Mr. Cohen, I also want to ask you to do me a favor… I’ve been staying in the hospital all this time. I don’t have much work to do, but I have a lot to chat with Jingjing. I feel that she has almost adjusted her mentality after going out for a trip, but she is a little embarrassed. she doesn’t know how to face old friends like you, so she does not come back. Even if she comes back, I’m afraid she’s too embarrassed to continue to work in Gold Stone.”

“This is a small problem. She can resign at any time. Not only will I not blame her, but I will also thank you for your help.”

“In addition to work, when you are free, I want to invite you to have a talk with her. Use your young ways to resolve the embarrassment she created for herself. I have said a lot, but she thinks that there is a generation gap between us, and we are always dubious.”

“I understand. Captain Xiao, I will do my best…”

While Alex and Xiao Hang were chatting, Hunter called and said that the car to escort Cynthia to the hospital had arrived at the door. After hanging up the phone, he handed the test tube to Xiao Hang and said goodbye. He took Big Ken to the door and helped Hunter and the medical staff to take Cynthia to the ward Director Deng had arranged on the phone.

When Director Deng learned that the injured woman was a good friend of Alex, he rushed over in person.

By the time everything was settled down, it was almost six o’clock in the morning, and the sky was turning bright in the east. Just as Alex stood in front of the window and looked at the sky, he inadvertently noticed that there was a bright spot flashing in the air. Then, Big Ken’s phone rang. It was a call from the contact personnel of the special police team, saying that the helicopter that picked Cynthia’s parents up was about to arrive at the military yard.

Big Ken had already asked Director Deng that there was a parking apron on the roof of the main building of the military academy.

After the phone call, Big Ken immediately rushed to the roof with Alex.

A few minutes later, a helicopter with the words “Qingyun Special Force” firmly parked in the middle of the blue parking apron. The cabin door opened, and a young special policewoman jumped down first and helped the old man and woman down. It was the father of Cynthia, Wang Shunquan and her mother, Liu Yunxiu.

Like Francis, the two old people were all simple and honest rural people.

However, their faces were full of worry.

As soon as Alex saw them, he couldn’t help but think of Francis, and his heart ached again. Although he was not a parent yet, he could imagine how Cynthia’s parents were feeling, and almost cried. He held back his tears and took them downstairs with Big Ken.

When they arrived at the corridor of Cynthia’s floor, Alex stopped and said to the two elders, “Uncle, aunt, now Cynthia is in a coma, and she is not out of danger. You may not be allowed to see her in the ward. In addition… Cynthia is seriously injured. Before you see her, you must be mentally prepared.”

Tears welled up in the two old people’s eyes. Wang Shunquan listened to Alex’s words and held Liu Yunxiu’s hand tightly. He nodded lightly and said, “We know how badly we will be injured if we fall from the third floor. On the way here, we have to make preparations. Young man, take us there quickly.”

“Okay, please follow me!”

Alex didn’t say anything more and directly took them to the outside of the ward of Cynthia.

Although Wang Shunquan said that he was ready to think, he still lost control of his emotions when he saw the motionless Cynthia lying on the hospital bed with his own eyes. They supported each other and failed to stand firm. The two old people burst into tears and fell to the ground against the wall.

Alex and Hunter quickly helped the two elders to sit down on the chair next to them.

Big Ken asked Director Deng and the attending doctor arranged for Cynthia to come over. Now they needed to communicate with the operation of Cynthia face to face. Whether they would have surgery or not was a matter that must be decided as soon as possible.

Alex and others, including Director Deng, were all inclined to let Cynthia have an operation.

However, due to the high risk of the operation, it was inconvenient for them to give suggestions. First of all, they had to listen to the opinions of the two elders. Without much consideration, Liu Yunxiu directly stated that she was willing to let Cynthia have the operation. However, Wang Shunquan hesitated and fell into a dilemma, wanting to hear the opinions of the others present.

Wang Shunquan thought about it all. Although there was a possibility that Cynthia would be rescued after the operation, the possibility was too low. In other words, the risk was too high. The chance of Cynthia dying on the operating table was much higher than the possibility of being rescued.

Out of rational consideration, he thought it would be better to let Cynthia lie there all the time.

Although it couldn’t be cured, there was at least one breath left, right?

It was said that a daughter was her father’s lover in his previous life. The father always had a very special and complicated emotion towards his daughter. Forget about fatherly love and motherly love, even if we continued to split it into two, there was still a certain difference between father-daughter love and father-son love. This was also the reason why Wang Shunquan was in a dilemma.

Alex didn’t want to interfere with their choices, but Wang Shunquan took the initiative to ask, so he politely expressed his opinion. Perhaps it meant that Cynthia was still young, and there was still a lot of good time. As long as there was a glimmer of hope to be cured, he shouldn’t give up.

Wang Shunquan pondered for a moment and his heart wavered. However, he had yet to make up his mind.

It was not until Isla came over and expressed her similar opinion as Alex that Wang Shunquan finally agreed. However, there was a condition that he wanted to have a good look at Cynthia before the operation began, because it was very likely that this was the last time they met.

Without asking for other people’s opinions, Director Deng readily agreed. He immediately asked someone to get plastic gloves and masks and “armed” Wang Shunquan. After confirming that there was no problem, he personally took Wang Shunquan into the ward of Cynthia and gave them ten minutes of alone time.

Wang Shunquan sat by the bed and said nothing. He just held Cynthia’s hand as if he was frozen.

Soon, 10 minutes passed.

Director Deng had arranged the operation properly and asked Alex to help Wang Shunquan aside. After Wang Shunquan signed the agreement on the operation, he pushed the hospital bed of Cynthia to the operating room.

Next, the only thing everyone could do was to wait…

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