Super Son-In-Law Chapter 240

Isla didn’t expect that Xena would quarrel with Wang Shunquan under such circumstances. She was so angry that she trembled all over. She got up and grabbed Xena’s arm. “Mom, what are you thinking? I beg you, can you stop talking? If you continue to make trouble like this, I will be too ashamed to see anyone, not to mention you!”

Xena was also anxious. She slapped Isla’s hand away and questioned, “Lala, you actually think that I’m embarrassing you? If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have agreed to the marriage between you and Alex. You don’t care about my feelings at all before yo get married. Are you completely on his side? Sigh, it’s true that a woman can’t be found when she grows up!”

“Mom, you’ve gone further…”

“Shut up! If you don’t want to listen, go away!”

Xena was furious about the two kidnappings. However, considering that Alex was controlling the lifeblood of Gold Stone, she did not dare to directly seek revenge on Alex.

Knowing that Alex was not present, she was ready to encourage Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu to make trouble for Alex.

As a result, it was not only that Wang Shunquan, an outsider, did not appreciate her kindness, but she was also scolded by her own daughter, Isla.

Xena was so angry that she lost her mind. She pushed Isla away and said to Wang Shunquan angrily, “A dog bites a guest of Lv Dongbin and doesn’t know how to appreciate a good person! If it weren’t for the sake of Cynthia, do you think I would have said so much to you? I am doing this for your own good, but you think I am meddling in other people’s business? Is this… Is this your country bumpkin’s judgment of right and wrong?”

Wang Shunquan had run out of patience and couldn’t bear it any longer. He suddenly stood up and glared at Xena, saying, “That’s right, this is my judgment! However, I only represent myself, I can’t represent all the villagers. Don’t beat a boat of people!”

“Get to the point! Do you really intend to seek justice for Cynthia?”

“Does it have anything to do with you?”


“I’ll say it again. You don’t have to worry about our family affairs! You just said so much for the sake of Cynthia. Then I’ll tell you, for the sake of Isla, I’ll tolerate it again and again. But you’d better save your face and don’t force me to say something worse! All right, please go out!”

“Wang, you…”

“Get lost! Get lost!”

Wang Shunquan was already in an unstable mood because of the incident with Cynthia. He was also enraged by Xena one after another. He was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. If it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t born with a bad temper and that Xena was the mother of Isla, he would have done it a long time ago.

Xena was also angry, but before she could get angry, she was pushed out of the door by Wang Shunquan.

She wanted to return to the house, but the door slammed shut with a bang, and the bridge of her nose was almost broken.

Wang Shunquan heaved a long sigh and calmed down. He returned to the table and said to Isla, “Lala, I’m sorry, I… I was too excited and didn’t manage to shut up. It doesn’t matter if you remember my revenge, but I hope that I won’t affect your relationship with Cynthia because of me…”

Isla raised her hand to stop Wang Shunquan. “Uncle, don’t say that. It’s me who should say sorry! Please allow me to apologize to you and Auntie on behalf of my mother. I’m sorry! My mother has a bad temper, and she has just been stimulated, so her words are neither light nor heavy. Don’t take them to heart.”

“I feel much better after hearing what you said.”

Wang Shunquan was a reasonable person. He didn’t vent his anger on Isla because of the argument with Xena.

Liu Yunxiu came over, looked coldly at the door, and said to Isla, “Lala, is your mother also like that?”

“All right, all right…”

Wang Shunquan said to Liu Chexiu, “Let’s talk less. On this matter, we just deal with the matter itself, not the people. We should treat Lala and her mother differently. Although we haven’t seen Lala several times before, I know that Lala is like our Cynthia, a kind-hearted girl. Old Mr. Sullivan is also a good person. Ah… why do I suddenly feel that good people always suffer from disasters? God is unfair!”

As he spoke, Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu began to cry again.

Tears welled up in Isla’s eyes, and her heart was filled with mixed feelings. In addition to worrying about Cynthia and feeling guilty about the two elders of the Wang family, she also disliked Xena. To be honest, it was really unfortunate for her to have such a mother!

The others in the room were waiting silently for Alex’s return.

A few minutes later, the door was pushed open and Alex and Big Ken finally came back.

Alex went straight to Director Deng, leaned over, and whispered, “Director Deng, can I talk to you?”

Director Deng nodded and quickly followed Alex to the corridor outside. “Alex, what’s the matter?”

“Well…” Alex hesitated for a moment. “Let Brother Big Ken tell you.”

Big Ken understood. He took out a small bottle the size of a finger and said to Director Deng, “This is a bottle of special effects medicine that my young master and I just received. It is also developed by the family where my young master lives. This medicine has not been named yet. Its theoretical effect is to stimulate the activity and potential of the human body. In general, it is to enhance the vitality of the human body.”

Director Deng took the bottle and looked at it. He asked curiously, “Are you going to let the injured take this medicine?”

“That’s right! The vital signs of the wounded are very weak now, and it seems that they are not far from completely stopping breathing. Under such circumstances, it is not enough to rely on her resistance and willpower. If she is stimulated by this medicine, it may have unexpected effects.”

“Does that mean that we should treat the injured with an electric shock?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Director Deng, your analogy is very appropriate! When some patients are on the verge of death, and even have stopped breathing, they can use the physical stimulation caused by the electric shock to forcibly get the patients back from the hands of Azrael. But this time, the situation is special. In terms of the physical condition of the injured, the conventional physical shock is not effective. And this special medicine can be regarded as chemical electric shock. It can stimulate the human body from the inside with chemical drugs.”

“This idea is very novel and bold! I just don’t know if there are any serious cases.”

“Yes! The problem is that this medicine is not 100% effective, but also risky.”

“Then we can only let the injured family members make another choice…”

Alex was interested. “Director Deng, do you mean that this method is worth trying?”

Director Deng nodded and said, “From the beginning, we were not sure if we could cure the injured. Everything we did was just to give the injured a chance to live, but unfortunately, the effect was not ideal. Now that we have a better chance, why not try?”

“That’s good, that’s good…”

Alex and Big Ken thought that if the two of them were to persuade Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu, they might not be able to reach their goals. After all, they were not professional doctors, and doctors were very professional. The advice given by outsiders was really low credibility.

Therefore, the strategy that Alex and Big Ken came up with was to find a way to persuade Director Deng first. If they could get the support of Director Deng, their suggestion would have certain authority and the chances of persuading Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu would increase.

The process of communicating with Director Deng was much simpler than they had expected.

Alex was overjoyed. He immediately took Big Ken and Director Deng back to the lounge, closed the door, and immediately began to think about Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu.

After understanding the situation, Isla volunteered to be a mediator.

This time, it was still Liu Yunxiuing his support first. Wang Shunquan was a little immune to the persuasion of Isla because he had been disappointed once. Fortunately, he finally agreed.

As one of the most positive supporters, Director Deng did not delay and immediately began to work.

Alex followed everyone to the ward of Cynthia to wait for the result, but suddenly received a call from Xiao Hang. Knowing that the test results were out, he ran to Xiao Hang’s ward as fast as he could and asked eagerly, “Captain Xiao, have you confirmed your identity?”

Xiao Hang nodded. “Mr. Cohen, is there any big case that our police haven’t learned yet?”

“Huh?” Alex was stunned and asked, “Why do you say that?”

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