Super Son-In-Law Chapter 242

However, it seemed that Jared had reached a cooperation with Pei Chong.

If he wanted to take revenge on Jared, he not only had to pass the test of Gerald, but also might be stopped by Pei Chong.

Alex didn’t take Gerald seriously, but he didn’t dare to look down on Pei Chong. He had no choice. Pei Chong and his men were all villains who regarded human lives as trifles and killed people without blinking. They also had guns in their hands. On his side, not everyone was as powerful as Big Ken, and not everyone had a high-level bulletproof vest.

Thinking of this, Alex had to suppress the anger in his heart. He held back his anger and didn’t go to find Jared immediately. He found Big Ken and said, “The brothers in the hospital haven’t slept for more than a day. Now that Cynthia has been rescued, you don’t have to worry too much. You can arrange for them to take shifts to rest.”

“Okay.” Big Ken nodded and said, “Young Master, what about you?”

“I… I still have something to do, so I won’t sleep for now.”

“That won’t do. If we don’t have a good rest, how can we have the energy to do things? The strong enemy is only temporarily repelled. We have to keep our spirits up and be ready to face the counterattack of the strong enemy at any time. Young master, I will also send you back to rest. No matter how urgent it is, let’s wait until we recover.”

“Okay. I’ll go and say hello to Director Deng.”

Alex thought about it. Now he was exhausted both physically and mentally, and his mind was heavy. He was not smart enough, so he really needed to rest. When he recovered, maybe he could come up with a more reasonable revenge plan. Anyway, Jared didn’t know that he already had evidence, and he wouldn’t run away.

Of course, even if Jared ran away, no matter where he ran, he would find him.

If he could not avenge himself, he would never be a human being!

After Alex and Big Ken finished talking, they went straight to Director Deng’s office, closed the door, sincerely expressed their gratitude to Director Deng who provided great help again, and added, “There are some things that I don’t want Cynthia’s family and friends to know for the time being. Director Deng, please help me keep it a secret.”

Director Deng nodded and said, “When I was in the lounge, I guessed that you deliberately interrupted the doctor’s words. It’s no problem for me to keep it a secret. I will also issue a sealing order to other medical staff who know the situation. But I’m very curious, how did you know that? Except for you, no one else knows about it.”

“The doctor in charge of the rescue of Cynthia in Trinity Hospital told me alone. The female doctor was very kind and did not make a sound. She even provided me with evidence. I have found the culprit with this evidence. As for whether to report it to the police or not, we can decide whether to report it or not after Cynthia wakes up.”

“I see. Alex, I see that many of you are tired. Go back and rest.”

“Okay, Director Deng. I’ll take my leave first. Thank you very much!”

Alex bowed to Director Deng, left the office, and went to greet Isla. Then he left the hospital with Ma Zhiyuan and Big Ken. He wanted Hunter to change shift to rest, but Hunter was unwilling to leave the hospital and had to stay in the hospital to guard Cynthia, so he had to give up.

The three of them found a small restaurant to eat and then went back to the villa to rest.

When they woke up, it was already past six o’clock in the evening.

Alex finished washing up and changed his clothes. He felt refreshed and immediately called Group Leader Pang. He knew that Group Leader Pang had rested for a few hours in the daytime and was now busy with work. He was still working overtime and had a meeting with the City Public Security Bureau after a while.

Soon, Big Ken and Ma Zhiyuan got up one after another.

Ma Zhiyuan was going back to his post, so he had to go first.

Alex, accompanied by Big Ken, rushed to the Municipal Bureau.

On the way, Big Ken turned around and looked at him. After hesitating for a few times, he asked tentatively, “Young Master, I vaguely heard from Boss Sullivan that Jared has been to the place where Pei Chong keep the hostages?”

“Yes.” Alex nodded. “Jared not only went there, but also made an unforgivable mistake. I’m thinking about how to take revenge.”

“You don’t follow the law?”

