Super Son-In-Law Chapter 239

The frontal surgery was already complicated, and Cynthia was seriously injured. It was destined to be a long-term operation.

A few hours passed in a flash. The operating room’s doors were still tightly shut, showing no signs of opening. Meanwhile, the longer the operation continued, the more worried the people waiting outside became. It wasn’t until Isla, Wang Shunquan, and the others were about to collapse that the operation finally ended.

At this time, it was almost 11 o’clock.

A large group of people rushed up and surrounded the chief surgeon, asking him a lot of questions.

The doctor was exhausted, but before he had time to rest, he could only try his best to cheer himself up. He raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet and said in a very serious tone, “The operation is over, but the result is more complicated. It’s hard to explain in two or three sentences. Why don’t you sit in the lounge for a few minutes and wait for me to wash my face before coming over to tell you in detail?”

Director Deng understood the doctor’s suffering and the mood of these people who were waiting for the result. He followed the doctor’s instructions and continued to say loudly, “Don’t be scared by what the doctor said. The result is very complicated. It’s not a bad thing for the injured. If you don’t believe me, think about it. If the operation fails, or the injured has no hope of being rescued, the result will be very clear. From another perspective, the result is very complicated, which means that the injured still has hope…”

After hearing Director Deng’s explanation, everyone finally relaxed a little.

Although Alex was in a hurry, he still maintained the most basic reason. He was the first to respond and led everyone to the lounge.

The doctor did not break his promise. In less than five minutes, he came with Director Deng.

Hunter pulled out two chairs and asked the doctor and Director Deng to sit down. He asked urgently, “Doctor, what’s the situation of the injured now?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain it in detail…” The doctor gestured for them to sit down, looked around, and continued, “You should all know that the injured is seriously injured. Before the operation, I told you that the success rate of the operation was not very high. The best result is that through the operation, the injured is out of life-threatening. The worst result is that… the injured can’t get off the operating table. The main factor is between the two. We have dealt with the bruises in the injured’s brain, but the hard damage to her brain is still there. This is also the reason why she still hasn’t woken up…”

“And then?”

“In addition to the head, the injured’s arms, shoulders, and crotch are also seriously injured. In addition, before the operation, when we gave the injured a full examination, we found that she was…”

Alex guessed that the doctor might have noticed that Cynthia had been violated, so he was scared. He quickly interrupted, “Doctor, I’m sorry to interrupt! The person who directly endangers Cynthia’s life should be the head injury, right? Then before she is out of danger, we should focus on treating the head injury. Let’s not talk about anything else for the time being!”

As he spoke, Alex winked at the doctor and Director Deng.

The doctor didn’t understand what Alex meant, but Director Deng probably guessed it. He patted the doctor’s arm and said, “I think what Alex said makes sense. It’s not too late to treat other injuries after the wounded is rescued. At present, the most important thing is to keep the injured alive!”

“Okay… I’ll do as you say.”

For the sake of Director Deng, the doctor resisted the view of Alex, who was a layman.

Alex looked at Director Deng and the doctor gratefully.

Big Ken suddenly came in, walked quickly to Alex’s ear, and whispered, “Young Master, the person who sent the special medicine will be downstairs soon.”

“Oh?” Alex suddenly became interested. He stood up and said, “I have a friend here. You can continue to talk. I’ll come back soon…”

After Alex finished speaking, he left the lounge with Big Ken and rushed downstairs.

Xena stared at the door, pursed her lips, and said, “What’s his attitude? Cynthia got into trouble because of him. Now it’s the critical moment to save her. It’s okay if he doesn’t perform well to make up for his mistake, but he still has the mood to meet friends.”

“Mom!” Isla frowned. “We’re talking about something serious. Why did you mention this?”

“Am I wrong? Take a step back. Even if I put aside what I just said, it can be seen from his behavior of interrupting the doctor just now that there is something wrong with his attitude. He thinks too highly of himself. He is not Cynthia’s family member. Why should he decide how to treat her?”

“All right, mom. Let the doctor finish his words first!”

Isla didn’t intend to give Xena another chance to speak, so she said directly to the doctor, “Please continue.”

The doctor nodded and said, “Just like not all diseases can be cured, and not all the injuries can be cured. The only thing we can do is to try our best to relieve and remove the patient’s injuries. But sometimes, the result is not entirely up to us to decide. At present, all we can do is to do it by herself.”

“What? Doctor, do you mean that we can only listen to fate?”

“Although it’s very helpless, it’s true.”

Wang Shunquan sighed and said slowly, “If Cynthia still can’t wake up in the end, won’t the operation be in vain?”

Isla quickly explained, “Uncle, you can’t say that. According to Cynthia’s injury, if she doesn’t have an operation to clean up the blood clot in her brain, there is no possibility of recovery. After the operation, although she is not immediately out of danger, at least there is a glimmer of hope for her…”

It was rare for the doctor to hear such fair words, so he added, “The injury is very serious, and the brain is also injured. There are too many variables. Whether it is medicine or surgery, we have done to the extreme, and nothing went wrong. But whether she can survive this ordeal is not only related to her resistance and willpower. The resistance is easy to understand, for example, a cold. Some people can recover without taking medicine, some people have to take medicine, and some people even have to take an IV drip to cure. As for willpower, to put it bluntly, it is the desire to survive.”

“I understand!”

Isla nodded and said to Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu, “Uncle, aunt, you may not know, but I can tell you clearly that Cynthia must have a strong desire for survival. She has told me many times that she must make your two elders live a good life through her own efforts. This is her biggest wish. Now her wish has not been fully realized. Even if it is not for herself, but for you two elders, she will definitely survive!”

Without responding, Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu once again grabbed each other’s hands and burst into tears.

Xena ran to the door and saw that Alex had not come back yet. She went back to the table and said to Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu, “Let me tell you, no matter how anxious you are now, it’s useless. You should cheer up and do the right thing. In addition to praying for Cynthia, you should also seek justice for her. You must make her jump off the building directly pay the price. In addition, I just said that she was implicated by Alex and had to let Alex bear a certain responsibility. First of all, Cynthia’s medical fees and the mental loss of your family of three must be asked by Alex. In addition, if she can’t wake up, you have to ask Alex to replace her to live in retirement for you! As for legal punishment, it depends on whether you will investigate it or not…”

Isla frowned and stared straight at Xena. “Mom, is it time to discuss this? Why don’t you go to my ward and rest first?”

“No… Lala, what on earth did you do? What did I say wrong? Shouldn’t Alex take the responsibility? Not only Cynthia, but also I was implicated by Alex. It’s the second time that I was kidnapped, and my soul was almost scared out. He has to compensate me for the mental loss!”

“Mom, I…”

Isla was completely speechless. She was so angry that she didn’t know how to answer.

Xena thought that Isla had admitted her loss because of what she said, so she was very proud. She said to Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu again, “I’m giving you some advice, but you should give me a word. I know that you are all honest people. Maybe you don’t dare or dare to get even with Alex…”


Wang Shunquan couldn’t stand it anymore. He suddenly raised his head and glanced at Xena, saying, “We appreciate your kindness, but please don’t say anything more! We are honest people, but we are not fools. The most basic right and wrong are clear. Besides, how to deal with this matter is our family business. You don’t have to worry about it!”

Xena was so angry that her face turned red and her neck became thick. She slammed the table and stood up. She glared at Wang Shunquan and said, “What do you mean? Ah? Tell me clearly!”

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