Super Son-In-Law Chapter 248

Big Ken thought that what Alex said was reasonable and had decided to accept Alex’s suggestion. However, he was still a little worried and said to Jiang Peng, “I will leave the task of protecting Young Master to you. Remember, revenge and killing enemies are secondary. Regardless of what kind of situation it is, protecting ourselves is the most important thing…”

Jiang Peng nodded heavily and replied, “Don’t worry, Brother Big Ken. I will do my best to protect Boss Cohen.”

“Okay, I’ll go first. You can wait for five minutes before setting off.”

“Okay, Brother Big Ken. This is the car key.”

“Remember to put on the bulletproof suit. By the way, Jiang Peng, put on this pistol!”

Big Ken had almost finished his instructions. He exchanged the car keys with Jiang Peng and handed him a pistol. Then, he drove his Mercedes and set off alone. He wanted to get close to the village first and touch the mountain bag that he had ambushed last time. That place could overlook the whole village, especially the one facing the entrance of the village, which was an excellent sniping point.

Five minutes later, Jiang Peng also set off on time. He drove Lamborghini and drove his Alex to the village.

As soon as Alex arrived at the entrance of the village, he saw a sneaky young man staring at their car at an alley not far ahead. He pretended not to see it and asked Jiang Peng to stop the car. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Jared’s number. “I have arrived at Maliu Village. I am waiting at the entrance of the village. Let Pei Chong rush over.”

“What’s going on?” Jared on the other end of the line was very unhappy. “I’ve provided you with intelligence. I’ve done my best to help you. Do you still expect me to deliver a message to you? You’re already here. Why don’t you go and find him yourself?”

“All right, all right! Jared, don’t think that I don’t know that you planned all this! Without your help, how could Pei Chong know me so well so easily? How could he hide for so long and escape from the police’s eyes? I have voluntarily jumped into the trap you designed. Don’t hide it. Let Pei Chong rush over. It’s time for us to end it.”

“Hey, Mr. Cohen, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to clean up everything clearly. In this case, I won’t beat around the bush. Just wait and see…”

Jared’s trick had been exposed, so he immediately lost the confidence to act and decisively hung up the phone.

Alex resisted the urge to look for Francis and waited patiently. About three minutes later, an unfamiliar number called and quickly answered, Hey, this is Alex!

“I know it’s you…” Pei Chong’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “I heard that you’re in a hurry to settle accounts with me, so you’re already in the village. What are you waiting for? Don’t you dare to come to me?”

“How would I know where you are? I’m at the village entrance, hurry up and come over!”

“Since we entered the village last night, you have sent someone to keep an eye on us. How can you not know where I am?”

Pei Chong was more straightforward than Jared. Before he could finish his words, he hung up the phone.

However, Pei Chong’s meaning was obvious.

Alex said to Jiang Peng helplessly, “It seems that Pei Chong will not come over.”

Jiang Peng nodded. “From what he said, it seems like he wants you to go and find him. President Cohen, if my guess is correct, he should have set up a trap and waited for you to fall into it…”

“Most likely, but we have no other way. We can only walk into the trap.”


“Don’t worry too much. We’re wearing bulletproof armor, and the car is also bulletproof. Besides, Brother Big Ken is providing long-range firepower support. We have three guarantees. There are only six people on Pei Chong’s side. No matter how careful our plan is, we have a chance to get out of the trap.”

“Okay, Mr. Cohen. Since you’re not afraid, I’ll go with you!”

Jiang Peng nodded. He started the car again and entered the village, paying close attention to the surrounding situation all the way. After walking slowly for five or six minutes, he arrived at a small path to the south of the village. Pointing at a small courtyard about 30 meters ahead, he said, “Boss Cohen, Pei Chong and the other six people, they lived there last night… No, two cars were parked at the door, but now there is only one!”

Alex was looking around and wanted to see where the other car was parked. He inadvertently noticed that a young man in a black cap appeared at the entrance of the car.

The man waved at them and pointed into the courtyard, indicating for them to drive over.

Jiang Peng turned to Alex and said, “President Cohen, shall we go over?”

Alex nodded and replied, “Yes, since we’re all here, there’s no reason for us to retreat.”

“Okay, Mr. Cohen.”

Jiang Peng slowly drove to the front door of the car, pressed the glass of the car a little, and said to the cap waiting at the door, “Where is Pei Chong? We are already here. Call him over!”

The cap pointed inside and said, “Brother Chong has been waiting in the room for a long time. Follow me.”

“Is Pei Chong paralyzed or has his leg broken? We are already at the door, can’t he move two steps outside?”

“Boy, be polite! I’ve already brought you the words. You can decide whether to come or not.”

After saying that, she walked into the yard and put on an indifferent look.

But Alex noticed through the rearview mirror that a black car slowly drove out of the alley about ten meters behind and stopped on the road horizontally. The road here was not wide, only about three and a half meters. It was directly blocked by the car!

Then, the car parked in front of them also started. It stepped back a few meters and stopped on the road diagonally, blocking the road.

In this way, Alex’s Lamborghini was completely blocked by the other side’s two cars and could not move forward or retreat.

Speaking of which, it was strange. Without a way out, not only did Alex not panic, but his heart instead became even more determined. He directly pushed open the car door and said to Jiang Peng, “Since we have come, take it easy. There is no way to keep wasting time like this. No matter what the situation is, let’s get out of the car first and see.”

