Super Son-In-Law Chapter 244

Isla and the others all thought that what Alex said was reasonable. They must severely punish the kidnappers.

What they didn’t know was that the biggest enemy of Cynthia was not the kidnappers, but Jared!

Alex didn’t make it clear, but secretly made up his mind to take revenge on Jared. He couldn’t wait to make a detailed plan, so he decided to meet Jared tonight. On the way downstairs with Big Ken, he sent a WeChat message to Xie Si. When he learned that Jared was having dinner in a restaurant, he immediately asked Big Ken to drive there.

He knew that it was impossible for him to take revenge on Jared. If he went to find Jared today with only one helper of Big Ken, he might be in danger.

However, in order not to let more people know that Cynthia was violated by Jared, it was inconvenient to bring other helpers, especially Hunter.

He had no choice but to take the risk.

Big Ken also realized that this trip was dangerous, so he said to Alex, “Young master, in order to be safe, let’s put on the bulletproof vest. If my guess is right, if we want to take revenge on Jared, we should first pass Pei Chong. They are now like grasshoppers on a rope, and they are in a stable state. They will protect each other…”

Alex was stunned for a moment. “Brother Big Ken, Pei Chong is being chased by the police. Logically speaking, he doesn’t dare to show up easily, does he?”

“Young Master, have you ever thought about a problem? Pei Chong doesn’t know much about Quill City. He’s new here, so it’s easy for him to expose himself. But in fact, until now, he hasn’t been found by the police. Last night, he escaped under the eyes of a large number of police officers. He’s also a human, not a god. How did he do it?”

“Hiss… Brother Big Ken, do you want to say that Jared provides Pei Chong with protection?”

“Most likely. Also, Pei Chong and the others are desperados. Most of them are responsible for murder cases. As you said, they dare not show up easily. They should try their best to avoid showing up as many times as possible. It is very likely that Pei Chong got all the information about you from Jared. At least Pei Chong asked Jared to inquire about you before making a thorough investigation.”

“No wonder Pei Chong took action after I was followed only once. He didn’t need to start the investigation at all. He just needed to verify the information provided by Jared. Brother Big Ken, you said that I am smarter than ordinary people. Why do I feel that you are much smarter than me?”

“Young Master, you flatter me. I’m just an ordinary person, but I’ve experienced too much. I may think more about things than ordinary people. As the old saying goes, don’t forget what happened before, and what happens after… Let’s continue to talk about the real thing. Now Pei Chong is confronting the police head-on with Group Leader Pang. The situation is more difficult than before, and the dependence on Jared’s safety will be less. Jared needs Pei Chong’s protection. Therefore, they are closer to each other, and they will try their best to protect each other. Protecting each other is indirectly protecting themselves.”

“I see! Among Jared and Pei Chong, Jared is easier to deal with, but Pei Chong, who is hiding in the dark, will protect Jared. On the other hand, if I deal with Pei Chong first, Jared can do nothing but provide him with financial support…”

“That’s why I said that we have to deal with Pei Chong first so that we can take revenge on Jared. If Pei Chong loses the support of Jared, with his own strength, he can still fight to the death with us. If Jared doesn’t have Pei Chong’s protection, he will be like a piece of meat on the chopping board and can only be slaughtered by us. What’s more, if you go directly to revenge on Jared, you will alert the enemy. Then he may leave here with the help of Pei Chong’s protection before you succeed.”

“Understood, understood. Brother Big Ken, listening to you is better than reading ten years of books!”

Alex immediately changed the direction of revenge, placing Pei Chong’s name in front of Jared. Following Big Ken’s reminder, there was one more question. For the sake of not alerting the enemy, they had to seal off the news that Cynthia had already woken up. They definitely couldn’t let Jared know.

If Jared knew that it was possible to make it public that they had violated Cynthia, they would probably kill her and prepare for revenge at the same time.

Thinking of this, Alex immediately called Isla and Director Deng to explain.

Of course, when Alex talked to Isla on the phone, he didn’t mention the name of Jared. He just said that it was to prevent the kidnappers from hurting Cynthia twice.

After the phone call, Alex said to Big Ken, “Is there still a need for us to find Jared today?”

“Yes.” Big Ken nodded and replied, “Now no one knows where Pei Chong is usually except for Jared. If we want to find Pei Chong, we can only start with Jared. We may not succeed, but we should try our best to find the only chance.”

“That makes sense!”

Alex nodded and looked at the map on the navigation. He found that he was about to arrive at the restaurant where Jared was eating, so he quickly put on a bulletproof vest.

At this moment, Xie Si called and said that Jared had finished his meal and was ready to leave the restaurant.

Hearing this, Big Ken threw away the bulletproof vest he was about to wear with one hand. He sped up the car and rushed straight into the underground parking lot of the target restaurant. He searched with his eagle eyes. Soon, he saw Jared’s car and rushed to the accelerator.

“Chi chi!”

The driver of Jared saw that the situation was not good. In order not to be hit, he quickly stepped on the brake and turned the car into a parking space next to him.

Big Ken also stepped on the brake in time and parked the car behind the Land Rover Range Rover of Jared.

The next second, Jared got out of the car, surrounded by two burly men, and walked back quickly.

Alex also got out of the car and stared straight at Jared, wanting to rush over and tear him into pieces.

Big Ken ran over quickly, approached Alex, and said softly, “Young Master, don’t be impulsive. The two people around Jared are not ordinary people at first glance. They may have guns! If he is not confident, he would not dare to rush over so rashly!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jared came up to him and glared at Alex, saying, “Cohen, you f*cking want to hit me to death, don’t you? If you want to die, just run away. Don’t think about pulling me on your back! Hurry up and move the car away. Otherwise, I swear I will smash your car into a pile of scrap iron!”

“Cut the crap. I have something serious to discuss with you today!”

“If you have something to say, just say it. If you have anything to say, let it go. I’m busy!”

“Where is Pei Chong?”

“Hiss… Are you fucking sick? I’m not your subordinate. Why should I find someone for you?”

“You two are so familiar with each other, do you still need to find him? You just need to tell me his exact location.”

“Then I can tell you clearly that I’m not familiar with Pei Chong and don’t know where he is.”

“Really? From the time Pei Chong wanted to buy Qingyun Media from your father, I knew that you had reached a cooperation. I also know that since Pei Chong came to Quill City not long ago, you have put on the same pair of pants. I can tell you that Pei Chong is a drug dealer and he is carrying a murder case. If you provide him with protection, you are hiding criminals! If you don’t want to get into trouble, hand him over to me quickly!”

Alex had long known that Jared was a stubborn person. If they had a good relationship, it was impossible for Jared to reveal Pei Chong’s position, and it would further promote Jared’s arrogance. Instead of doing useless things, it was better to show his intention to provoke him as soon as possible.

Only when Jared lost his mind out of anger would he make an impulsive decision.

Jared was quite surprised by Alex’s words. After hesitating for a moment, he suddenly glared at him and said, “Do you f*cking think you’re Holmes? You’re so powerful, why didn’t you figure out Pei Chong’s hiding place and ask me to tell you?”

Alex knew that the goading method began to work, so he continued, “If I have enough time, I will definitely find him on my own. But I am in a hurry to take revenge on him, so I am not in the mood to investigate. Jared, aren’t you also in a hurry to settle accounts with me? Then when I finish the knot with Pei Chong, we will have a good chat!”

“You want to take revenge on him? What a coincidence. He still wants to take revenge on you. Go back and wait for the news!”

Jared had been counting on Pei Chong to help deal with Alex. Seeing that Alex was so anxious, he suddenly thought that he could arrange for them to face each other as soon as possible…

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