“Well, if I let him go to jail, it will be too easy for him. A scum like him can’t offset all the sins he has committed. He should be cut into pieces. I am in a hurry to meet with Group Leader Pang because I want to know the police’s plan to handle the case. I have to take revenge on my own when I try not to alert the police.”


Big Ken nodded and drove straight to the municipal public security bureau without saying a word.

Alex found a home-cooked restaurant nearby and invited Group Leader Pang over.

After Group Leader Pang took his seat, Alex went straight to the point. “Did you get anything from the two teams you sent to chase Pei Chong last night?”

Group Leader Pang shook his head and said, “We almost caught up with them, but those desperados shot, injured several police officers, destroyed the police cars that opened the way, and then they took advantage of the chaos to escape. I have already sent more police and they are still chasing. Sooner or later, I will arrest them all!”

“At that time, we left a few of Pei Chong’s men to ask for valuable clues?”

“They are all very stubborn. I suspect that they have all received relevant training and are able to deal with the interrogation with ease. They have clearly explained the situation that we have investigated, but they did not say a word. What I want to know the most is where Pei Chong is hiding. I haven’t asked yet. President Cohen, Pei Chong obviously came for you. This time his plan did not succeed, and he will definitely continue to think of ways to deal with you. Not only do you have to be careful, but you also need to remind the people around you to pay more attention to not let such a situation happen again.”

“Thank you for your reminder. We will pay more attention to it.”

“In addition… Mr. Cohen, through this incident, you should know what kind of person Pei Chong is. In order to ensure your safety, if Pei Chong contacts you again, or deal with you directly, don’t pretend to be strong and don’t solve it privately. You must inform me immediately. We have communicated with the special police team on our side. If necessary, we can get great support from the special police team at any time.”

“Okay, Group Leader Pang. If you have any progress, please tell me. My friend is still lying in the hospital. I have to give her an explanation…”

Through the communication with Group Leader Pang, Alex could figure out that Group Leader Pang had not yet grasped the fact that Cynthia had been violated. Maybe he did not know that Jared had been to the place where Pei Chong was holding hostages last night. After thinking about it carefully, it could be understood. Generally speaking, how could the criminal take the initiative to explain the crimes and accomplices that the police had not noticed?

In this way, Alex’s revenge plan would not have any connection with Group Leader Pang’s investigation.

In addition, in order to avoid Group Leader Pang’s pursuit, Pei Chong probably had no time to care about Jared.

After Alex finished eating, he watched Group Leader Pang leave. Then he took out his mobile phone and called Xie Si. He asked Xie Si to send people to keep an eye on Jared all the time. He must know the exact whereabouts of Jared at any time. In order to make sure that he could take revenge when he wanted to.

Xie Si immediately agreed and reported the situation to Alex.

Today, Xie Si had not done anything else, so he had been dealing with Tang Qingsong all day long. He had already used unconventional means to let Tang Qingsong transfer all the deposit, real estate, and properties to his name voluntarily. Basically, most of the achievements of Tang Qingsong’s hard work over the past half of his life had been plundered.

These were all assets under Tang Qingsong’s name, and their total value was about 15 million.

In addition, Tang Qingsong still had a 10% share of Bob’s company.

He and Tang Qingsong had signed an agreement and obtained these shares nominally. However, for regular companies, taking over the shares would require the approval of the board of directors, and more than half of the shareholders would have to agree. With his relationship with the Tang family, it was absolutely impossible for Bob, who was the CEO of the company, to agree.

This made it impossible for him to officially transfer these shares to his name.

Alex knew that Xie Si was in trouble, so he took the initiative to take over this matter.

However, even if Alex intervened, it would not be easy to solve it. He had to think of a good way.

Alex was not in the mood to do anything else now. He could only wait until he avenged Cynthia.

After Alex and Xie Si finished talking, a few minutes later, Isla called and said eagerly, “Alex, come and have a look. Cynthia is awake, but she looks very abnormal…”

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