Jiang Peng nodded. He took out the key and quickly got out of the car. Following behind Alex, he entered the courtyard together.

As soon as they entered, two young men gathered from both sides and guarded the gate of the courtyard.

Alex felt that he and Jiang Peng had encountered a lot of traps and had already gone deep into the tiger’s den. Just as he took a deep breath and was about to continue walking forward, he saw Pei Chong quickly walking out of the house accompanied by two attendants.

So far, Pei Chong and the other six people all showed up.

The cap immediately flashed aside and gave way to the host seat in the middle.

Pei Chong came to the place where the cap just stood and stared straight at Alex. “I heard that Xiaopeng was caught in this village?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders. “You mean Lei Zi—Lei Yunpeng? Yes, just like you, he also made an appointment with me here. As a result, I’m fine. He suffered a great loss, and he himself was caught. Pei Chong, no wonder you led me here. Do you want to deal with me in the place where Lei Yunpeng was caught?”

“I not only want to avenge Xiaopeng, but also for those brothers who have been killed by you! Cohen, I can give you a chance on account of your initiative to come to me. As long as you kneel down and repent to them where my brothers died, I can leave you a whole body.”

“What if I don’t agree?”

“You only have one life, but you can’t pay for all my dead brothers’ lives. If you don’t kneel down and repent to them, I can only cut you into eight pieces and let you die without a whole body. Only by letting you experience the most extreme pain in the world can you pay homage to the souls of my brothers in heaven!”

“If I kill innocent people, I’m willing to repent. But your brothers are villains who deserve to die. It’s impossible for me to burn incense for them, let alone kneel down to repent. Pei Chong, I advise you to give up your heart as soon as possible. Otherwise… the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.”

“Are you sure you want to give up this opportunity?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

In the process of communicating with Pei Chong, Alex had been thinking about how to get out of danger. In addition to protecting himself, he also had to find a way to lead Pei Chong and others to Big Ken’s sight. As long as Big Ken saw them, the sniper rifle could be used. At that time, he, as a “pert”, could escape from danger.

And the reason why Pei Chong didn’t attack Alex as soon as they met was that he wanted to force Alex to confess to those dead brothers.

But now Alex had made it clear that they would not do that, so they could only use force.

Pei Chong’s patience was exhausted. He suddenly glared and said, “Do it!”

As he gave the order, all five of his men reached out their right hands to the back of their waists. Obviously, they wanted to pull out their guns.

Jiang Peng, who had been paying close attention to the situation on the spot, moved faster. He took the lead to show his pistol and fired several shots in succession, knocking down an opponent beside Pei Chong. The three opponents, including Pei Chong, were scared out of their wits and jumped to both sides.

There was no installed pistol, and the gunshot was very loud, which caused great fear to the opponents.

Unfortunately, Jiang Peng only forced back his opponent. The two young men guarding the door shot at them in the process of retreating. For a time, gunshots were heard continuously, and both his and Alex’s waists were shot. Although they were wearing bulletproof armor, it was still very painful when the bullets hit their bodies.

When Jiang Peng took out his gun just now, he protected his Alex and walked back quickly. After being shot, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain. He turned around and fired several shots in succession. After that, he successfully forced back the two young men at the door. He took the opportunity to protect his Alex and came to the side of the car, shouting anxiously, “President Cohen, get in the car!”

Alex gritted his teeth and insisted on running over. Although he was in a panic, he did not lose his mind. He quickly opened the back door and got in.

The opponents finally realized what was going on. They rushed over and shot wildly.

Although Jiang Peng was pulled into the car by Alex at the fastest speed, he was still shot five or six times on his back. He was in so much pain that he was out of breath. His face was pale and he couldn’t move at all.

Alex took out the car key from Jiang Peng’s trouser pocket and locked the door and windows. He quickly pinched Jiang Peng’s philtrum and shouted, “Jiang Peng, how are you? Don’t scare me!”

Jiang Peng suddenly woke up. He gasped for breath and hurriedly checked. He shook his head and said, “Fortunately, all the bullets were blocked!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Pei Chong and others rushed to the side of the car.

Pei Chong had already known that Lamborghini’s glass was bulletproof, or he was still angry. He raised his gun and fired at Alex’s head several times. Then he smashed the glass with the gun handle and shouted hysterically, “Get down if you have the guts! Hurry up and open the door!”

Alex pressed one hand on the spot where the bullet hit, and made a middle finger gesture at Pei Chong with the other. “Come in if you have the ability!”

“F*ck you! Do you think I can do nothing to you after getting in the car?”

Pei Chong angrily called the man in the cap over and ordered, “Go and get the barrel of gasoline from my car!”


Having received the order, he immediately went to the car in front of him and took out a pack of 25 liters of gasoline.

Seeing this scene, Alex was so scared that his heart trembled. It could be guessed that Pei Chong was going to burn his Lamborghini with gasoline. He really didn’t expect that Pei Chong still had this trick at such a critical moment. gasoline was not for fun. Once it was ignited under the car, if he and Jiang Peng didn’t get off the car, they would most likely end up with a tragic ending of car destruction and death. They would really die without a whole body.

But if they got out of the car and faced the six men and six guns of Pei Chong, they would die…

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