Super Son-In-Law Chapter 243

“She is awake? Not normal?”

Alex’s heart was in his throat. He motioned for Big Ken to drive quickly and then continued to ask the phone, “Isla, what’s going on?”

Isla spoke very quickly, “Cynthia doesn’t even know us, not a single one of us! No matter who talks to her, she looks blank, even colder than strangers. I suspect that she… there might be something wrong with her brain, which caused her to lose her memory, and she can’t remember anything!”

“How could this be? Isla, don’t worry. Let’s talk about it with Director Deng and the doctor first.”

After saying that, Alex hung up the phone and asked Big Ken to speed up. Then, he fell into deep thought.

Those who cared about Cynthia were basically looking forward to Cynthia waking up.

Only Alex was an exception.

Ever since Alex learned that Cynthia had been violated, he felt very conflicted.

On the one hand, he desperately hoped that Cynthia could escape from danger.

On the other hand, he was a bit afraid that Cynthia would wake up.

Because Cynthia had been violated, she had already tried to suicid before she was rescued.

Now she had been rescued. When she woke up and saw her family and friends, she did not know how to face them. She would definitely feel more uncomfortable. Although it was not up to her to decide that she would be violated, she would still think that it was an ugly thing. It was a great shame. Only when she died could she be free.

Under such circumstances, the family and friends who could comfort her would become a burden instead.

After all, it was human nature to not let an acquaintance know about his scandal.

Once she woke up, her heart would definitely be even more conflicted than Alex’s. In addition, the more family and friends cared about her, the greater the damage Jared’s actions towards her would bring her. Fortunately, apart from Alex’s, no one else knew that she had been violated, so they wouldn’t mention it in front of her.

Otherwise, even if her family and friends brought up that matter, they would rub salt on the wound that had touched her soul.

According to Isla’s description, the state of Cynthia after waking up was more complicated than Alex expected…

When Alex arrived at the military yard, he found that Isla, Hunter, Wang Shunquan, and Liu Yunxiu were all gathered at the door of Cynthia’s ward. Looking through the crack in the door, he found out that Director Deng was examining Cynthia in the ward.

Seeing Alex coming, Isla quickly pulled Alex aside and asked worriedly, “Where did you buy the medicine you gave Cynthia at noon?”

Alex was a little stunned. “What’s wrong?”

“Director Deng said that although Cynthia’s brain was hurt, she should not lose her memory normally. I thought that she might have been stimulated by the medicine and had side effects or left side effects… Alex, I don’t doubt what you mean, but after all, the medicine was not made by you. You are not a doctor, and you don’t understand this. How about you buy something else and ask Director Deng to test it?”

“Isla, the medicine is developed by my family and sent by my family. There is no problem with the source. I only got one medicine and have already given it to Cynthia, so I can’t test it for the time being. But… let’s wait for Director Deng to check it first. If there is really a problem with the medicine, I will immediately ask someone to send some more medicine.”

“The medicine developed by your family? There must be no problem. There must be another reason for Cynthia’s abnormal behavior.”

“No matter what the reason is, we will find out as soon as possible…”

Alex put his arm around Isla’s shoulder and comforted him. Seeing the door of Cynthia’s ward open, he quickly ran over with Isla.

Director Deng came out and explained to the people who were waiting anxiously, “After the examination, we can basically be sure that the abnormal condition of the injured is not caused by the brain injury. In fact, when we were having surgery, we checked carefully. The injury will only recover relatively slowly, but there will be no sequelae.”

Wang Shunquan and Liu Yunxiu looked at each other and asked in confusion, “Director Deng, what’s the reason?”

“Based on my experience from the first half of my life as a doctor, I’m most likely suffering from psychological problems. The injured was kidnapped and had a strong shock. It’s very likely that he has a psychological trauma. If my analysis is correct, the injured must have suffered from selectively amnesia.”

“What kind of disease is this? Does… does it have any cure?”

“The so-called selectively losing memory refers to the people who have been stimulated by external stimulation or their brains have been hit, forgetting some things that they don’t want to remember or want to escape from. Strictly speaking, this is not a disease, but an instinctive reaction based on self-protection. Generally speaking, selectively losing memory will gradually recover after time erosion. However, for some things, objects, or people that have a psychological impact on the patient themselves, it is not ruled out that there is a possibility of selectively forgetting.”


Wang Shunquan was just as confused as Liu Yunxiu.

Isla understood what he meant, but he soon realized a problem. “No, Director Deng, it’s obvious that Cynthia has forgotten not only about being kidnapped, but also the people she is most familiar with. We can’t say that we have also caused her psychological trauma, can we?”


Director Deng thought for a moment and replied, “The wounded just woke up. Not only is her body very weak, but her spirit is also very low. This situation is probably equivalent to a normal person’s half-awake state. Everyone should have experienced this kind of experience, right? They just feel that they are awake, but they can’t move or make a sound.”

“Yes, yes, I have such experience.”

“The wounded should be in such a situation. Don’t worry too much and don’t worry too much. The wounded are seriously injured, and their physical and mental recovery are destined to be a long process. You have to maintain enough patience and create a quiet and familiar environment for her to recover. This is good for her recovery.”

“Okay, I see. Thank you, Director Deng.”

Isla nodded gently and said nothing more. Obviously, he believed in Director Deng’s explanation.

However, Alex noticed a problem, so he followed Director Deng to the office and closed the door. He asked mysteriously, “Director Deng, is the selectively amnesia mentioned just now fake? I know this symptom does exist. However, from the current state of Cynthia, I can’t come to this conclusion.”

Director Deng smiled bitterly and said, “I know I can’t fool you. Tell me, how did you analyze it?”

“Isla said that I don’t know anyone now, as if I don’t remember anything, and I don’t simply forget something that may happen. This means that I have completely lost my memory. But you just said that there is nothing wrong with her brain. It is very likely that… she is pretending!”

“It’s not possible. I’ve already confirmed your guess. Because during the examination just now, I accidentally found that she was crying, secretly crying… Besides, with my experience, I can tell from my eyes that she really lost her memory. In short, I can almost be sure that the injured couldn’t accept a certain fact, and I don’t know how to face family and friends, so I created an illusion of losing her memory.”

“If I were to change to her position, I would probably make the same choice. In a situation where I really can’t accept and can’t face it, escaping from reality is also a kind of rational choice. Especially when she just passed through the jaws of death, her body and mind can’t bear the blow, nor can she bear the torture…”

Alex’s guess was confirmed, but unfortunately, it was a disappointing result.

If there was a drug in the world that could selectively make people lose their memory, Alex would buy one for Cynthia without hesitation.

Unfortunately, there was no such magical medicine.

He could not let Cynthia forget the pain, so he could only help her get through the difficulties as much as possible.

Alex made up his mind to invite Isla, Hunter, and the Wang family elders to the lounge. He solemnly reminded them that before Cynthia recovered, they should try not to disturb her as much as possible and let her rest quietly. Because the knot in Cynthia’s heart was either a mental demon or a mental demon, they could only be removed by self-conconconconsolation. No one could help them.

The only thing that could be prayed and amplified was revenge for her…

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